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James Vincent Gainsborough

Alias: Vinx

Age: Born December 13th, 1793 AD (Approx. 123yrs old)

Race: Half Demon

Affiliates: Demon Slayers: Nate & Rose

Gender: Male

Hair color/style: Short black hair

Eyes: Gray-blue

Weight: 155 lbs. (70kg)

Height: 5'11'' (1.5m)


Vinx has collected quite an arsenal of weapons throughout his life. As a Demon Slayer, much of his tools are mandatory to carry, though his time in the field has allowed him to collect more effective, rare weaponry with which to kill monsters. Like any typical Demon Slayer, his weapons are also made mostly out of silver, a well known purifier of evil.

Bequeath- A fencing sword formed in the style of an Épée (picture), which is a three pronged foil. It is the heaviest of foils used in traditional fencing, reaching about 110cm (3’7’’) long. The sword itself is formed from an alloy of silver and steel, which is kept in a black leather sheath with silver lettering on it (which is also worn on his left on a slanted, black leather belt). Both edges are dangerously sharp, though the tip of the blade is the deadliest point. The hilt of the blade has a curvaceous, intricate guard that protects the hand with metal rings and curves (picture).

Revolvers- Vinx carries two small black revolvers that are strapped in another leather belt, resting on the front part of his legs. Both are carried in their own holster, with two pouches of ammo kept on the same belt. These pouches are medium sized, one holding steel bullets and the other silver.

Silver Stake- A collapsible 2 foot long stake made of pure silver. It has a grip on the thick, blunt end, which is reinforced with carved bumps to keep the hand from slipping. When collapsed, it is no longer than a foot, and a small, ovular button on the hilt springs the tip of the stake out. Engraved onto the hilt are ancient symbols which bless the staff with holy magic. This rests in a holster on Vinx’s right, held at the bottom of another belt that straps diagonally across his chest.

Bottled Sunlight- Perhaps the rarest of a Slayer’s tools, bottled sunlight is collected light that is retained within an enchanted bottle. The flask itself is painted an opaque black to keep the light from showing. Upon breaking, it emits a powerful burst of light that covers a radius of ten feet. Anything caught within that blast of light is exposed to very condensed sunlight, which inflicts both burning and holy wounds onto the flesh of the victim. Outside of that, it is simply an extraordinarily hot and bright light. Vinx carries three such bottles in padded pouches that rest on the belt that crosses his chest.

Silver Darts- Within a black leather pouch strapped tightly to his left thigh, Vinx carries five six inch darts made completely out of silver. Each darts’ shaft is about one centimeter in width, with four black feathers placed at one end for balance. The darts are perhaps even sharper than needles, with the barrel full of a blessed substance known as liquid silver. Upon impact, this substance is released from the dart’s tip and into the creature’s body, which sends deadly poison into living creatures, and even more potent toxin into cursed creatures.

At a glance, these darts are fairly plain, the feathers being the only decorative touch. Within the barrel, the liquid is a somewhat translucent silver which has a sharp metallic smell, even stronger to cursed creatures.

Silver Crossbow- The crossbow itself is not made out of silver, but of simple wood. Vinx can fire it fairly rapidly, though at far distances, the blessed silver bolts are much less penetrating. The crossbow itself is also rather plain, with no complex designs or writing on it. This weapon is also attached to a leather strap so that Vinx can wear it on his back or pack it on his horse. Vinx keeps the 16’’ bolts in a black leather quiver that he also straps on his back. He doesn’t usually wear these unless he is already on a hunt for demons.

Whip- Vinx carries a thick, black leather whip that reaches about eight feet long. It has a strong wooden handle which is also black. At the end of the rope, there’s a small, sliver tipped blade. This he keeps on a strap on his belt, which is wrapped up in a coil near the back of his right side.

Silver Knives- Vinx carries four knives, all of which have been blessed and have letters engraved into the blade. Each one is about eight inches long (made of silver) with a black leather hilt to reinforce the grip. Vinx carries one in the back of his right boot, another on his left side, a third in the center of the belt that goes across his chest, and the fourth is strapped onto the back of his right shoulder. These are easily used for both stabbing and throwing.


