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Re: Super Mario Sunshine

Originally Posted by Dread View Post
I think he's implying that SMB revolutionized platforming, SMB2 was the black sheep, and SMB3 is the one that is most liked
That makes more sense then, but it still doesn't really have any bearing on anything.
and he's comparing them to the 3d Marios because they're sorta similar that way. Plus, SMG2 has Yoshi, so SMW connection? Not that it means much.
But Sunshine also had Yoshi...
BTW, I've played SM64 and SMG, but not SMS, so I guess Sunshine is automatically my least favorite of the 3 main 3d platformers.
I actually haven't played Galaxy yet.
It's even sitting upstairs in the cabinet. I dunno why, I haven't gotten the urge to touch it.
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