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Re: Character List

I. Name: Neeko Ivlani Meleth

II. Gender: Male

III. Race: Rysme (A group of individuals who are capable of tracing their heritage back to the infamous Coquette [See my character Vana]Clans. However, in the modern world, this group of individuals tends to be the antithesis/competition of the female spies/assassins rather than respectful because of their connection. They are basically humans, and live the life of Gypsies.)

IV. Age: 23

V. Alignment: One of the many shades of gray, seeing as he lives in the moment. Albeit, he has a strong sense for what he deems good or just.

VI. Character Looks: Neeko has very angular/sculpted features. With a medium set, yet nicely arched brows that accent his chiseled nose well. Slightly pronounced cheekbones and a sharp jaw line create a face, which one would see in a masterpiece sculpture. A small hollow between the two features, that because of his tight tan skin, catches a small bit of light to cause his handsome face to seemingly glow in strong sunlight. His hair frames it all very well, giving an over all exotic, slightly mysterious, but good-natured look to the man.

His neck is considered long, only slightly though, and of nearly perfectly proportional thickness to the length, albeit some may say it is a tad too slender. It gives his voice the easy to hear tone of a performer, along with a smooth masculine tone that articulates words very well and is easy to understand. It leads fluidly into his strong, broad shoulder, with a clearly defined collarbone.

His arms, as with the rest of his body, are leanly muscular. Not huge, but well shaped. As is his abdomen, with a nice six pack and well-shaped pectorals, earned from the countless amount of training the man does, it is not a wonder he performs his tricks upon the street mostly without a shirt on. He has a small “inny” belly button, and pert, on the smaller side, nipples. When he does wear a shirt, it is usually open collar, with no sleeves, or long flared sleeves, tight, and flashy, either a red or golden color.

His waist is slim, yet proportional to the rest of him. With a light trail of hair from the bottom of his navel, downward. Because of the types of pants the man wears, tight fitting near the top, so they do not fall down, but sitting low on his waist, and slightly billowed at the bottom of the leggings for show, (But that can be tightened with a draw string for silence.), most of the time there is a goodly sized bulge in the front of the man’s pants. Under those pants there are lean muscled legs, with superb claves and thighs.

Neeko’ feet are nicely arched, with width and length that give him very good balance, and a nice stance. Mostly they are covered by hard-soled calfskin shoes, which are silent, and comfortable.

Eyes: The whites of the eye are stark, blue veins visible if looked at closely to be thrumming along the edges, just visible against the stark color of fresh fallen snow. The iris is ringed by a shade of red that is nearly yellow, bright and fiery. It is not really orange, but neither is it the other two colors. This accents the enchanting emerald green of the rest of the iris, mysteriously well. As one progresses unto the deep well of black which is the pupil, a few lighter rings of green appear about three fourths of the way down, like veins of quartz reflecting the color of a precious rock, contrasting the dark color of both the pupil and gemstone green iris.

Hair: Eye length black strands. Slightly wavy, it glistens almost blue when wet. Most of the time, it is parted slightly to the side, with his hair framing both sides of his face, but when dressing up or if he feels like it, Neeko dries his hair very well after washing it, so that it is almost perfectly straight, and puts it all to one side. This creates a very aesthetic look, with half of his face covered mostly by bangs. The hair upon the sides and back of his head is short enough for this not to look awkward at those places, but the shortness while his hair is in its regular position is not noticeable at all.

Height: Taller than quite a few beings, Neeko stand at a full height of roughly 6 feet and two inches

Weight: 175 pounds of lean muscle

Other: His arms and hands are adorned with the scars of his profession, although most are very faded, as it has been a while since he was just starting to learn.

VII. Personality:

Neeko is of quick wit, and quick tongue. Good-natured to an extent, the man takes pride in his skills. He is flirty, very flirty, with whomever he meets, even if he is a homosexual. Always seeking to earn a few more coins, the Rysme will leave the streets to do a private job, although it is not usually related to his street performing, but usually to be an “exotic dancer”.

Neeko is really loyal to no one besides the Empress, whom he strongly believes is the only thing that is keeping the world in a fragile state of peace that is currently held. Other than that, everything is up in the air.

VIII. History:

Born into a traveling band of Gypsies, Neeko grew up a free spirit. His mother was the band’s most valued acrobat, and brought in much money for his family. She is a very beautiful woman, and she is equally kind. His father was the blacksmith/woodworker/and cook for the band. Although he was nearly as good looking as his wife, he gained her love through his kind deeds, poetic words, and unadulterated love.

