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Xalic Uccisore D’Argento (a.k.a. the Silver Slayer) and his sentient whip, Cryia.

Name: Xalic Uccisore D’Argento (a.k.a. the Silver Slayer)
Age: 30
Race: Arlamental (Half human, half elemental. In this case, Quicksilver Elemental)
Sex: Male
Hair: Silver, shoulder length hair. It has a very high sheen
Eyes: His eyes are normal, except his irises are a bright, liquid silver color.
Weight: 270 lbs
Height: 6’3”

Weapons: Xalic, being a demon hunter, has a variety of weapons to fit many situations. His primary weapon is a 15 foot long whip tipped with a five inch teardrop blade that has a two and a half inch width at the base, and is razor thin. The whip itself is a leather whip that has had silver mesh stitched on to the outside. The blade is of a teardrop shape and is made from a silver-mythril alloy called Silvril. This metal has the benefits of mythril in that it is extremely light and durable, and also has the demon-harming qualities of silver. The whip itself has its own history (see below) and is named Cryia.

Xalic’s second weapon is a multi use crossbow named Shriekshot. This crossbow is magical in the fact that it can assume various sizes when Xalic speaks a particular command word, and that bolts that are fired from it gain have damaging sonic properties. The crossbow is formed of Black Ash wood no matter what form it is in. The face of the crossbow is formed in the likeness of a screaming banshee. Depending on the situation he can use the crossbow in one of three forms. The bolts are Black Ash wood tipped with silver and also change size to match the current form of Shriekshot. In all its forms the front of the lath is a mount where the tip of the bolt protrudes slightly. This mount is shaped into a shrieking banshee likeness and is enchanted to give the bolts the sonic properties. Xalic decided to have this weapon enchanted for sonic damage instead of an elemental property because the majority of demons have no immunities to sonic damage. Shriekshot can also change sizes any number of times per day, there is no restriction on this.

When a bolt is fired from Shriekshot, it becomes imbued with sonic energy. This not only increases the damage, but speeds the bolt to faster than sound. This is only in effect on the second and third forms, however. The first form is not powerful enough to fire bolts at such velocities. Bolts fired from second and third form will break the sound barrier, making them difficult to hear and dodge before being struck. The sonic damage is in the form of the sonic waves that follow the bolt. Upon reaching the target, these sonic waves will induce what appears to be thousands of paper cuts to any exposed skin in a 1 foot radius from the point of impact. The sonic waves also strike with enough force to knock an average man prone. This rarely happens with demons however, often it merely staggers them. In first form, the enchantment takes a different form, using sonic waves to increase piercing power, and to guide the bolt along its intended path. This gives a relatively combat weak weapon several uses.

First Form: Shriekshot takes on the dimensions and appearance of a hand crossbow. It fires small hard to see bolts that he often poisons. This form does not have a lot of power; however it is great for tight areas and is very versatile. The reload time for this is 5 seconds on average. The bolts are about 4 and one 1/2 inches long, and the crossbow has an effective range of 35 feet. The command phrase to assume this form is Piccola Misura.

Second Form: Shriekshot takes the form of a crossbow that is slightly larger than your standard crossbow. The crossbow is formed of Black Ash wood and has darkened steel reinforcements on the lath to increase tensile strength and make it a more effective melee weapon if need be. This form fires normal sized bolts that Xalic sometimes poisons. The bolts are made of Black Ash and are tipped with silver. The crossbow has slightly higher than average power for its size. The bolts are about 8 inches long and the crossbow has an effective range of 100 feet. Reload times for this crossbow are about 10-15 seconds. The command phrase to assume this form is Misura Media.

Third Form: Shriekshot takes the form of a siege arbalest. The arbalest is formed from Black Ash and the lath is reinforced with darkened steel bands to increase the power and range of the arbalest. The bolts are made of Black Ash and are tipped with Silvril to increase the distance. This form fires large bolts that are roughly 2 feet in length and the tips are about four inches. When this Shriekshot assumes this form it accompanied by a tripod with a swivel head on a spot of ground that Xalic designates. The arbalest has an effective range of about 600 feet. The reload time for the arbalest is about 30 seconds. The command phrase to assume this form is Grande Misura.

