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Re: Can I Really Help Anyone? (Sakume, Alti)

"Sorry, 'denza, but I can't let you do that. I may hate Z for what he did to Monroe and I, but I can't let her walk out without facing him." Magical energy seeped from his hands and became blades which he crossed over his chest. "You know that if I didn't have some faith that Z'll try to do the right thing, I wouldn't stand between you and this door... but we need to trust in him. Trust in the man who's ready to seek forgiveness..."

o=)----------- -----------(=o

His body moved. For the first time in the hour, he moved slightly as he pushed himself into a kneeling position. The green haired man blinked a few times as he looked at his hands. "Hmm... I'm me... I'm Zorlo, and that's what's up," he said. "I can recall everything... but... isn't today the day of my wedding?" he asked, standing up and looking at his clothing.

Talking... he heard talking in the next room as he stood up and started walking. "Hmm... I wonder what's going on? There's a lot of commotion today," the Aura Master stated as he headed into the kitchen and saw the hole in the wall. He looked at Zachary, holding two strange blades, and then at Selene and 'denza and quirked an eyebrow.

"Zach, what happened to you? And lower your weapons. Don't pick fights in my house," the fencer said as he looked at Selene.

"Sorry, Z," Zach said as he spun his blades in the palms of his hands, "but I'm not letting her leave. Not until she and you work your crap out. Unlike Cadenza, I'm not gonna be a floor mat. I'll stand in the way at each step they try to take."

"Zach, don't be stupid. They'd kill you and... wait... leave?" he asked, looking at Selene. "What does he mean, leave? Selene, isn't today the day we are to be wed?" he asked, quite confused.

Zachary groaned in annoyance. "Dammit, Z's still not all there. That's annoying. Still, maybe better this way."

Zorlo looked from the ice mage to the angel. "What's going on, Selene?"
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