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Re: Can I Really Help Anyone? (Sakume, Alti)

He'd returned... but why had he returned. He had... something that had to be done... but it wasn't something he knew how to do. Humanity... it had become so distant. So foreign... so distinctly different to him. He hadn't ceased to be human, but he still wasn't completely human. Certain aspects of human he had sealed off, for better or worse, in defense of his person. The man looked at his hand and clenched it into a fist as he sighed. "I live in a world... so very different than the one I always imagined I did. Perhaps that was some of the problem..."

Perception. Yes, perception was an issue. The game of life and death. It was one that, for mortals, was so short. Still, in that place, where his power had grown beyond his own measure, it had felt unmoving. Even now, he looked as he had when he first entered. Was it all... a sham? What had he really gained through the Dome?

Zorlo couldn't help but reflect on it as he looked at the house. Why had he returned? Was his reason so solid as he had assumed? Was it possible she had been happier without him? It wasn't within him to know any longer. The person he was... that person wasn't gone. It was hard for Zorlo... untangling the unending webs of confusion and frustration that had clasped firmly around his heart and mind. Had he... been mistaken? Were other people really necessary?

There was no one to answer that question. No longer did Zorlo have someone wise enough to answer these questions, and now he had to answer them himself. But could his answers really be all that much better than what the confusion in his heart told him? There was so much that seemed to slip from his grasp at that moment as he took another step in before sensing it. A rift. One created by the Dome.

"Dammit, not now, 'denza," he commented, sealing their door just long enough to vanish from sight and relocate. Time... he still needed time to think, and with Cadenza there, it wouldn't be as easy. Thoughts needed collecting and quickly, lest they'd be lost in the infinite space of the abstract.
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