Xalic also has two gauntlets and greaves that can be counted as weapons due to the fact that they are made of solid Silvril with spikes to augment his unarmed kicks and punches. His gauntlets are made of overlapping plates that cover the whole hand, wrist, and forearm. The spikes cover the back of the top joint of the fingers and knuckles. The greaves are made of overlapping plates that cover the top of the foot and run up the shin and cover the knee as well. The spikes are placed along the top of the boot, along the shins, and some on the knees. The gauntlets also have a hidden, special feature. On the top of the forearm, underneath the plates, is a spring loaded hidden blade. The blade is roughly six inches long, and has a base width of one and a half inches and tapers to a point. When the plate closest to the elbow joint is given a twist of cuff, the hidden blade is released and slides out of a slit in the forearm armor close to the top of the wrist. To replace it, Xalic untwists the plate back into its former position and the blade will slide back into hiding.

His final set of weapons are several poisons. The main poison he uses is his own blood. His blood is a normal red color, but is swirled with liquid silver. His arlamental side makes his very blood deadly to demons. His blood causes roughly the same reaction as acid would to a human. Xalic keeps about 10 doses on his person in vials at any given time. The fresher the blood, the more potent it is. Blood just from his body has an instantaneous reaction of very strong acid. Blood that is two to three days old has a nearly instantaneous reaction of strong acid. Blood older than five days has a slow reaction of mild acid. Blood older than 7 days has no reaction at all. Xalic only uses two poisons other than his blood: a strong sleeping poison, and a paralytic poison. He has eight doses of the sleeping poison, and five doses of the paralytic poison.

The sleeping poison is for middle or small size demons. This will put an eight foot tall, 425 pound demon to sleep in roughly five minutes. A two foot tall imp will be asleep in about one minute. The paralytic poison is only for large demons. The poison will not affect anything smaller than a ten foot 425 pound demon due to the unique properties of the poison. The average time of effect is about 10-15 minutes.

Armor: Other than his gauntlets and greaves, Xalic does not wear physical armor. He wears a simple cut black silken shirt with the emblem of the Ice Goddess Mateus emblazoned on the right breast. Over this he wears a normal leather cloak for protection from the elements. For pants he wears simple grey cotton pants that are sturdy but don’t really provide any protection. He also has a pair of sturdy black leather boots. The greaves are separate from the boots, they are belted on separately. To finish his outfit, he has a wide leather belt with a loop for his whip, and a silver belt buckle with the name “Shratalnan” emblazoned on it.

Strengths: Xalic has spent most of his life so far perfecting the techniques and skills to use his weapons of choice: the whip, crossbow, his hidden blades and his unarmed fighting techniques. As such, he is an excellent fighter with those weapons. However, these are really the only weapons he has experience with, and with anything else he would qualify as a mere novice. He is a rugged individual, having spent most of his life hunting demons in either the wilds of this plane, or the wilds of planes where demons are known to reside. He is adept at surviving off the land while in the wilds. As a facet of his profession, he is also skilled at researching a person or creature, studying its weaknesses and habits to provide an optimal chance for a one shot kill making him a skilled hunter in most senses of the word, and is also adept at doing this undetected. Xalic also has the advantage of being at home in almost any environment, from the packed streets of a city, to the depths of the deep wilds. He is also slightly stronger and tougher than an average man of his size due to his arlamental nature, which makes him partly metal.

Xalic is also more resistant to many poisons. This is granted partly from his arlamental side, partly because he handles poisons as weapons and fights creatures that are often poisonous in nature. An additional benefit of his profession is that he has become adept at picking out demons that are in disguise or who are hiding. An added benefit of his Quicksilver heritage is that weapons of any silver metal do not harm him at all.

Weakness: Xalic is extremely attached to Cryia. He is attached to the point that he has even fallen in love with the sentience that the whip is named for. If Xalic is separated some how from Cryia then he will drop anything and everything else he was doing to get Cryia back. He has become mistrusting and paranoid because he fears that everyone is trying to take Cryia away from him. This makes it incredibly difficult to make friends with him and he is mistrustful of even allies that are genuine, often making him go it alone. A major weakness that he has is that if his magical defenses are breached the most of his body is completely unarmored. His arlamental toughness provides some defense, but a determined strike will cause him damage. He is also very weak against the metal copper due to his elemental heritage. Weapons of this type will burn him in addition to the normal damage it does, much as his silver burns demons. Copper will also nullify his elemental toughness, splitting his skin like it was normal human skin, and wounds inflicted by copper take twice as long to heal.

