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Re: Excuses

I was in a smiliar situation not long ago. I had a very very good friend of mine who started acting weird. She would be dishonest about things, hide things from me, be blunt and short and rather rude...It was getting ridiculous. So after WEEKS of wondering what the heck I was going to do, I finally just grabbed her after class and sat her in my car and talked it out. I told her EVERYTHING that she had done that had bothered me. Not only did I feel LOADS better, but took in what I said and became a better friend because of it. Now our friendship is stronger than ever.

So, my advice?

Kindly and respectfully tell her (to her face) the problems with your friendship. If she is truly a friend she'll listen and work to make those problems better. If not, the the friendship will probably end itself and you won't have to worry about it. Telling the truth will always yeild a better result than keeping all that anger inside you. Good luck!
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