Leather- Vinx wears black leather gloves that extend halfway up his arms that have mystic symbols carved on the inside. While this does not make it impossible for cursed weapons to penetrate it, cursed objects will be burned and corroded when touched with them. His black leather boots are tough, but not reinforced with magic. His thick leather coat provides protection for his torso and upper legs, with enough flexibility to keep from hindering him in battle. Just like his gloves, his coat is also blessed to keep demons away.

Shadow Charm- One of the few mementos that Vinx carries from his home, the Shadow Charm acts as an efficient means of protection from dark magic. It serves to absorb the damage that projectiles inflict, and protects against curses that other demons may inflict on their prey. While it is most effective to reduce at least 30% of dark magic damage, it can also absorb any kind of elemental damage, though this is much less powerful, taking only about 10% of damage away.

The symbol itself is carved out of silver, forming a small pendant shaped into an ancient symbol. Vinx wears this around his neck, underneath his clothing, and its magic power is subtle enough not to be noticed by even the best of wizards.


Reflex- As a Half Vampire, Vinx has inherited the traditional “supernatural” reflexes, which include superior senses to that of a human’s. He can hear whispering through a solid rock wall, see with perfect vision for great distances, and has a very strong sense of smell— especially for blood. He also has faster reaction speed to stimuli, which has been improved upon in his years of survival and combat. This gives him a decided advantage against those who move at a normal pace, allowing him to move with ethereal speed and grace, which becomes particularly deadly when he wields his weapons.

Raw Strength- Vinx has inherited unnatural strength, allowing him to perform feats of power that would be impossible for other humans. This includes being able to jump distances of 32 ft (9.8m), as high as nine feet (274cm), and lift weights up to 1670lbs (757.5kg). This makes for incredible strength in combat, and with power tempered over 100 years, it is perfectly lethal.

Demon Fighting- Vinx’s victims over the years have been nothing short of inhuman. His experience with evil creatures— everything from ghosts to vampires— has left him with creative skill in investigation and combat. His many years of life has given him enough time to perfect his own proficiency with his weapons, and he can easily adjust to fight creatures of different backgrounds and strengths. If there’s any kind demon at all out there, it’s very likely that he’s killed one of them.

Weapon Versatility- Vinx’s experience in numerous weapons gives him a basic proficiency with almost any kind of weapon, and even without one, he is particularly dangerous. His past battles have often forced him to improvise, and he can do so fairly well when put in a difficult situation. His particular fighting style specializes in lunges and stabs, which is pointed mostly at getting a silver blade into a vampire’s chest.

The numerous weapons Vinx carries also serve to create very interesting combinations. He can wield different weapons at the same time with ridiculous skill, and is ambidexterous with each one.

Range- Vinx’s weapons provide a versatile range to fight with, allowing him to fight comfortably with targets at close and far proximities.

Knowledge- With any centuries old character, Vinx also holds a great knowledge of the world. He can read and understand demonic language (as well as French, Chinese, Spanish, Latin, and Arabic), and is easily able to memorize and retain any given information. He knows of most races and their history, as well as important historic dates and cities. This also gives him uncanny perception into other people, allowing him great insight into ambiguous characters.

Poison/resistance to Disease- As a half vampire, Vinx has strong resistance to toxins, and will never age. He is not, however, impervious to poisons, and can in fact die from strong illnesses and poisons, though this will take much worse circumstances to harm him than it would a normal human.


Humanity- As a half breed, Vinx does not have the full power of a vampire. He still has to breathe, still has to keep warm, and he cannot match another vampire’s full speed and power. Though he is on fairly equal ground with a newly formed vampire, older ones provide a much greater challenge. In such cases, he generally relies on his wit and weapons.

Blood Lust- Yes, the lust that haunts all vampires also gets on Vinx’s nerves. While his attraction to blood is not as strong as a normal vampire’s, it still tempts his self control, though he has taken great care to master it. Blood is instinctually desirable to him, but it will not have a distracting influence unless he is particularly weakened, in which case he will easily loose his concentration. In extreme cases, he may loose himself enough to attack even a friend to obtain their blood.