Xalic is also rather underdeveloped in the magic area. While he does have several magical tools at his disposal, only one would be considered a spell of any sort of power. This puts him at a severe disadvantage when fighting magic users, as his magical defenses are not varied enough to provide a complete defense. Another weakness of his is that he has a difficult time controlling his anger. He is susceptible to insults and taunts, and can be tricked into making errors of judgment with such methods.


Xalic does not use magic of his own; he instead channels his mana through enchanted tattoos on his body for a specific effect. Xalic does not have much mana on his own, hence the enchanted tattoos to give him some magical defense. Here is a list of the tattoos on his body:

Aegis: A pentagonal shield tattoo that is roughly five square inches in area. It is located in the middle of his right shoulder blade. The tattoo is normally a solid sky blue color. The more he uses it, the darker it becomes until it is solid black and can’t be used again until the next day or it has been recharged. When Xalic speaks the command word Difendermi the tattoo activates and a normal sized kite shield materializes in front of Xalic. This shield will then rotate around Xalic and deflect incoming physical attacks. The Aegis can take four normal power physical attacks before dissipating. Aegis is also smart enough that it will not tangle Xalic up. The tattoo has enough mana for two uses before a recharge or rest is necessary. Xalic can have more than one Aegis conjured at any given time, however an Aegis will expire on its own after 24 hours.

Diffusion Orb: Proteggermi, An orb tattoo of roughly three square inches in area. It is located in the middle of Xalic’s left shoulder blade. At a full charge, the tattoo is a deep crimson color. The more it is used, the darker it becomes until it is solid black and can’t be used again until the next day or it has been recharged. When Xalic speaks the command word Proteggermi the tattoo activates and a red orb the size of a basketball materializes in front of him. The orb will then rotate around Xalic and absorb incoming elemental attacks. Depending on what command word Xalic says, the Diffusion Orb can have several different effects. The normal command word makes an Orb that will absorb one of each of the four primary elements in spells before dissipating. Ergo, it will absorb one fire, one water, one air, and one earth spell before dissipating.

Diffusion Orb: Proteggermi Dal Fuoco, This command phrase conjures an orange Orb. The Orb will absorb four fire spells directed at Xalic before dissipating. It is the same as the regular Orb in every other respect.

Diffusion Orb: Proteggermi Dall'acqua, This command phrase conjures an azure Orb. The Orb will absorb four fire spells directed at Xalic before dissipating. It is the same as the regular Orb in every other respect.

Diffusion Orb: Proteggermi Dall'aria, This command phrase conjures a white Orb. The Orb will absorb four air spells directed at Xalic before dissipating. It is the same as the regular Orb in every other respect.

Diffusion Orb: Proteggermi Dalla Terra
, This command phrase conjures a green Orb. The Orb will absorb four earth spells directed at Xalic before dissipating. It is the same as the regular Orb in every other respect.

No matter which variant Xalic uses, he can get two uses out of the tattoo before it needs to be recharged or rested. Xalic also can direct the Orb mentally to allow a spell to pass unscathed.

Shadow Joining
: Xalic has an arcane phrase tattooed on the inside of his left forearm. It is in a black, spidery script, and when spoken aloud by Xalic, it grants him the ability to become one with any shadow he can see. The phrase reads: Diventare un con le ombre, ed ombreggiarmi dai miei nemici. After reading the phrase, the tattoo will disappear from his arm for 24 hours. This grants Xalic the ability to blend, and become, shadow for about 30 minutes. While in this form he can travel from shadow to shadow as long as they are touching. If they aren’t, he will lose his Joining if he attempts to travel to the other shadow. Xalic can also will the effect to lift.

Champion of Mateus
: A special tattoo granted to Xalic by the blessing of the Ice Goddess Mateus. The tattoo is a mosaic of the holy symbol of Mateus on Xalic’s chest. The tattoo is roughly eight square inches in area and is colored vivid blue. When Xalic speaks the command phrase Onoro Mateus attraverso la distruzione dei suoi nemici, several things happen. Firstly, Xalic’s body becomes encased in Silvril plated ice crystals in the style of heavy full plate armor, complete with helm. The armor covers Xalic from head to foot. The ice and Silvril that form the armor are made from divine magic, making them weigh nothing, but providing excellent defense against both physical and magical attacks. On the bracer portions of the armor, twin blades about two feet in length protrude from the armor above the wrist. They are formed of solid Silvril and are about four inches wide. Xalic also gains increased strength and endurance to about twice what his normal limits are. Also, he can not drown while in the armor, and is completely immune to ice and water magic.

