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Re: Link's Sexualality

Originally Posted by Zeldoom View Post
umm no. It was clear he had feelings for Ilia. Plus there was Midna/Link eyebrow raising moments.
True..TP Link as a normally matured teenager did seem to have feelings for Ilia and Midna for sure. But there is no evidence he has ever gotten laid by either of them.
Originally Posted by lugeasilver View Post
Man, if over 1/3rd of gamers are girl gamers, point em out to me so I can bang em.
Originally Posted by Valhelm View Post
polygamy is legal in Hyrule.
Originally Posted by ZeldaZealot View Post
No! Link will be a pedophile in the child timeline mark ZeldaZealot words!!!
Originally Posted by Beemnorv View Post
the Hero of Time was, technically, truly retarded.