Holy Weapons- Vinx himself is impartial to the very weapons he carries. While he has lived with irritability of these things for a very long time, and they no longer bother him, holy attacks of others will strike extra damage upon him.

Magic- Though Vinx has had plenty of experience with the supernatural, he lacks the ability to dispel or destroy the magic of… well… magical creatures. He relies solely on physical attacks to inflict damage, though he has been known to play mind and logic games with his prey. He also doesn’t have much of a defense against magic, and almost anything magical that he comes up with to use against an enemy has to be researched and found before he attacks.

Light- Though Vinx can walk in daylight and doesn’t have to sleep as long as a human, he still isn’t very fond of it. It takes longer for his eyes to adjust than it does a normal human, and bright lights are particularly painful. He’s also more susceptible to sun burn.

Weapon Rarity- The ammo and weapons which Vinx uses are expensive and rare. He has to make good judgment when using them, and often has to salvage what he can from his targets.


Dark Sight- Another trait of the vampire, Vinx can see in the dark as if it were day. It does, however, take time for his eyesight to adjust to perfect darkness.

Diet Versatility- Vinx can eat both food and blood. While he is naturally more partial to blood, he can still eat even vegetables with the greatest of ease. However, his body is effected immensely by his diet, and becomes much stronger and proficient when he drinks blood. When drinking blood, he doesn’t have to eat food at all, but he has to feed at least weekly, or he will become fairly psychotic. On a diet of plain food, Vinx’s vampire abilities become less prevalent, and his blood lust is much calmer, though it still burns his throat.

Though Vinx lacks the traditional fangs to suck blood, his sharp teeth can easily pierce human and animal flesh. He can bite into a prevalent vein and suck blood from there, allowing the person’s heart to do the majority of the work. This makes his drinking slower than the average vampire, but his bite is just as effective. When he bites and blood is released, certain capillaries in his mouth release a drug, or vampiric venom that works to sedate and calm the subject that he drinks blood from. The pain of his teeth is but a moment— the drug will quickly take effect to block the pain by inducing the victim’s system to release large amounts of dopamine (a neurotransmitter), thus hindering their moving capability and stimulating the pleasure center of the brain.

Stealth- Vinx is an excellent tracker of humans, animals, and demons. He knows how to stay unnoticed by his prey, and his skill in stealth is undeniable. He is nearly silent when he walks or moves, and his movements are unnaturally quick, though he has learned to conceal such irregularities when around humans.

Survival- Vinx is easily able to adapt to wherever he is, be it urban paradise or rural marshes. He is an excellent hunter, and has great stamina when it comes to travel. In wilderness settings, Vinx generally allows himself to become more vampiric, feeding off of the blood of animals. In urban areas, he rarely eats blood, and never blood from a human. He makes exceptions only in dire situations, when he has to hunt down another demon quickly within a city, which requires that he is at his full strength. Though he may feed from a human, he will never kill them— he’s spent too much time practicing control over blood lust for that.

Intimidation and Insight- Vinx is annoyingly attentive. He can read a person simply by what they’re wearing, and it’s easy for him to catch the tell-tale signs of a liar. His background in history (particularly in cursed creatures) gives him a wide arsenal of knowledge to pull from when faced with a challenge. His vampiric nature also serves well in intimidating others, as he has a naturally dark aura and particularly cold, sharp eyes.

Demonic Sense- Vinx has an uncanny ability to sense the presence of other dark creatures. He can sense them as far as three miles away, and has taken great care to be sensitive to such things (as it often implies an attack). It’s not a matter of strength of aura or magical presence— the sense is in the blood. Other vampires are particularly sensitive to him as well.

Form- Vinx is used to being in sticky situations, and has thus learned how to use his body to get out of them. His flexibility and skill allow him to climb and doge quite well, which makes him rather difficult to chase down.

Vampire Slayers- As part of a group, Vinx can call upon the aid of other Demon Slayers, who are scattered throughout the world. They easily exchange information and are quick to give aid, as they all share one common purpose: to protect the innocent from demons. Along with this, he also has strong ties to the Christian church, which provides much of the information and weaponry Vinx uses.