The Champion of Mateus spell lasts for two hours. This spell can be used once every ten-day. The ice and Silvril that form the armor are divine material, and as such, are invulnerable to all but other divine materials and the strongest magics. The armor only grants defense against direct offensive magic. Mind affecting spells or other utility or miscellaneous spells can still affect him indirectly, as long as they are not cast on him. Using this spell also uses all of Xalic’s reserve mana for the day, as well as the mana stored in the tattoo. Xalic can only use this spell if he has full reserve mana, meaning he can’t use it if he has recharged any of his other tattoos that day.

Xalic does not have mana points per se; it is more of a mana well. Each spell requires a specific amount of his total of mana to recharge.

Aegis: requires ¼ of his mana to recharge to full charge from zero charge. Has a 24 hour natural recharge.

Diffusion Orb: requires 1/3 of his mana to recharge to full charge from zero charge. Has a 24 hour natural recharge.

Shadow Joining: requires 2/3 of his mana to recharge to full charge from zero charge. Has a 24 hour natural recharge.

Champion of Mateus: uses 100% of his mana to cast, and cannot be recharged by his personal mana. Has a 240 hour (ten days) natural recharge.

Additionally, Xalic can only use his mana to recharge a spell when it has reached zero charge. This means that he cannot use a spell once to bring it to half charge and then recharge it. He has to completely drain the tattoo’s mana before it will accept his mana as a substitute recharge.

Appearance: Xalic is a rugged looking human of 30 years. He is slightly taller than average and has a lean, muscular build. His hair is shoulder length, straight, and is a bright silver color. His eyes are normal except that the irises are silver as well. These are the only outward physical indicators of his elemental blood. He has strong features and looks like the type who would fight at the drop of a hat. His clothes are rather plain in nature, and he carries Shriekshot either in first form in a holster on his belt or in second form in a holster across his back. He has a segmented Silvril plated bracer on each arm that straps onto leather gloves and extends almost all the way to his elbows. Cryia is looped on his belt, which has a silver buckle with the word “Shratalnan” on it. Xalic has a scar across his right cheek that extends from the corner of his right eye down to his jaw line on his right side. The scar is always white, and looks to have been caused by a razor sharp item.

Xalic is handsome, in a rugged sort of way. He has a weathered, tan complexion, and is always clean shaven. He looks younger than he is, roughly 25 or so. He looks like he would weigh about 200 lbs, but is denser than he appears due to his elemental side.

When he activates the Champion of Mateus spell, Xalic gains a suit of powerful armor. The armor is formed of deep blue ice crystals that are plated with Silvril. Together, they form a crystalline suit of very streamlined plate armor. The armor includes: boots, greaves, a belt, chest plate, pauldrons, armguards, bracers, gauntlets, and a helm. The chest, bracers, greaves and helm are all plated with Silvril. The helm completely encases the head, except for the ventilation holes near the mouth, and is styled much like a medieval sugarloaf helmet. The place where the eye-slits normally are has been replaced with segments of translucent ice, to give total protection. There is a two foot long, four inch base width blade that extends from each bracer over the wrist. The blades taper to a point and are made of Silvril.

Personality: Xalic Uccisore D’Argento is a man of few words. He would rather keep his mouth shut and observe than draw attention to himself, which can be difficult due to his bad temper. Xalic weighs every move and never says anything without thinking it through first, unless he is angry. He is deliberate, but also decisive in his actions. Experience makes him coolheaded in most combat situations, but he is very awkward socially. Rarely does he know how to act around others and thus he would rather just avoid other people. He is very curt with others and has a small tolerance for stupidity. His patience is limited and he also has a short temper. He tries his best to control and mask his anger, to show no weakness that an enemy could exploit, but his wild elemental blood makes this very difficult for him. He is prone to answering insults with his fists, which can be deadly due to his gauntlets. He is intolerable of superfluous wealth and frippery, considering such things to be a detriment in life. Any funds he has received in his many contracted hunts, he has used on his equipment, for traveling essentials, and on living expenses.

