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[Prydden] Aelia Emeralda Valentina

(Made for Coyote's Prydden RP only)

Name: Aelia Emeralda Valentina

Nickname /Alias: Emmy, Emerald.

Occupation: Traveler, Chi User.

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Height: 5’ 4” (gains an extra inch with her shoes on)

Weight: 124lbs

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color/Style: Slightly wavy, raven coloured hair, reaching around her shoulders.

General Appearance:
She wears a long, very dark blue top akin to a tunic in shape, which reaches down to her mid-thighs and is made of thick fabric which is hard to cut through. The design is elaborate and slightly extravagant, with white lace trimming at the bottom, the ends of the sleeves, and along the seams. The piece is dyed a dark blue and features intricate fake white lacing down her chest and back, as well as around her shoulders at the base of the sleeves, with the ends hanging loosely at about four inches for the latter. Completing the top is a pair of detached sleeves that cover her forearms. The detached sleeves reach from her elbows down to her wrists. Each sleeve has white laces on them to keep them tightly attached for her forearms. Her legs are covered by the same materials, although tighter and coloured black, but designed similarly to her sleeves, with the same white threads around the hem. Her black boots also boast the same toughness, with a one-inch heel and white laces to compliment the rest of the suit.

Emmy herself is thin, of average height and of pale complexion, with a small-to-medium frame. Although not very voluptuous in shape, her humble physique along with her clothes still manages to create a certain charm. Her face is sort of heart-shaped with some raven-black bangs covering a bit of her forehead, just over her thin, but fitting eyebrows and small emerald green eyes which always seemed to be slightly narrowed. Between them, a long, thin greek nose over a small, neat, pink lips and her cheeks barely taper down to a small chin.

Weapon(s): None

Armor: Her clothes offer the same mild protection as leather armour. It can’t be cut or slashed easily, but piercing with a bladed weapon or bullet is more effective.

Carried Possessions: Nothing right now.

Powers/Magic/Skills: She can be said to be an average fighter, focusing on kicking more than punching. She incorporates a bit of dancing to her movements, which makes her steps and attacks flow from one to the other. During her movements however, is when she’ll use her Chi and that’s where her strength in combat lies. Emmy uses water magic which allows her to manipulate water and she mainly uses this ability to shape water and freeze it by drawing energy out from it, unknowingly using basic fire magic to do so. She has various signature moves when it comes to combat, but she’ll always do other things to keep opponents guessing. By turning water to ice and controlling it, she’s especially dangerous in the rain or if there’s a lot of ice or water laying about. Simply, she can make almost anything out of ice once there’s enough water and she’s focused enough to accomplish it.

Frozen Swan Dance:- The quickest and easiest things to make by pulling water vapour and fast-freezing it to make knives. Even if they break or begin melting, she can refreeze the water and repair them. She can lengthen them to create rapiers, which she’s fond of dual wielding. Then she can combine them both at the handles. If needed, she can make that into a sturdy lance. She can change and alter the forms at an astonishing speed, even while moving in to attack or even dodging.

Shield/Wall:- Emmy can create a small but sturdy shield to with stand most small attacks, such as a sword. The shield is brittle, and can be shattered by piercing it or smashing it with something large and heavy. The wall of ice is a lot stronger and can withstand bullets or large axes and hammers; but the wall can only be created when it’s raining, or there’s water or ice nearby.

Limits: Her most powerful moves can only be used near lots of water or ice. Also, if the air is too dry, she may not be able to create her weapons at all. On top of that, she also has to be focused and in tip top shape to achieve some of the moves; the knives and rapiers are pretty basic.

Side-Effects: Focusing, freezing and altering the ice is pretty tiring in a long fight.

Battle Strengths: Calculating, focused (and as a result, razor sharp in her attacks and movements), graceful, lithe, swift, unpredictable, extremely dangerous near water or ice

Battle Weaknesses: Not very strong physically, in areas with dry air she’s vulnerable, armor not very protective, ice can be brittle if you hit it in the right spot, the right way with the right force. Long fights are draining. At a disadvantage against flame wielders (unless she’s near massive amounts of water)

Other: She can dance pretty well. A very graceful, flowing dance that she incorporates into her fighting style. It’s earned her the title of Frozen Swan among her close friends and family. And as a lover of food, she also knows how to cook very well, but prefers to buy food when she’s in towns.

