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Name: Wentworth Chance
Nickname*/Alias:* Orty is what he goes by, his mother calls him Wentles, a name used by others in mockery.
Occupation:* Runaway, sidewalk magician
Age/Birthdate: 12, September 14th, 1998
Apparent*Age: 12
Gender:* Male
Race:* Human
Height: 4'6”
Weight:* 71 lbs.
Eye*Color: Hazel, blue with a green ring around the iris and flecks of brown.
Hair*Color/Style: Light brown, mossy and unkempt, looks in need of a shower.

General*Appearance: He's slightly short for his age, and very thin, mostly from running (from bullies and his father) and the lack of food his family has. It has gotten worse since he left home, but this fact is usually hidden by the bulk of his jacket. His eyes are round and large, bright with hope and curiosity. Freckles dot his nose and cheeks, on which he has very distinct dimples, and his nose wrinkles when he smiles. His teeth are naturally strait, and a bit spaced out. His jaw is round, still baby-looking as he is a late bloomer. His messy hair is long, grown past his ears, and falls into his eyes when he's too tired to push it back. He is dirty from head to toe from crawling under the wall and traveling. He is in need of a good bath and a meal. There is an odd birthmark that looks like a small snake wrapped around his left forearm. Unknown to him, this is a sign of significant power that was supposed to have been extinct in his small sheltered world. As his magic grows, the mark changes from a reddish mark to a glowing green serpent. The mark is usually covered by his too-large coat. He wears a large top hat and a blue bow-tie too. Both stolen from his father's closet. The only things that fit are his green t-shirt and blue jeans. He had no shoes when he left home, so he's barefoot until he can find another pair.

Weapon(s): Whatever he can levitate. Not skilled in fighting, especially not hand to hand combat. He learns to use his glass balls and cards as weapons.

Armor: None

Carried*Possessions:* His father's old magician suit: a top hat, suit jacket, and blue bow-tie. He carries a deck of cards, four glass balls, a small box that can make things “disappear”, and a few double sided gold coins.

Powers/Magic/Skills: Magic. Raw power yielded by his lack of knowledge and inexperience. A lot of his magic comes from the fake tricks he'd watched his father do, as he'd then gone to his room to practice them, not realizing he'd practiced true magic. He's got a knack for learning, and as he encounters more magic users, his talent will grow. He can use a few tricks to levitate and shield: his levitation spell is his strongest and he can lift anything smaller than an elephant. His shield was discovered when a school bully tried to chuck a lunch box at him across the table, much to the surprise of the bully and everyone else at the table. It isn't a complete shield and only blocks one attack at a time because he has to focus its direction; if we were able to see it, it would appear as a large curved oval, looking almost like a stretched contact lens. Unfortunately, it isn't something he can practice, it only seems to come to him at the exact moment he needs it. His magic is strongest when angered, though with his good nature, he's a hard one to anger. He's also a pretty good illusionist, can make things appear as they aren't: such as making things seem to disappear, float, or talk. The illusion doesn't last more than an hour after he's stopped focusing on it. If he continues to concentrate, he can hold the illusion for about six hours (that's as far as he's ever timed it). It's a good way to distract people and get away fast if he's ever in trouble.

Limits: Lacks: experience, education, it'll be a long while before he's able to summon the dead or anything. He is useless in a street fight, struggles with multiple opponents, and gets very nervous under pressure. He can make anything seem to vanish, but the items he levitates can't be bigger/heavier than an elephant and he can't make anything talk that doesn't have a way to project sound. (Things he can affect with speech: animals, radio, musical instruments, speakers, machines with loud enough gadgets...) Things such as a rock, a building, a piece of paper, a door, a stool, etc, can't be affected.
Side-Effects: none

Battle*Strengths:* Magic, better if the opponent is a good distance off. Strong mentally.
Battle*Weaknesses:* Hand to hand combat, very weak physically.

Familiar: There is a small talking mouse named Louie that travels with him. Orty found him outside the city wall when he'd run away from home. Louie isn't an expert on the places they travel to, but he has the ability of critical thinking and cautions Orty whenever he feels there might be danger near by... which often time there is. He is overly cautious and not at all brave, but he has a sense of loyalty and will follow Orty around forever because Orty saved him. He can do large sums in his head and is able to read, but doesn't always understand the “why” of things. Speech and thought are the expanse of his magic, he cannot fight, even if he could overcome his cowardice to do so. He can, however, reach extremely high or small places if the event calls for it.

Personality: He is sweet, forgiving, naive, and more silly than serious, but not always honest. He is far too curious for his safety. Protective but easily frightened. He's got a good sense of humor, and he asks way too many questions. He's also very eager to learn.

Likes: Ice cream, making people smile with his magic tricks, running in the rain, mice, dogs, things that fly, a good chase, treasure hunts, magic, his mother.
Dislikes: bullies, his abusive father, seeing the weak being hurt.
Fears: dark allies, being alone, hurting someone, dying without seeing his mother again.
Virtues: He stands for the weak and the hurt. Believes in justice over mercy.
Vices:* He's gotten good at telling lies, and with his powers of illusion, he is able to deceive many.

History:* Sheltered from the world, Orty grew up entirely unaware of the magical creatures just outside their city. The year is 2010 and the city has been cut off from the rest of the world for centuries, allowing it to move forward, while the rest of the world stays the same, with magical creatures roaming the earth.
Beaten and bruised for having broken one of his father's “magic” glass balls, (his father is a slide of hand magician, these humans don't believe true magic exists.), he ran out of the house, still wearing his father's hat, coat, and bow-tie he'd worn while practicing tricks and pretending to be his father on stage. His mother had cried and chased after him, but, pregnant with another child, she was unable to catch up to him.
Orty ran until he couldn't run anymore. He realized he'd reached the border of their city; he'd known this because of the large trees that all grew single file to hide the brick wall behind them. Curious, he ventured into the trees and followed the brick wall until he found a small hole near the ground big enough to crawl through once he'd scraped out enough dirt. Once on the other side, he saw a mouse being cornered by a large black cat. The mouse shrieked and plead for mercy, shocking Orty. He'd never even heard of a talking mouse. He chased the cat away and the two eventually became friends and Louie accepted the request that he should join Orty. Now they travel together, not quite with an exact destination in mind. Orty is only interested in seeing everything that has been thus far hidden from him.
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