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Re: Dark Side

Chapter 6

“Cough!” The young vampire choked as she spit blood from her mouth. She’d woken up unsure where she’d been moved to. Trees surrounded her everywhere and the cold moister of the rain soaked her dress and hair. She tried moving, but her felt soar all around her. She took in short breaths of the cold chilling air around her. She could hear the sounds of different animals around her and felt the danger growing closer. They must have thought I was dead. Just like an animal to want fresh meat.

She thought trying to work through the pain and get to her feet. “Ouch!” She screamed, glaring down at the sharp rock below her foot. “Damn it. Where my shoes!” she growled as she leaped closer to a tree near by. Rested against the bark of the tree the cool nighttime sky gave her comfort.

A deep growl from a big beast entered her ears as she rested by the tree. Sound strong and close, coming from behind her. The vampire closer her eyes having little strength to fight off anyone. She deep to the ground as she heard the steps of the animal getting closer.

I’m so hungry and all my strength feels like its been sucked away from me. She thought laughing at how pitiful she was. She glanced down her left arm and saw nothing, but mud covering her clothes and body. As she lifted her hands up to see her nails, she noticed most of the paint had worn away.

The deep glowing sound of a hungry was now only feet away from what she could tell. “What? You think you could kill be boy?” She asked with a sickly smile forming over her face. Her eyes glowed green and a sharp gust of wind swirled between them. “How you’ve been baby girl?”

A portal of shadows seeped out of the ground as a tip of a blade pierced up through the ground. Melantha rose up from the ground running her tongue along her sharp teeth. “Well, do you look good enough to eat?” She said glaring at the white tiger now in front of her. She put her hand out and let the sword that rose from the ground rest in her hands.

“Blood!” She said dashing at the animal. The tiger’s jaw opened as it tired to catch the slowed vampire. Melantha blocked with her sword rolling away from the beast’s powerful mouth. She licked the blade getting a taste of the beast’s blood. The tigers roar as it launched after her and clawed her with its paw slamming her body to the ground.

The young vamp laid still on the ground hurt everywhere. She could feel her will seeping away as she fought to get up. The creature creep up on her as she slow moved her soar body away. F*** B**** leaving me out here after loosing so much strength. She thought as she left the trunk of the tree rest against her back. Damn. She could see the beast staring her in the eyes as his teeth appeared in her view.

“I guess this could be the end.” She said holding her side that was now bleeding. The tiger bit Melantha arm as she tried to block him with her sword. Her eyes grew wide and she launched up at the beast and bit it right in the neck. As she sucked her foe’s blood the creature lost its strength to fight her off of him.

Energy rushed through her body and rage grew in her eyes. She bit harder sucking out more blood as her strength grew back rapidly. Her eyes lit bright green and blood pour down her neck and into her dress. She snapped her neck back and stabbed the tiger through it head. As she stood there, she savored the taste of it blood wishing it was human.

“Good…” She said taking a bite of the tiger to drink what little was left.


Mmmm… “Pretty little thing you are.” The vamp said staring at the round jewel down her neck. She loved the flow of power, her power that she had lost long ago. Her eyes glowed bright green as she stood just outside a cave. Her whole body couldn’t way to try out her powers once again. To again summon her sword and breathe fear into the heart of humans. Light glowed from the cave and the smell of wood burning surround the air.

“Kimi! Come out…” she screamed through the cave tapping her finger along the rough rocky wall next to her. “I got to take of you first before I can clean up.” She stepped into the rocky cave with her bare feet. The rock poked at her feet, but she was driven to reach her goal.

“Yes?” A strong female voice answered from behind her. Melantha growled as she turned her head to see the female named Kimi behind her. “For someone that trying to hunt me you suck.”

“Try saying that when you’re dead!” Melantha roared as she swung her body to face the female warrior. Her pendent flipped around her neck and begun to turn red.

“What?” Kimi said with a blank look as she stared at a pendent much like hers. “Where you find another one?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know. Too bad I’m going to take that one from you.” She smiled and a small ball of light appeared around her hand. “Met my sword little girl!” Melantha slowly rose her arm and both hands grab hold of the light and the ancient katana appeared. The blade curved downwards towards the ground blocking her whole side of her body.

“So you found a few new toys. That doesn’t mean you can beat me.” The young girl swung her blade out the sheath and swirled it through the air with great ease. “No one has lived after trying to attack me.”

“Same here.”

Without another word both dashed forward and clash both their swords. Mass amount of energy impacted through the ground as both pendent active. The clashing of the two fighter sent shock waves through out the city and near by lands and water ways.


Nikudemon felt pulsing of the ground and realized what had been making the earth cry for help. His rested his hand across the ground feeling the energy surging through his body. “What wrong? You’re acting weird.”

“I can feel the power being release from the pendent of Kimi.”

“Power? We are having a earthquake. It normal for this time of the year.”

“No. You’re wrong. I’m sure of it. “ The swordsman said as he dashed away towards where he felt the strongest shockwaves came from. “Stay here and don’t get into trouble.” He yelled back as he kept his forward dash. I hope I make it in time.


The fearsome swords clashed with each other with great force. The air around them grew thick from the heat their bodies and weapons made from the fight. The two pendent glowed bright around them emitting more heat and strength to each one of them.

Nikudemon stopped as his eyes fixed themselves on the two woman in front of him. The thunderous sounds emitted from the crying of their sword pained his ears. His eyes could tell both where well trained in fighting, but the evil powers soaking in the air seem to be making the Kanatas cry. He felt Solana pulsing beside him.

This needs to stop. This has to stop here. The swordsman thought as blood shed from both warrior and fell two the ground. Both seemed tired and Nikudemon gripped Solana in his hand. I won’t leave anyone be hurt by my sins. The pendent… It powers are great, but it too evil for this world. I must kill them and take both of them.

The wanderer glared at the fight in front of him with eyes of death in them. His breathing slowed as he drew he fateful blade from it sheath. Slowly the blade appeared and rose just under his eyes. “Release the pendent to me and live or die here and now!”

Nikudemon dashed into the wasted field sword drawn reaching into the fight. With all his speed and skill he swung the blade to block the vamp sword attack first than spun and launch Kimi sword and body back away from him. He quickly kept his movement and dash forward with a deadly slash at the vampire he blade got a clean cut at her gut. Her blade just missing his back as he passed her with his sword.

He rolled and swirled around to a stop as blood flowed off his blade. “That man? How?”

“Niku!” Melantha snarled as she placed her hand on the fresh cut. But the swordsman didn’t answer any of there calls or questions. He sword rose in front of him and he dashed towards the vampire again.

“He different than back at the shore. I was able to kill him back than. Now, he a different person now.” Kimi eyes dazed at the swordsman shocking appears and felt something warm splash onto her face.

“Damn you Niku!” Melantha yelled as she dropped to the ground. The swordsman launched forward after the next one that held a pendent.

“Why!?” Kimi screamed as she swung her to protect herself from the crazed man.

“This evil thing shouldn’t be allowed to stay in your hands!” He replied as he smashed his foot into the ground and sheathed Solana and with one quick movement he released the sword through the air. Solana soared through the air slicing the woman and kicking the weak Kanata through the air. “Air vortex…” He watched as the wind ripped her inside and blood pour all over him.
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