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Re: The Seal War's timeline placement is... there???

Originally Posted by Cukeman View Post
Who said the Sacred Realm needs to be opened during the Seal War?
Long ago, in Hyrule, a beautiful
kingdom surrounded by forests
and mountains...
legends told of an omnipotent
and omniscient Golden Power
that lay hidden.

It was hidden in a sacred
realm beyond the reach of men,
but one day a doorway to that realm
was suddenly opened
You've got to be kidding. Link was never sealed in the SR...
Nice try

Originally Posted by Zelda, OoT
After you opened the door of
time, the Master Sword sealed you
away in the Sacred Realm...
You're getting sloppy.

I don't see any concrete support
The scroll was set aside for the time when a great king would come
The last great king used the Triforce
A king was the one to set aside the Triforce
The scroll helps Link get the Triforce
No other person is mentioned with regards to either kingship or the Triforce

So either:

1) The scroll is wrong
2) The "great king" line is meaningless
3) Link is the "great king" (as he is the only male figure of significance)
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