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Re: The Well in Kakariko

Originally Posted by Mask Collector View Post
My Theory it's that Renado is descendant of the Sheikah, considering that he looks like a hylian/human could be that he's of mixed race...specially by the fact that he knows of Hidden Village...odd.

Nintendo sure likes messing with our heads.
Yeah, he probably is mixed race and has Sheikah heritage. I mean, how else would he get to inherit Kakariko Village? Ancestory, if you ask me. He seemed to know about Hidden Village, too, like you said.

There was Sheikah fortunate teller (red eyes, tear drop synbol on her forehead) in Twilight Princess, and she had the skin of a Gerudo.

I often consider the hole benath Renado's house as the former well enterence because it is a hole and, well, actually in the the village and goes underground, and connects to another hole in the gravyard. Like I said, they probably buried most of the well because of its nature (although, a few cetnuries is enough for time to bury it, anyway) and then... built a house there. Oh dear, it's the one-eyed man all over again. >_>
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