Personality: Due to her upbringing, Emmy comes off as unemotional and expressionless at first, even cold and calculating. She is very quiet most times, communicating with gestures; shaking her head or nodding, or just with hand signals. Her voice is soft, yet still sounding as if it has some air of demand or authority, rising only during the heat of battle. She is reserved and disciplined, and doesn't like to be dramatic or overly emotional. She can be quite unflappable and a little cynical at times, despite the obstacles in her way and may actually open her mouth to openly mock an enemy that’s ten times bigger than her. Emmy is quite proud of her powers also, it shows during her fighting, sometimes.

It’s rare to see her smile, as she considers that as an unnecessary display of emotion. It’s also rare to see her let loose; it does happen, when she’s tired of training and keeping her mind focused on bettering her Chi. She’ll actually have a little more expression to her then, and may partake in some of her hobbies (like dancing, but there are other things) or even drink a bit of alcohol to unwind. Whether she’s relaxing or not, she scarfs down food and drink while hardly paying attention to manners (the most she’ll do is burp quietly with her hand over her mouth), leading others to believe that she has a high metabolism and no upbringing (tip: put her in front of a feast if you want to see her smile at least a little). Don’t you dare interrupt her meal rudely, either; if you’re lucky you may get away with just a black eye. She’s not afraid to hit and doesn’t pull her punches; she has no qualms about killing someone if she knows they’re up to no good.

She's not evil, by any means, don't take that the wrong way. She's been brought up in a good military household, so being expressionless or cold is merely part of her. Emmy is a helpful person, and will usually help someone when she can without so much as a word. Her strong parents always drilled into her mind that the powerful should always help the powerless and that's become a part of her. She's willing to help, even though it may seem like she's not. It's what she does while travelling, other than sightseeing for her own sake.

Emmy has no immediate goals, either. The goal given to her by her parents to become stronger doesn't really interest her so much. She spent all her life in that military-like home, she was just happy enough to go out and see the world and she has no wishes to return to that home. Her wandering is all that keeps her occupied, for now. The truth is she's looking for something more, but she doesn't even know what, yet.

Likes: Her icy powers, training, fighting, food/feasts/banquets, rain (even storms), swimming, companionship/allies (even though she doesn’t go looking for them), lively people, dancing, music, playing games, drinking until tipsy and then sleeping in a warm place after that.

Dislikes: When she’s up against fire, losing a fight, no food or her meal being interrupted, extreme loneliness (ie when there’s not a soul around. It happens sometimes, doesn’t mean she likes it), deserts/areas with hardly any water or none at all (makes her feel vulnerable, which is another dislike: feeling vulnerable).

Fears: Dying. Starving. Her powers being stripped from her/unable to put up a fight. Being unable to dance, unable to enjoy the rains or go swimming.

Virtues: Strong and getting stronger, still, determined, a good fighter, a dependable ally. Sees things through to the end.

Vices: Maybe a little too proud of her powers. Sometimes it’s kill first, ask questions later. May also drink too much when unwinding.


Born to a family of three Chi users in the town of Darrow from the Empire of Selton. Her father and mother were both skilled soldiers and practitioners of Chi. Because of their own pasts, they desired to have their children become as capable and as stronger (or stronger) than they were. They also desired that their children join the army to serve, and follow in their footsteps so they were always strict when it came to raising them. From an early age they began learning how to fight and then eventually using Chi. Her older brother was trained in the ways of it. While he primarily wielded flames, he was more developed in using Chi, and was able to accomplish other feats as well.

Their training regiments were more like the military’s; very strict. Up at a certain time, tight schedule all day, then lights out at a certain time. Due to this, Emerald became more of a quiet than outgoing child like her brother. During her training, she found that, while other feats with Chi were quite possible, playing with ice and water was easier and faster to her. While sticking to one thing was disliked and discouraged by her father, her mother was more interested to see how far sticking to one thing would go and allowed her to continue.

Because of these attitudes and training, silent Emmy grew somewhat distant from her parents, further cementing her present personality. To extend the distance further, she found out that her parents were going to send her away on a ‘pilgrimage’ of sorts. This was just training to them. She had learned this when they sent her brother away and then promptly let her know that in a few years, she would be next.

The purpose of this was to, basically, thrust them out into the world at the age of twenty-five, tell them, “Get stronger and don’t come back till you think you’re strong enough.” This pilgramage was important to her parents, since they both had gone through similar situations. Both were left to fend for themselves, and believed themselves to become stronger because of it. They intended to do this to their own children, in hopes that they'd become stronger after being out on their own.

While it may sound bad to some, Emerald saw this as a sort of freedom. She could do what she liked and didn’t have to bother coming back home for the longest while, right?

This lead to two years of wandering and explording. She had helped many people along the way, and has had a lot of her own experiences. And she'd never return home, she thought. This what she'd wanted; freedom.
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