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Dimitri "Demmy" Valentine

Name: Dimitri "Demmy" Valentine
Species: Human
Age: 28
Weight: 180 pounds (12.9 stone or 81.6 kilos)
Height: 6' 2" (1.88 metres)


Demmy was born with a genetic mutation that led to the eventual development of his most notable talent. Psychokinesis, in this case, is the ability to psychically interact with objects and remotely induce locomotion.

Over the course of his youth, Demmy has come to be rather adept with his psychokinesis. As he increased the precision and power of his skill, he learned to give his psychokinesis many different applications. The most basic of those applications is the manipulation of energy and matter, which in turn manifests itself as any number of other abilities.


Demmy's psychic energy weakens and is normally nullified in the presence of lead. He cannot interact with lead through psychokinesis and he himself is weakened if close enough to a significant amount. As such, Demmy is left defenseless to most firearms. On certain occasions, Demmy has been able to temporarily overcome this allergy. However, his ability to overcome his weakness to lead is seldom absolute and has not yet been anything but temporary.

Demmy appears to be a regular, 28-year-old male human. He has short brown hair, blue eyes, and is often smiling. He’s not incredibly tall, but his height fits his muscular physique. His skin, despite being white, is usually a slightly darker shade because of all the sun he gets.

He doesn’t carry extra clothes with him because he will usually just materialize new outfits as he needs them. Whenever he's in a town or city, he will sometimes buy himself some clothes just to wear something stylish. Normally, he just wears jeans and simple shirts or sweaters, depending on the weather.


Demmy is a sarcastic, lighthearted individual. He’s not generally serious about anything unless he somehow feels challenged. Aside from that, he’s usually only serious when it comes to training or improving his skills.

He’s not a bad guy. He’ll generally help people in need. However, he doesn’t believe in letting moral dilemmas stand in the way of what he wants. While he’s hardly ever malicious in his desires, he’ll refuse to let just about anything stand in his way.

Luckily, he’s pretty easy going. He’s pretty much always smiling. Not much concerns him and he doesn’t take a whole lot to heart. He won’t generally hold a grudge. Even when he dislikes someone, he just laughs it off and throws a sarcastic remark in their direction. He can sometimes be quiet and distant around strangers, but it doesn’t take him an incredibly long time to warm up to someone.

Dimitri lived a happy childhood. His parents had him shortly after their marriage. His father was 29 and his mother was 27. They tried for another child but were never again able. They adopted a baby boy when Demmy was twelve.

Demmy discovered his ability in high school and had a relatively easy time coping with it. His father was the first person to learn of his gift. His mother and brother learned after he'd been experimenting for a few months.

He moved out at the age of nineteen to attend university. Throughout high school, he'd excelled at math, biology, chemistry, and physics. He struggled through a full year of university on scholarships before making a long trip home for the summer.

Over the course of his first summer home from university, his parents divorced. His younger brother was eight at the time. Custody was given to their mother and his father left for a brief period of time. When he returned towards the end of the summer, he announced that he didn't want the house. He took up a job offer and moved to a neighbouring city.

Demmy returned to university for his sophomore year. His mother's bitterness towards his father coupled with the troubles he'd already been having the year before. Because of his abilities, Demmy had trouble accepting many things he learned during his studies and things he was taught during his classes. He dropped out towards the middle of the second semester.

As his abilities progressed and he grew more adept and knowledgeable, Demmy found it increasingly impossible to settle into a monotonous lifestyle. The more he developed his powers the more he wanted to develop them. With his abilities, it was relatively easy to survive while he searched for a purpose.

Demmy lost contact with his family over the next five years. After what had happened between his parents, his mother eventually just stopped talking to him. As a result, he stopped visiting home and ceased contact with both his mother and his brother. He continued visiting his father sporadically for a couple of years until an argument erupted over their family's situation.

Currently, Dimitri just wanders aimlessly. He doesn't feel comfortable staying in one place and cannot slow himself enough to adopt a typical human life. He jumps from area to area as he hones his psychokinetic skills, hoping to one day find a place where he is comfortable.
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