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Re: Naruto: The Thread.

Sabbo: Oh! I thought you might have been sarcastic because Sarutobi is able to summon Enma, the King of Monkeys. Hence I thought that "monkey-ish" comment was just making fun

Originally Posted by Bravo View Post
Take Orochimaru, for example - a student of Sarutobi, a powerful ninja, who... Then he just randomly turns evil... it doesn't make sense.
I believe Orochimaru turned evil when he went at such lengths to learn all jutsus (especially the forbidden ones), even when those lengths include experimenting on live humans. Orochimaru is sorta seen as what man-kind can turn into, but in a warped way. As humans, we're always searching for all the answers in the universe, however we don't live as long as we'd like to, to put that knowledge into greater use. Not to get too biblical, but it's as if Orochimaru is trying to grab a fruit from the Forbidden Tree of Knowledge & a fruit from the Tree of Eternal Life. And what do you know, Orochimaru has an affinity for snakes (like the one in Eden)

When did this action start for Oro? Maybe since Sarutobi knew all the jutsus of the village, Oro just wanted to impress his sensei by surpassing his knowledge in a shorter time. The problem was Oro exceeded too fast, used prisoners as experiments, created jutsus of his own, and didn't care the wellbeing of others in the process. I mean when he was young, he seemed innocent enough to ask about the white snake skin. And when the three met Nagato & friends, he was cold-hearted to think of giving them a quick death to rid them of the misery of war. And then sometime after he became Sanin (and Hokage Sarutobi was sent on a mission to stop Oro on his lab experiments) he joined up with Akatsuki. Just then he learned it wasn't enough to just have the jutsus, you must also have the Sharingan eyes to be a forniable(sp?) opponent.

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