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Re: Is bashing religion in general counter-productive?

Originally Posted by FooMan View Post
Too me, every atheilogical/theilogical arguement boils down to: chances are God exists/doesn't exist. To get to that point, you must site irrelevent information, as since it is unknown to wheather a God exists litterally, there is a one in one chance that you are right (or wrong).
I must object here. "There is no evidence for or against, therefore you can't argue." is a silly position. No one believes in Unicorns, despite the lack of evidence either way, just as no one believe in Leprechauns, Dragons, and similar.

So my question is, is it counter productive to bash religion as a whole? I think it is. If you disagree with the actions of certain religions, at least bash those specific actions and not that religion or all religion as a whole. I mean, if an exremest Islamic sect is threatening you with suicide bombings, bash their beliefs by all means.

What I don't get is atheists getting all worked up about any belief in a personal God. Thoughts?
Very few atheists care if someone else believes in god or not. However, if you're trying to convert others to your belief, or make patently false statements about proof of god, then I'd argue that you make yourself fair game.

As soon as you make a statement asserting that God is real, I'm now free to make a statement saying otherwise. Anything else would be, at best, unfair.

Originally Posted by Rew View Post
Bashing of any worldview (whether religious, spiritual, or secular) is counter-productive, and I would add, dangerous.
Not at all. The alternative is to never question anything anyone says; which means ignoring evil and never lauding good.

But I do agree with your main point, that atheists/agnostics/skeptics should focus their scathing critiques on those segments of religion that deserve it, instead of religion as a whole (well, speaking of those secularists who do rant against religion as a whole, that is). And likewise, theists must cease generalizing about non-believers as well and seek a wider view of things.

All in all, there is fault on both sides, and both sides need to cooperate to be able to understand each other better.
A key point of atheism is the statement that there is no god. As such any arguments made to endorse atheism have to tackle someone's religion as a whole.
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