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Re: IGN's Top Ten Games of the Decade - No Zelda: Majora's Mask???

If it makes anybody feel better, a Zelda game did make it in the Top 10 GameTrailers Countdown: Top 10 Games of the Decade.

10) Twilight Princess
9) Super Mario Galaxy
8) Devil May Cry
7) Shadow of the Colossus
6) Half Life 2
5) Metroid Prime
4) Halo: Combat Evolved
3) Resident Evil 4
2) Grand Theft Auto III
1) World of Warcraft

From the looks of both lists, it seems like they are really trying to leave behind the consoles of yesteryear, and I don't blame them. MM is a good game (and it is better than TP, from what I've seen/heard/read...because I haven't played TP still-_-), but with it being released right along the heals of OoT, it's hard to officially see if it has lived up to let's say, WoW. Who knows, by this time 10 years from now, maybe even ZWii won't make it onto the the list.

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