Neeko’ childhood was great, spending most of his time playing with the other children, being loved greatly by his father and mother; it was an ideal childhood. He played daily with the many animals that their Band had, either for livestock, recreation, transportation and trade. Him and the other children would spend much of their time simply playing tag, seek the hidden, or monsters. Many a time throughout the day, seeking his father for a treat, which he usually gave them.

As he grew a little older, the boy took interest in the jugglers. He spent more and more time with them, learning their trade for a while each day, although still spending much of his time playing and doing other things small boys do. And as he grew older and older, he spent more and more time each day with them, as all children do when they select a profession.

Juggling came easy to the boy, being a Rysme; his extreme dexterity and speed put him past the traditional balls quickly. Now quickly, mind you, is still a good amount of time to learn a craft. He was at the age of 14 when he started perfecting the clubs, and batons, and at the age of sixteen, he was just as good, if not slightly better than most jugglers in the Band.

Around this time, the Gypsies had stopped in a large city for a festival. There were a few other groups of traveling entertainers; one in particular had a young man that danced, with swords. Neeko became enrapt with this performance, spending much of his time, when he was required to juggle, watching the other youth perform, his hot sweaty shirtless body moving fluidly as the scimitars whirred around him in intricate patterns.

One day, about half way through the about three month festival, the other teen appeared while Neeko was juggling. At the end of his performance, the other boy, David an Arian at the age of 17, confronted him. He told Neeko he had noticed him watching him, and offered to teach the Rysme if he was willing. The rest of the festival was a blur. David was an adept teacher, and a handsome one. The two quickly became lovers, spending most, if not all of their time, together.

Neeko’ family was accepting, and did not mind at all, David sometimes spending the night in Neeko’ tent after dinning with the Rysme’s band, after the two performed together on the streets. But David’s family was a little less understanding as they had already arranged a marriage for the teen, to the daughter of a leader of another traveling group, that would unite the two.

Near the end of the Festival, David and his group merely disappeared, and Neeko never saw his first lover again. But he had gained valuable experiences, and a new talent.

Soon, his Gypsy band moved on, and he was performing his new talent, mixed with his old in a new city, and after a new town, and on and on.

At the age of Twenty however, they came to the Capital of Perizada. There, Neeko was taking a rest between his acts, when an elegantly dressed man approached him. He told him that his master, a wealthy man, wished to employ him in a private show. Well, the employer was a young man, about the age of 24. And he asked Neeko to dance, without his swords, and paid him in good sum.

And for a few nights in a row, the man hired him. This man, Parte by name, was attractive, in an almost feminine way. And soon, the two became lovers. And no longer did he pay the Gypsy, but instead treated him to lavish dinners, nice cloths, loving words, poetry. And the two became in love.

When it was time for his band to leave, Neeko did not. He explained to his parents his position, and how he wished to stay with Parte, and they were in love, they understood, and let him stay with a promise to see them at least once a year.

Parte and Neeko stayed together as partners for a long while, until the Mage, as Parte was a mage, accidentally turned himself straight with a potion. And although he still loved Neeko, he was not attracted to him. And the relationship quickly went down the drain, and the Gypsy went his own way.

Now bored merely with street performing, the man seeks a new venue for his talents, and is traveling the land in search of one.

IX. Weapons/Armor:
WEAPONS: An array of swords to meet his performing and defense needs. Nothing ridiculous like a giant Final Fantasy Sword, I prefer to limit my characters to the realm of reasonability… This doesn’t say there won’t be a sword made of fire or something when the need for such a thing comes. But, I tend to write weapon descriptions for my character at the beginnings of my posts.. For an example see any of Vana’s threads. ;D

ARMOR: Clothing

XI. Other Items:

-A small leather pouch tied tightly to his right thigh, facing slightly inward, that contains the man’s money.
-A small nap-sack that contains the necessaries, such as bread, water, a razor for shaving, a good length of thin rope, ect.

XII. Skills:

Since an early age, Neeko has trained in the art of dancing, and juggling with swords. This has given him extreme agility, dexterity, and reflexes. This causes the man to be as deadly as any trained swordsman, assassin, ect. With a blade, whether it be wielding one, or throwing one.

XIII. Weaknesses:

-Over thinks things
-Being Overly Attractive
-Tends to Show Off
-Poorly Schooled
-Gets caught up in the moment

XIV. Strengths:

-Street Smarts/Quick Wit
-Fast and Agile

XV. Likes/Dislikes

-Good Looking Men
-Dancing Music


-Pushy People

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