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Re: Pirate haven (anyone, please join!)

OoC: Using Nis.


“Yes. I made it,” Nis whispered to herself finally making it to the captain cabin of the pirate ship. It took all she had to seek through the boat, but she finally made it. She rested in the lower corner of the room wondering where the item she was looking for could be at. Better start looking. She thought to herself getting up again and walked to the desk.

She hopped in the large chair relaxing her body as she glanced over the top of the desk. She saw nothing, but maps and other papers she wasn’t sure what they were. She open the middle draw looking through it finding nothing interesting to her.

“Damn.” She yelled at herself trying to stay very quiet. She opened another large drawer looking through many folder and bags of gold and jewels putting only the rarest ones in her pocket. “****. It not here. Where could it be?” She asked herself getting pissed off.

She wonder over to another shelf in the room and glanced through the many items on it. She was busy looking around she hadn’t noticed the small crew of people that came in. “How do you like it? Find anything you like?”

“Not really everything is garbage. Though, I hard you had something interesting on this ship Capitan. Mind telling me about it?” She replied as she kept looking. She wasn’t worried that they found her. She knew in her line of business your bound to get caught once in awhile.

“Lock her up with the other two.” He replied back as he left the room leaving Nis to be taken away.


She crashed on the hard floor breathing a bit hard, but she smiled back at the pirate. “I’ll see you letter.” She said feeling the ropes tightly bound to her hands, upper arms and legs. She wormed to the wall and work her way into a seating position.

She noticed her guest in the cell with her and wonder what they did. “Did you two get caught trying to take stuff also?” She asked almost laughing to herself. She waited to hear the door close before reaching for her hidden knife they didn’t find on her.

“This sucks. I got to get my weapons back now. While finding what I can for.” She said cutting the ropes on her legs free.
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