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Re: Your Country's Stereotype

Originally Posted by Cody View Post
You forgot the other major stereotype about Americans - that they think their world revolves around their country and thus can't point out other countries on a map. :3
I was shocked to discover this is partially true. But I also heard many Americans can't even point out America on a world map! That... I don't even know how people would be able to dress themselves.
The stereotype about Australians is largely a positive one, as far as I can tell, about us being tough and drinking beer and being friendly. People who are trying to annoy us don't use stereotypes to do so but rather ancestry - the whole "descendants of convicts" thing.
Don't forget boomerangs, kangeroos, shrimps on the barbie, and those other such trademark tchotchkes of Australia.
I wonder how many Americans realize how silly it is to point out that Australian descendants were considered British criminals when the descendants of Americans were British criminals on the scale of high treason.
But that's different, Americans were right!

Admittedly, I've never ever heard that bit about Australians being "criminals".

I also forgot about the thing where most people from the US think "America" refers solely to the United States (of America, not of the various other countries that have united states), when it is in fact the entirety of North, Central, and South America.

I say "American" because we have no freaking word to describe someone from the USA and it's just easier. Sue me. See what I did there?
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