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Re: Who hates or would hate uniforms?

Originally Posted by Mr Spork
Well, as a few people have said we have to wear uniforms in Australia. I finished school back in 2003 but sometimes I miss having a uniform....I need to get a life. Anywho, the good thing about uniforms is that you don't have to worry about what to wear or anything like that. You know exactly what you're going to wear and because you don't wear your casual clothes as much, they last quite a bit longer. You can still go to school without a uniform though. At my school, you just had to go and get a 'Pink Slip', a pink piece of paper that you had to show teachers if you weren't wearing a uniform. On it would be your excuse like 'Uniforms in the wash' or something like that. Sometimes teachers would require pink slip for the most trivial of things though, like wrong colour shorts. Most teachers didn't really care unless your entire set of clothes wasn't the uniform.
At my school we have green slips
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