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Dragon Problems

Ooc: This ones for my fellow dragon enthusiast.


“What, that dragon? That’s just a little one.”

“Little or not, it’s eating my livestock!”

“Really now, all you have to do is wave a pitchfork at it.”

“That’s what we’re paying you to do!”

“Ah. Right. About that.” Zyler said, still gazing across the field at the green reptile and holding out his hand to the upset farmer. Soon enough there was a bag of coins placed in his outstretched hand. Zyler weighed it for a second, judging there to be about 42 coins in all. “Meeeh, I’ll expect more if this turns out to be a hassle.”

“Yes, whatever you say, just hurry! It’s already on its second sheep!!!”

Zyler pocketed the pouch and sauntered off across the field. “Oi! Dragon! Stop that.”

The bounty hunter had left his own dragon in the local wilderness. It wasn’t a good idea to bring a dragon on a job that was having dragon problems already. At least, not initially.
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