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Re: Who is still opposed to Voice Acting?

Yes, I do suck at explaining things properly.

In any game, the things that the player focuses on at any one time are the gameplay, music and graphics. As you play the game, you listen to the music and look at the graphics. The only times that you don't focus on these are when you aren't actually playing the game, which is also the time you "experience" Voice Acting. Surprisingly, "not-playing" the game actually takes up a very small minority of the total amount of time spent playing a game.

Originally Posted by Senap View Post
You could say that about any element really.

I mean, why should Nintendo even bother improving the 3D graphics and add nicer textures when they clearly don't contribute to the gameplay? Or take orchestrated music, which we both think should be in Zelda Wii; How does that contribute to the gameplay? High pitched violins won't help me slay that monster!
Music and graphics do more to enhance gameplay than VA, as gameplay is experienced at the same time as music and graphics, and without them, gameplay would feel dramatically different, whereas VA is experienced at a different time to the gameplay.

Basically, good graphics and music complement the gameplay, adding more to the overall experience that VA ever could.

Originally Posted by Senap View Post
So, here's the thing: Zelda is no longer a small and relatively unknown series that only needs good gameplay to survive. There are newer fans that expect a lot more from the game such as the story and as good graphics as possible. Now there are some fans (me included) who think it's time to introduce VA, and it's not for the heck of having VA or just because everyone else is doing it. It is because it does help tell the story quite a bit.
If you really think that a good story and a good way of telling it is so important to helping Zelda "survive", you must be really close-minded.

Originally Posted by Senap View Post
Heck, I'm playing Call of Duty 4 right now and they talk all the time in that game. All the freaking time. But there are no cutscenes to speak about, all they say is relevant to the story and actually helps you understand what the heck is going on. It is much more immersive hearing the characters speak than having to read their dialogue. On top of that, if you somehow don't understand what they're saying, it is nicely subtitled at the bottom of the screen.
Great! Now I have to focus on the VA and the text!!! As if reading wasn't hard enough already...

IMO, it's actually less immersive having a voice appear whenever you talk to someone, and it's trying to be heard over the tonnes of background noise at Hyrule Castle Town. But that's just me, hombre

Originally Posted by Senap View Post
There some things (ingredients or elements) that just need to be in a game nowadays if you want to attract more people than the core fans. Let's face it. the core fans alone won't help Nintendo make money, they need to attract all those other gamers as well or even non-gamers who also look for good graphics, music and story. It does feel like Nintendo is making a serious attempt to revamp the gameplay and focus on it. Even though the gameplay is vital for any game, it is just not enough for an adventure game. You need all the other stuff as well.
"People other than the core fans?" If anything, it's the core fans that are whining about wanting a deeper story and VA to go with it. In fact, it was these people who ruined TP, because they wanted a "realistic Link" in a game with a "deep story", and TP's story was arguably one of the deepest stories in the Zelda series, no matter how badly it was told.

Tell me, how many of those "non-core" people are whining about how Wii fit doesn't have the best graphics? How many people are whining about how Mario Kart doesn't have an epic story? What about the fact that original orchestrated music is a minority in SSBBrawl.

Gameplay is all that a good game needs, and it is complemented by good graphics and amazing music.

Originally Posted by Senap View Post
Look at Mario. Super Mario Galaxy has excellent graphics and awesome orchestrated music, but does it need those things to be a good game? No, absolutely not. But it does need those things to attract more people. And they need to attract those people so they can make more money. If they make more money, then they can make more Zelda and more Zelda makes me happy.
Mario Galaxy is the 6th best selling game on the best -selling console of this generation. As of now, it's sold about 1-2 million under Halo 3, which broke tonnes of sales records by itself due to massive hype and other things, and Halo 3 was released a couple of months earlier.

And Voice Acting and a good story is supposed to push it farther? It's supposed to make Nintendo more money despite the TMDS used up in the VA and the epic storyline?

As mentioned before, graphics and music accompany and complement gameplay, so yes, they are pretty damn important.

What are you on? It must be some good stuff

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