Regeneration- Vinx has an unnatural healing speed, which isn’t instant, but can be quick enough to save him from mortal wounds. It takes a good hour or so to completely heal minor scratches, and a broken bone will keep him down for about three days.


Physical Features- Vinx’s eyes are light, grayish blue, and unremarkable in shape. His face is heart shaped with a prominent square jaw and sharply pointed nose. His face is lean, as is the rest of his body, with his skin being an albino white. His dark black hair is short and neatly combed over to the left side, with a few bangs falling over his forehead. His red lips are thin and his teeth perfectly white, with his incisors being particularly sharp (but not nearly as prominent as a vampire’s fangs). This, however, is difficult to see, as he is almost always wearing crooked fedora whose brim masks his face and hair with shadow. He stopped aging when he was turned— that was at about 25 years of age.

Clothing- Vinx’s prominent feature is one color: black. His hat is black, his leather boots (that go up to just below the knee) are black, his pants are black, his long overcoat is black— he’s depressing as a raincloud. This general gloom of his very appearance is enough for others to subconsciously avoid him, and his tall figure is only more intimidating. Everything he wears is pretty much the same color of black, even his long sleeved shirt. The dark linen shirt tucks into his gloves, which are rather loose at the arm end. His leather overcoat extends a few inches past the knee, with buttons lining the chest until it reaches his belt, where it splits in the front and back. This conceals many of the pouches on his belt and legs, including a good portion of his sword.

Body- Vinx has a firm and muscular frame, though it is not ostentatiously so. He also has plenty of scars across his chest and back from some particularly nasty bouts with demons, though his body heals fairly quickly. He carries a subtle scent of Juniper and mint, and his voice is pleasantly smooth, but almost always apathetic, with a very strong British accent.

Other equipment:

Salt- The wonderful substance for all who fear the undead—Vinx carries the stuff in a medium sized pouch that is strapped to his belt (the one also attached to the sword). It’s useful for drawing protective circles, including circles which the undead cannot cross.

Holy Water- The bane of curses and acid to evil, Vinx carries three bottles of water blessed by a priest. These serve well to reduce and banish curses, and are particularly good at burning the flesh of the undead. He has three bottles of this, which he keeps in padded pouches on the belt that comes across his chest.

Holy Symbols- Vinx wears blessed pendants of various religions on himself. This includes a silver crucifix that he wears on his neck, a bracelet with the Star of David (made from silver as well), another bracelet with the holy symbols of the crescent moon and star (Islam), and various other symbols from different religions. All of these are meant to protect from any kind of demon that has ever walked the earth.

Thievery Tools- Not all of life’s doors are unlocked. Vinx carries a pouch of small lock picking tools to help with door locks and cumbersome binding devices.

Elixir- Vinx carries a potent healing potion created by a Christian monk, and its healing qualities are unmatched in the world of chemicals. Drinking the whole vial will provide the drinker with full health, healing all physical ailments. The liquid itself looks just like water, though it has the sweet scent of vanilla. Vinx carries two bottles of this, which are strapped in a pouch on his belt.

Travelling Supplies- Vinx carries a bag full of all traveling necessities, including vittles, soap, cooking utensils, flint and steel, money, spare clothing, as well as other various, simple items used for convenience. This bag is usually left strapped to the saddle of Vinx’s horse.

Vinx’s Horse:

Name: Amin

Race: Arabian horse breed

Height: 14.2 hands (58 inches from the base of the neck to the hooves)

Weight: 900lbs. (408.2kg)

Appearance: Amin has a sleek black coat with a long black mane and tail. He is a muscular horse with a delicate looking head, though he is quite a strong and powerful animal.

Temperament: Amin has been extensively trained and is loyal and obedient to Vinx. He has a tendency to blatantly ignore others that may try to ride him. Amin can easily take jumps and is a difficult animal to spook. He doesn’t handle ship travel very well.

History: Amin was a mount that Vinx acquired in England through an expensive trade in London.


