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Re: Round 1 Spectator Thread

"You know this man?" the human that Leonna was talking to asked her. I gave a grin at his choice of words. Leonna slowly turned around at looked up at me. Was it just me, or had she gotten shorter? I decided that it didn't really matter anyway.

"L-L-Letalis! Oh my." She seemed a bit shaken to see me. It was understandable, considering I hadn't seen her in a long time, and the odds of seeing me now were astronomically low. Now that she turned around, I could see that she was holding a strange looking yellow furred creature with long ears. I was trying to figure out what this creature was when it spoke.

"Mmm... strange reptile, yes. He be fighter?" The creature's ears went flat as it inspected me critically. "We go talk in better place! Strangeman come, too. Nogood to keep HUMANS not watched." She seemed severely mistrustful of the other human that was there, the one I had not met before.

"Very well. That is fine with me, since I do not really have any where else that I need to be. Before we go, however, it would be rude of me not to introduce myself to your companion." I turned to face the human with the lanky hair. He had strange eyes, for a human anyway. I wondered briefly what could have caused such a strange eye color. "Greetings human. My name is Letalis 'Ferox. May I ask yours?" I held out my hand to shake, a strange human custom that I followed because it put them at ease.