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Re: Door Number 3. (Valar Morghulis)

The olive skinned creature looked rather surprised at Xalic's second attempt at communication. Xalic hoped fervently that he wasn't making a huge mistake, but he had a feeling that if he was going to get home, he would need the help of one of the plane's natives. Quite suddenly, his adversary quickly spoke some gibberish at him, then started reeling as if he had been hit. What is this guy's problem? Xalic wondered to himself.

Xalic! I think I know what he is saying! It sounds strange, like a different dialect, but that may be because the dialect I know would be hundreds of thousands of years old. Try to get him to say something else, something simple, so I can confirm my suspicions. Cryia spoke quickly from excitement.

And how do you propose that I get him to say something simple? He can't exactly understand me. Xalic grumbled back. Cryia was saved from having to respond when the creature spoke several short gibberish words, gestured to himself and then Xalic, and then gave a ridiculous thumbs up gesture, of all things.

I understand! Cryia shouted in his mind, then translated what the alien had said.
Good, I'm glad you understand. Can you tell me how to say something? She consented.

"Greetings friend. My name is Xalic. Please, let there be peace between us, I wish for no more conflict between us." Xalic said to the alien in his own language. It would probably sound incredibly old and archaic to the alien, and that was assuming Xalic managed to get the pronunciation right, but it was a much better start than the first time. Xalic waited patiently for the olive skinned person to respond.
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