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Re: New Moon, Official Trailer!!!

Vampires in the Twilight books, aside from the Cullens, are the murderous type. In fact, at the end of book 2 I believe the big vampire leaders bring in a bunch of innocent children (I think that's who they were) and they imply that yah, they are going to murder and drink their blood. They kill and feed and that's pretty much all they do. So the vampires technically live up to your standards, yah they are different still, and I wish at least they'd have fangs, but oh well... The Cullens are the only exception, which is why I think the story is good. I like good conquering evil.

Like I said, I just pretend they don't sparkle. But, anyone watch Being Human? Those vampires can be in the sun and everything. I like that. Moonlight also has a different take, they can be in the sun, but it hurts them. I lean more towards the Moonlight aspect, to where they still mostly sleep during the day, but they can be out and about during the day too.
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