Vinx is a rock. He just is. He has a very unmoving and logical personality, which is attentive to detail, but not always responsive to it. Vinx is a particularly quiet man, and while he is generally willing to cooperate, he will not hesitate to disobey orders in order to take the course of action that he thinks is best. He’s generally curious about information he has not heard or seen before, but unless it is information of any importance, he doesn’t care to pursue it.

Vinx isn’t necessarily peaceable—simply calm. If he thinks he needs to take something, he will not hesitate to take without asking, hardly even thinking of how his actions might offend another. He cares nothing about how others feel or what they think, only that they are safe. The only law that exists for him is his own, and his belief in the Christian God is one of grudging acceptance.

Though Vinx’s hatred towards demons is strong and deep, he is not easily moved or manipulated by them. His encounters with them have often been callous and sardonic, removing any sense of pity at all in him. He doesn’t have a great interest in the world, seeking only to pursue and kill demons, leaving him with very few friends. He has pursued no relationships, and much prefers solitude over any kind of company.

Despite his isolation, Vinx is a gentleman, if grudgingly so. A good portion of his life was spent in England, and before he became a Half Vampire, he belonged to a noble family. His is perfectly aware of social graces, and generally acts upon them, often being genially detached. Annoying people, however, will find that Vinx’s terse mannerisms can be somewhat harsh. Vinx tends to use his "genteel" charm best when he's in need of human blood.


Music- Vinx has always had a soft spot for music. He enjoys listening to classic and opera, and is fairly skilled at playing the Violin. This was a taste that he developed in his earlier years as a human, and it still remains with him. Along with this, he is particularly well trained in traditional English dances, including the scandalous waltz.

Children/Innocents- Vinx is only too familiar with the dark side of society. He prefers the company of sincere, honest people who lead small, simple lives. It is to their protection that he has committed his life.

Books- In the small moments of peace that Vinx has, he prefers to read. While novels aren’t exactly up his alley, he still enjoys informational text on linguistics, mathematics, geography, and history. There are few technical terms that he is unfamiliar with.

Food- Vinx rarely has time to settle down to a decent meal, and while he’d never admit it, he’s particularly grumpy when he goes without eating. Eating good, hot food generally puts him in a better mood. He tends to favor traditional English food, with his favorite dish being Crown Roast Lamb.


Demons/Vagabonds- Vinx has zero tolerance for demons and criminals. A sadistic demon is dead on sight. Criminals are given no mercy when they cross him. While Vinx doesn’t go out of his way to hunt down criminals, he will not hesitate to inflict “justice” where necessary, and is particularly terse with cruel and dubious individuals.

Pleasant Weather- When the sky is blue and the sun at its highest, Vinx becomes particularly sullen. Perhaps that’s because his dreary attitude contrasts heavily with anything cheerful, but he prefers the cool, dark and damp to anything bright and painfully vibrant.

Indulgence- Vinx has a strong dislike towards materialism and insincere, ardent emotions that are so easily expressed in the Victorian society. Showy, chatty people are likely to get little response from him.


Vinx was born during turbulent times in England. The Revolutionary War was recently lost by the British, and great reforms in slavery and the Church of England were occurring. His father was a wealthy merchant of the noble class, and so he was provided with genteel education. He also studied business alongside his father, and being the oldest of two brothers and one sister, he was also expected to inherit his family’s wealth.

As Vinx grew into a young man, the French Revolution was occurring just beyond the English Channel. He saw his father become politically involved as Britain faced fears of revolution, and became active himself by studying the arguments of men like Edmund Burke and Thomas Jefferson. He continued his basic studies in Latin, mathematics, and business, and balanced such activities with music, dance, and fencing. As he gained good reputation as a dignified and intelligent noble, his birth engagement to Callista Elizabeth Cudney was soon announced, though the marriage to this noblewoman never took place.

A terrible event occurred one night as Vinx’s family gathered to dinner. He was at his prime, strong and ready to marry, his family was comfortably wealthy, and his parents and siblings were in perfect health. This in and of itself was a small miracle considering the hard economic times, but they graciously accepted the circumstances. All of that changed on that chilly autumn night.

