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Re: Dragon Problems

"Put the sheep down, and step away. Don't make me warn you again." Zyler said as he advanced further on the great reptile. She didn't seem very threatened by him all by himself. That was gonna have to change. Charging his right arm with electricity, Zyler let off a snap of lighting that shot into the air a little ways before settling and hopping around his forearm.

"This would be the part where you leave now."

"Don't just scare it away, kill it! You know how many live stock that monster's cost me?!" The farmer bellowed from behind the meager safety of the wooden fence.

Zyler wasn't exactly a big fan on killing dragons. In fact, dragons were alright in his book, owning one and all. "Yeah, yeah. I'll make sure she doesn't cam back here." He hollered over his shoulder.
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