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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man

Script already written for the the Boot of Re

With such big news hitting early in the week, outlets are already crawling around looking for tidbits of info, and there are a few useful things to know about Spider-Man v2.0 that we didn’t cover in our first report.

First up, while I thought the facts were implicit in Sony’s press release, let’s be explicit: the new script by James Vanderbilt has already been written.

Variety notes that Sony “has long had” Vanderbilt’s script ready as a contingency plan. In other words, when he was hired to write Spider-Man 5 and 6, which were mentioned as possible reboot fodder, what he was really doing was writing this fresh start on the character. Given that Sony doesn’t want to do anything that will potentially see Spider-Man go back to Marvel, the studio was smart. (See a note about being ’smart’ at the end of this piece.)

According to EW, the idea was to have the reboot ready to go as soon as Spidey 4 was done. But when discussions about that film went nowhere, Vanderbilt’s new take was given priority. Now they’re ready to go with a script.

We don’t know much about what that script entails, other than it will feature a younger teenage Peter Parker. EW calls the script “gritty, contemporary” and references Batman Begins, seemingly not only in the sense that Christopher Nolan reinvented Batman on film, but in the sense of tone. Which would be a shame. Let’s have anything but a gritty Spider-Man, please. Anyone with a shred of understanding of the character knows that, while the stories can be heavy, ‘gritty’ isn’t what makes Spider-Man universally appealing.

There’s speculation already (as by Devin at CHUD) that this is a grab for some of the Twilight tween energy and fanbase. But I just see this as a cheaper, easier move. Sam Raimi directed three films, so is it easier to bring a new director into his world, or create a new world altogether? The latter, as Anne Thompson suggests, and I think she’s right. This will definitely be cheaper, as Sony has just shed a couple of names with big dollar signs attached. Spider-Man 3 cost almost $300m, and the fourth film could easily have gone that high. Now can the studio make this reboot for $200m or less? One would hope so.

Read more: Spider-Man Reboot Already Written, Will Be ‘Gritty, Contemporary’ Take | /Film
My thoughts: I hate Sony castrating the series and I wouldn't mind seeing Spider-man go back to Marvel/Disney.
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