What happened was a vampire attack, the reasons of which Vinx did not discover until a full year after it occurred. His father’s business had expanded particularly well because he had employed the help of a vampiric cult to help “negotiate” otherwise impossible deals. This turned into an alliance in which Vinx’s father provided the vampires with supplies and shelter, until he became overconfident. Disgusted with himself and his own business, and certain in the strength of his trade, Vinx’s father tried to break the deal with the vampires, claiming he would never work with them again. Before this deal ever came into effect however, the cult attacked, and Vinx’s family was killed.

Vinx was not the sole survivor, in a sense. Both of his brothers were successfully turned into full vampires themselves, but something strange occurred with Vinx. Fearing for his life, as his other brothers did, Vinx also tried to drink the vampire blood presented to him once his human blood was nearly drained, but was only half successful. The vampire attack was interrupted by two demon slayers, who managed to kill one of the vampires and chase the others off, and it was then that they discovered Vinx. They originally intended to kill him, as they did all vampire survivors before they turned, but they were quick to sense that the transformation was incomplete. A rare event had occurred— one in which Vinx held a perfect mix of human and vampiric blood.

In order to keep his life, Vinx had to take the Slayer’s Vow, a pact with God that promised his allegiance to him, which had hold over his very life. He swore to protect God’s innocent, and to slay the wicked demons that walked the earth, unchallenged by mortal power.

To make a long story short, Vinx joined the ranks of the Demon Slayers and undertook their training. This consisted of controlling his blood lust and attaining resistance to holy objects, as well as intensive survival and weapon training. After learning such basics, he was paired with another Demon Slayer until he learned the ropes of demon hunting, and since then, he has gone solo. He has reached a more “elderly” position among the Demon Slayers, having managed to kill even a 700 year old vampire.

History of the Demon Slayers:

All Demon Slayers are half vampires. There are no exceptions. Each and every one of them has sworn a sacred vow to protect the innocent, and it is a vow that they uphold with their very lives. The group has existed for almost as long as vampires have, though they are certainly less in number because of the unique and rare way in which they are created. Their purpose is generally fed off from the circumstances in which they were turned, which are predictably violent, abhorrent events. They have all been assaulted by vampires and affected for eternity because of it, and none of them bear any fondness towards vampires because of this.

Half Vampires are created when a subject’s blood is replaced with enough vampiric blood to biologically change them, but not enough to turn them fully. Such a balance is virtually impossible to create, and these instances have occurred only because of a bizarre mix of fate and luck. None of these subjects ever turn to become sadistic demons themselves— the Demon Slayers are too tightly knit a group for this to happen. They have an unnatural sense for finding each other, and there have been no known half vampires to have refused to make the Slayer’s Vow. Because of this, they have become a small, but terrorizing group to demons that traverse the world. Their numbers have never grown over one hundred (which is pretty small, considering the world’s population), due, of course, to their rare creation and dangerous profession.

Demon Slayers work closely with the Christian church, though they are by no means on “friendly” terms with it. They are recognized as demons themselves, damned creatures that drink forbidden blood, but they are kept around because of their supernatural abilities. It is rare for any mortal to have the power to kill a vampire, and even half vampires are at a serious disadvantage. Their real power comes from their holy weapons, which are immensely effective against powerful, dark creatures. They are unforgiving soldiers of the night who are trained with incredible skill, which is only reinforced by their vampiric strength.

Demon Slayers are the bane of all demonic and dark creatures, and are greatly hated for this. While those outside of the Demon Slayers have no understanding as to how they function and what they really do (Demon Slayers are often interpreted to be singular mercenaries that aspire to do God’s will), it’s not difficult for dark creatures to recognize that these “mercenaries” have the intent and power to kill them.

For all these reasons, the Demon Slayers are a mysterious, isolated group that very, very few ever come to recognize. They disappear as quickly as they come, often leaving nothing behind to tell their story. Vampire Slayers rarely gather in large groups, but it is not unusual for them to work in pairs and small groups when teaching or gathering up power to fight a particularly large enemy. They’re also known to wear similar clothes and wield similar weapons— a Slayer is easily recognized if one knows what to look for. Each of them has contact with the Christian church, though only a few monks and priests even know of their existence.

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