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Re: When was the last time you were mentally disturbed?

Just for the heck of it, I imagined making a villain that made Adolf Hitler seem like the prissy school bully.

Horror beyond all horror. In my head was a man in a cave, mining, except he wasn't mining the normal way. His hands and jaw had been surgically replaced with a claw and a shovel, and his eyes...dear god, his eyes! They were non-existant! It was like he was forced to live life like a mole.

Then, my sick mind made an entire mining community where poor men like that one were pushed, pulled, and whipped into position by overseers. They were like diseased cattle...half-starved and naked.

It was a world with no compassion, reason, or compromise. This villain, this dictator toyed with his people as if they were mere playthings. His pastime, his favorite pastime, was to take the children of all the people that wronged him...and torture them right in front of their own parents! I saw him watching two children of a nobleman that badmouthed him being forced to dance on a large platform that was very hot. They were blindfolded and stripped to their undergarments. The nobleman was chained and held by guards as he was forced to see his children suffer. (He also keeps the former young princess locked in a cage in his room, taking her out only to humiliate her by showing her how she and her country deserved this treatment.)

This sick (beep)er sipped wine with delight as he saw the torture sessions play out in front of him. He even mocked the nobleman, saying "Behold! The fruits of your labors!"

Why was he doing this? Because he believed that in order to create peace, justice, and order out of people, you had to stem out the bad ones. All of the people he tortured were either prisoners or people that wronged him. The rest were kept in a seperate, walled city away from the violence and lead to believe that things were happy, calm, and peaceful.

Even more scary...This dictator was put into power thanks to the conquering heroine who, three years prior, had helped defeat the country from invading the hero's homeland. What was the hero doing? Nada. The heroine also thinks everything's fine and calm and peaceful. (Of course, she finds out later it is not so and has to rescue the people she once fought against.)

I...I'm afraid now. Very, very afraid. I shall never let this man see the light of day in a story.
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