Xalic is the kind of person who enjoys a good fight, but he rarely actually goes looking for a fight unless he is in a very foul mood. He is often perceived as a rude person, due to his taciturn nature and gruff exterior. He has an unrelenting grudge against couples, seeing it as unfair that they get the chance to be with the ones they love. He avoids couples like the plague, and the mushy, lovey couples drive him to near insanity. In day to day life he is the epitome of efficiency and economy, doing his tasks quickly and without error. When he contracts out for a hunt, that becomes his sole objective and he lets nothing distract or deter him from this goal. His single-mindedness can often be a bane to him, as he has often brushed aside the help of many who would have been useful to him.

In battle, Xalic focuses his attention on the most powerful opponent, trying to take it down as fast as possible. He doesn’t mind fighting dirty, since the demons he hunts have no issues with dirty fighting either. He will strike a foe from behind, or strike down an unarmed or unarmored opponent, and do it without a second thought. He does his best to avoid hurting innocents, but he realizes in battle that some bystanders may be hurt. He is not a particularly selfish person; he merely refuses to be deterred from his goals. Perhaps the strangest facet of his existence is, for lack of better phrase, his love life. He has fallen in love with the sentience in his whip, Cryia. He will do anything she asks of him, and will do it without a second thought. His main goal, other than to avenge his parents, is to bring the whip to life, or at least the sentience within it. These goals are what drive him on his journeys.

Biography: Xalic Uccisore D’Argento is the son of a Quicksilver Elemental woman and a human male. His father, Diego Frantz ‘Etsan, was a patrol man for the kingdom of Dreya and was on a routine patrol one day when he heard the sounds of battle coming from the woods beside the road. Readying a bolt in his Black Ash crossbow, he ran in the general direction of the sounds. Breaching a tree line that led to a clearing, he saw a sight of great carnage. Six bodies lay around a slender woman who was battling three other men. Diego did a double take on the woman, as she appeared to be made of liquid silver. Gathering his wits, he pondered the situation in front of him: he did not know this woman, but the men wore the markings of the well known Haragath Raiders. His mind was made up for him when he saw the axe of one of the men bite deep into the side of the woman. Her agonized scream sent shivers down his spine. With practiced movements, he took aim and shot the axe wielder in the back of the neck. The woman held her ground, liquid silver dripping from her hand that held her side. Despite her wound, she continued to fight.

Of the other two men, one turned and ran at Diego, who dropped the crossbow and drew his short sword. The man rushed him, trying to use his bulk to knock Diego to the ground. Diego sidestepped at the last second, snaking his blade out to bite deep into the man’s side as he stumbled by. Diego’s assailant dropped to the ground, wheezing pitifully from his newly acquired puncture in his lung. Diego quickly stabbed him in the heart, ending his life. He looked over just in time to see the last Raider bat the woman’s weapon from her hand, sending her tumbling down in the process. The Raider advanced slowly, a gloating expression on his face as he looked at his helpless victim. Moving quickly, Diego picked up his discarded crossbow and shot at the man. In his haste, the shot went badly, hitting the man in his shoulder instead of the head where Diego intended. The Raider stumbled, then spun quickly and glared in rage at Diego.

“You will die, worm!” The brute charged at Diego, who stood calmly, waiting. When the man was about ten feet away Diego snapped into motion and threw his blade end over end, straight into the man’s heart, who stood, dumbfounded, before dropping dead. Retrieving his weapons, Diego walked over to the strange woman and examined her. She had succumbed to unconsciousness, and needed medical attention fast. Struggling mightily, Diego managed to barely lift her deceptively slender form. He brought her to his home and nursed her back to health. Over this time, he discovered that the woman, Shratalnan, was a Quicksilver elemental. Over their time together, they eventually fell in love, and were wed barely a year after their meeting. Another year later they had a child, whom they named Xalic D’Argento.
Xalic grew up much like any normal child would. He did not inherit his mother’s Quicksilver form fully, merely having silver hair and eyes. This alone made the other children fear him, and he learned at a young age that relying on others only got him hurt. His physical differences ostracized him from others, with the exception of his loving parents. He became a loner and a fighter, answering insults from other children with his fists and feet. He discovered a liking for combat at a young age. He was enrolled in the Guard Academy when he turned 16 by his father, partly to help him learn the combat arts, and partly to try and keep him out of trouble. This did not go as well as planned, as the other Initiates took it upon themselves to make Xalic’s life a living hell. Diego found this to teach him almost as much as the instructors did. He became a merciless fighter in this time, taking any advantage offered and never giving any quarter.

