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The Shrubbery Patch

Those who are not linked have not been officially created or approved, thus not in use but expected to be in the future.

Elohim Essences/Deities:
Kira Greenthorne - [Wyrsin] Captain of the royal guard, half wood elf who has conversations with trees
Rontu Nyzento - 2nd in command of the royal guard, ex-Scarlet assassin of the Drow Empire
Kai Awai - 3rd in command of the royal guard, one of the last of the Sheikah
Ren Nevisu - Knight of the royal guard, half dragon tank brawler with a bad mouth and temper
Khaz Serwen - Knight of the royal guard by day, secret vigilante of twisted proportions by night
Leita Serwen - High Priestess of the royal guard, master of the healing arts

Elohim Allies:
Adrien Krest - the enlightened vampire and tutor
Blaze Dragmire (2.0) - Son of Ganondorf Dragmire, now current king of the Gerudos. Look here for the first version of Blaze, no mechanical arm.
Lynn Odakata - shadow beast, currently protecting Khaz Serwen
Trisa Shahoma - Gerudo princess
Elzira Silverleaf - Princess of the Wood Elves
Kuza Nevisu - retired Kanet soldier, grandfather of Ren Nevisu
Rai Windsong
Terrik Wypfax
Jaek Wypfax
Dark Lords:
Lilith - Dark Lady of Fear, leader of the Dark Lords, and true master of the Drow Empire
Nelu - Dark Lord of Pain, serves the Lady of Fear, demon shape-shifter who feeds on the pain of others
Nottuu - Dark Lord of Void, Lady Fear's mindless puppet, ancient white dragon of Sekin

Dark Lord Allies:
Sheinron Beonzeluxae - Emperor of the Drow Empire, Lady Fear's servant, aka Death Touch Sheinron
Hyde Kushin - Scarlet ranked solider of the Drow Empire, the mute and short demonbinding Abyssal Binder
Tokishi (Taerin Greenthorne) - The devoted and blind follower of Lilith, vampire with amnesia
Tanis Berkana
Tilly Naix
Dito Zaminar
Emon Nyzento
Kagai Teishu
Altamire Natives:
Ashling - Courtesan slave, sociopathic twin of Altamire with necromancer powers
Neil - Fire mage, candidate for head mage in Altamire/NPC

Hyrule Natives:

Amonet Mitsukai - Hylian commoner wanted for conspiracy against the king of Hyrule
Sei Mitsukai
Cersei Alkiano
Crones of the Rova Sisterhood
Sekin Natives:
Brax Einsoph - tragically orphaned child of destiny
Aex Einsoph - deceased father of Brax
Thenia Raith - Rich girl run away
Jin Liu - Cross-dressing Shaolin priest, pretending to be a drifter in order to avoid getting caught by the authorities of the Mantis Empire
Elias Drodon, the self-important mage of twisted proportions
Necromancer Coven/NPCs:
Master Aralliro
Zalira, the Handmaiden
Zain, the Illusionist Prodigy

Joel - ex-pirate of the Morning Star crew, now fish merchant
Siph Mooredrif - gypsy pirate girl of the Morning Star crew
Neil Sazgo - ex-gangster, now pirate and first mate of the Black Tide
Ben Lars - Escaped ex-soldier patient from the insane asylum, now pirate of the Black Tide

On the Flip Side Characters

“We must be greater than what we suffer.”
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