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Re: Can I Really Help Anyone? (Sakume, Alti)

It was strange. This place... he almost felt as though he had been there before. A small, quaint cabin in the woods. It was almost something out of a fairy tale, except maybe a bit more unusual. The flower garden outside of the house was blossoming, and the man guessed that either spring was coming, or something else was triggering it.

Still, he wasn't sure what to except. Should I follow the fish? he wondered as he took a step towards the cabin, Or should I go somewhere else? The thought resonated in his mind for a while as he continued to move, subconsciously, towards the door. Before he knew what was going on, the man rested his hand on the handle of the door and opened the door.

There was truly no longer a chance to turn back. The door opened slightly as the man slid himself into the building. The man closed the door nearly silently as he began to look around.

It didn't strike him at first, but it seemed to call out to him as his eyes were drawn to it. The man extended his hand, looking a picture sitting on the fireplace. The picture was one of a green haired man and a blonde woman. This man... and his green hair... he looked kinda familiar, but the man still wasn't sure who this guy was.

The woman, however, he knew. He rested a finger on the woman's picture as a tear dripped onto the picture. This tear again.... what did it mean? The man was confused for a second but quickly looked at the door the fish had gone into.

The man took a step towards the door. Was "Selene" in this room? He wouldn't know until he entered. THe man extended his hand towards the door and stepped into the room almost silently. He hoped, beyond hope, that he wasn't disturbing her.
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