Xalic completed his Guard Training and graduated with combat honors. Two weeks after his 18th birthday, Xalic left the city to visit his parents in their woodland cottage. Halfway there, he noticed a pillar of smoke coming from the direction of his parent’s home. A knot of worry clenched his stomach sickeningly. Running the rest of the way there, he reached his parents home to find it a smoldering ruin, with bodies of strange beings littering the ground around it. The creatures varied slightly in size, but all were over eight feet tall, very muscular, with dark red skin. Xalic pulled out his crossbow and loaded a bolt before moving to inspect the house. Xalic found one side of the house collapsed, but the other side still stood. Moving carefully through the broken door, Xalic inspected what was left of the house. Looking towards the door to the main room, he saw a pile of bodies strewn around outside the door, many with crossbow bolts protruding from their corpses. Xalic recognized them as his father’s bolts, and his worry grew tenfold.

Stepping over the many bodies, he went into the main room, and his breath left him in a rush. Propped up against the far wall, his crossbow still in his hands, sat the body of his father. Xalic ran over to him, kneeling by the bloody body. His father’s brown sightless eyes stared back at him, the glaze of death reflecting the dim light of the room. Xalic’s eyes began to water as a lump rose in his throat. “Father, I’m sorry. I will find who did this to you, I promise.” He kissed his father’s forehead and grabbed the custom Black Ash crossbow from his cold hands. Xalic also gathered all the bolts he could from the bodies of the strange red creatures. Xalic carried his father outside and set him on the ground in the front yard. Taking a long look at his now dead father, he closed his glazed eyes for good. Looking around, he spotted a liquid silver trail leading into the nearby woods. Clutching his father’s crossbow, he sprinted off to follow the trail of what he knew was his mother’s blood.

The bright silver trail was easy to follow in the midday light. The additional dead red skin made his job even easier. The trail wound through the thick woods for several miles before reaching a hidden waterfall his mother was fond of visiting. The sight that greeted him when he reached the waterfall made him stop in complete surprise and awe. The normally powerfully flowing waterfall was frozen solid, as well as was the pool at the bottom, which contained several frosty bodies that looked to have been caught in whatever it was that froze the area. Looking down the bank he saw his mother, lying on the bank of the now frozen pool. Xalic sprinted the few hundred feet and came to a skidding stop by his mother’s body. This time the tears came in earnest when he saw that his mother no longer lived. He curled into a ball by his mother’s corpse and wept for hours. His exhaustion from the events of the day and the eventual twilight eventually lured him into a fretful sleep.

From the darkness of his subconscious came a dream unlike any he had ever had before. It went something like this: His mother’s corpse stirred from the ground. Xalic tried to rise but he could not, instead being confined to lying on his back, looking up at his now standing mother. “Mother…what is happening? You are dead!”

“Yes, my son. I am no longer among the living. But there are things you must know, about me and about who you are. On my body you will find a talisman, one you previously could not see. You must take this and go to the far north, to the Ice Temple of Mateus. After this vision is over you will know exactly where to go. Present this talisman to the clergy you find there and tell them what has befallen me. They will guide and instruct you on what you will need to do next, as well as tell you many things about me you never knew. I am sorry my beloved son, that I did not tell you these things before. I tried so hard to protect you from your heritage, but I see now that it is time for you to embrace what you are. I know this is a lot to handle, but you are strong son, you always have been. And I have just one personal request for you…”

Xalic looked at his mothers face, watching the silver tears flow down her cheeks, and feeling his tears in response. “Anything mother…what can I do for you?”

She looked away, her pain obvious. “Bury me next to your father. He died trying to protect me from these Demons. This is all I ask of you. When you are finished, draw a line of your blood on our headstones, and the demons will not be able to desecrate our graves. This is all I ask of you my son. I love you with all my heart; you will do great things in the world. Goodbye.”

With those last words, Xalic felt himself stirring awake, the dream now nothing more than a recollection. The moon shone high in the sky, reflecting off his mother. Looking at her caused a fresh lump of grief in his throat. Looking her over, he noticed several things he had never seen before. On her previously normal looking belt, there was now a bright silver buckle, embossed with her name on the front. Also, on her right hip, there was looped a silver whip with a deadly looking metal tip. Grabbing these and putting them into his own bag, he stooped over and lifted up his mother’s body.

That night, under the silvery moonlight, he buried his mother and father in the front yard of their cottage. Xalic marked their gravestones as he had been instructed before grabbing his traveling supplies from the cellar and saddling his horse. He then left to travel to the far north, to the Ice Temple of Mateus, whose location seemed to have been burned into his mind. Two months of travel, four horses, and three bandit attacks later, he finally came to the front gates of the Ice Temple. The appearance of the place surprised Xalic more than a little. It looked more like a heavily fortified and defended fort than a Temple.

A guard swathed in heavy furs on top of the gate pointed his crossbow at Xalic. “Speak your purpose traveler. Be quick about it.” Xalic looked up at the man who spoke, examining him closely. He noticed under the furs that the man had silver eyes that matched the ones him and his mother had.

“I am Xalic D’Argento. I was sent here by my mother to speak to the clergy. Please direct me to them, it is urgent!” The gate guard straightened at the mention of Xalic’s last name.
Beckoning to a man at his left, the gate guard waved the gate open. “Come inside, quickly. The Cold Mother will want to talk to you.” Xalic entered the gate to the Temple. The guard beckoned him to follow and walked off at a brisk pace. Xalic left his horse to be stabled by the stable boys, who also had silver eyes under their furs. Xalic pondered this as he followed the guard through the Temple. Soon Xalic was hopelessly lost, and had to rely even more on his guide. After a few minutes they came to a door made of solid ice. The guard opened it and ushered Xalic inside. He found himself in a small room with a table and two chairs. On the opposite end of the room was another ice door. He sat at the chair as the guard left him alone in the barren chamber. He only had to sit for a few minutes before the other door opened and someone walked in. It was a slender woman in dark blue robes with silver accents. She also appeared to be made of liquid silver. “I am the Cold Mother. I am the ranking clergy member in this temple. So…Xalic D’Argento, your surname is known to me. I hear your mother sent you to find us. Who was she, and why did she send you here?”

Xalic told the Cold Mother the story behind what happened to his mother, and he also presented the belt buckle that belonged to his mother. The Cold Mother told him that his mother was actually a Demon Hunter, one of the elite warriors that killed the blood enemies of the Quicksilvers, the Demons. The Quicksilver people followed the Ice Goddess Mateus, who has been at war for millennia with the Blood God of Demons, Kralkesken. “And you, young Xalic, must inherit your mother’s mantle now. Your parents deserve vengeance, and we have resources and training we can provide to you to prepare you for this task. On our home plane, war rages unabated between our races and our deities. We are actually just a detachment that has been sent here to stop the progress of the detachment of demons that have been sent to this plane. So now is time for you to make a choice Xalic. Will you take up this thankless task?”

Xalic thought hard about all that he had been told up until this point. He knew he wanted vengeance, but he also knew that if he took up this task that this would be a lifelong quest, and that it would most likely mean his death someday. “I will do it. I will take any help you can offer, and any information you can give me to help me find the one responsible for the deaths of my parents.”

Xalic spent the next four years training in the compound, learning how to use his new weapons of choice: his father’s Black Ash crossbow and his mother’s silver whip. He also had a pair of gauntlets fashioned for him specially to use in close quarters combat. At his induction ceremony, he had the honor of being marked as one of the goddess’s chosen warriors: his whip that was blessed in the blood of Mateus gained sentience, and proclaimed itself to be named Cryia.

Over the next 6 years Xalic took any contract he could, and hunted demons constantly. The money he got from these hunts went mainly to improving his equipment, and getting him several useful magical tattoos, since he has magic energy, but knew no magic of his own. Over this time he fell in love with Cryia, and another main goal of his became to find a way to make the consciousness of his whip into a real person. His experiences made him into a rock hard person, his heart closed to all compassion he could feel for his enemies. He came back to the Temple on orders, to be inducted into the highest order of Hunters: the Silver Slayers. He left as soon as the ceremony was complete, finding even the company of his kin to be uncomfortable. The past two years have been spent following several leads on the trail to the demon that set up the contract on his parents.

Name: Cryia
Age: Sentience age: about 2 million years
Race: Icebound Angel Spirit that is inhabiting a silver whip.
Sex: Female
Hair: N/A
Eyes: N/A
Height: 15 feet

Weapons: She is a weapon.

Armor: None.

Strengths: She is very good at killing demons, seeing as she is almost solid silver or Silvril.

Weakness: Having no one to wield her. Also, her sentience resides in the blade on the end, effectively making that one part indestructible, but the rest of the whip is only as durable as a normal whip of the same kind. So if the blade is removed, the rest of the whip becomes effectively useless.

: The only really extraordinary thing about Cryia other than her sentience is her sense of the outside world. She can sense life in about a 20 foot radius around her, giving her a way to tell what is happening around her. She can also use this to tell Xalic what is going around him that he may not have perceived. She can sense creatures and people who are hiding or invisible unless they have specifically hid themselves from non physical senses.

Appearance: The handle is wrapped leather and it moves seamlessly into a silver mesh that is stitched onto a leather core. The majority of the whip is made in this fashion. On the tip of the whip is a five inch long, razor thin teardrop blade. It is two and a half inches wide at the base and tapers symmetrically to a tip.

Personality: Cryia has a very interesting personality. Depending on the situation, and what she perceives around her, she can have a very different outlook. She is first and foremost a weapon. She lives for combat, and this battle lust can have an adverse effect on Xalic, seeing as they are practically psychically linked at all times. When they are not in combat, she often feeds Xalic pertinent information about what she senses around them. This trick has saved Xalic’s life on several occasions. When it is just her and Xalic alone, usually when they are hunting, she tells him what she knows about the Ice Goddess Mateus, and what it is like on the plane where she was from. She also tells him stories about her life, and the many battles she has fought in the name of Mateus. They also speak of what they will do if Xalic manages to somehow get her into a physical body.

Cryia’s “voice” is a very seductive thing, even though she doesn’t mean it to be that way sometimes. This can make it very distracting to Xalic, and he has a hard time not listening to her. She knows she has this power over him, and she knows she is using him to her own ends but she figures the help she gives him is adequate payment for this. She does not have the feelings for him that he has for her, at least, not that she knows of. She has never felt the emotion of love yet.

Biography: The story behind Cryia actually starts millions of years before Xalic was born. The universe was originally all one plane of existence. The Uri-God disliked the chaos that was present on this plane of existence, so he ripped them apart and formed the planes as they are known today. On each plane he set two of his children to govern, setting it up so that they would keep each other in check and hopefully keep one or the other from becoming tyrants. On one plane he set the Ice Goddess Mateus and the Blood God Kralkesken to govern. This was a very bad idea, since these two siblings hated each other with a great passion, and constantly sought ways to kill the other. This came to a head after several thousand years of governing, when the Blood Demons, the favored children of Kralkesken and the Icebound Angels, the favored of Mateus, were set into war by the two deities. The war has been raging for millions of years since then, and many more peoples have been drawn into it, including the Quicksilver people. They were created on Mateus’ orders by the Angels purely for the purpose of killing Demons. They are the first genetically engineered weapon in the war between the two deities, created with the main advantage against the demons that the Icebound had discovered their weakness to silver.

Cryia herself was a high ranking Icebound in Mateus’ army. She was a brilliant tactician and troop leader, having led her troops to many victories over superior numbers or other disadvantages. Her campaign lasted for several decades until the Demons finally recognized her threat and sent several assassins after her. They succeeded in their mission, eliminating one of the greatest tactical minds in the Icebound Army. Mateus recognized her value and gave Cryia a choice. She could be granted her rest, or she could continue to serve as an Angelic Spirit, but she would be forced to stay in limbo there for the rest of eternity, never able to really rest. Cryia chose the latter, choosing to continue her service. She continued on in an advisory position, until Mateus came to her with a special request: to aid one of her champions on another plane of existence. Cryia agreed, and she was placed into Xalic’s weapon. Since then she has aided however she can in his hunting, and has even reached a new level of social interaction with him that she never really had before. She was surprised when she discovered that she trusted him, and had no fears in confiding to him. He has since become her first real friend.
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