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Re: [Zorolo] Leonidas's training

OoC: Sorry for the incredibly long delay Zorolo. Hope you still remember me . Anyway, things should work faster now. New compy, all instaled and ready, steady internet connection, and I'm still on vacations. Training should go at a good speed for a while.

Leon just watched as he saw how the others were getting ready. They were ll wearing clothes and weapons he had never even imagined. All that while he wondered why Zorlo had sent him there. Looking around him, he felt somewhat out of place and league. Still, there was no use in complaining, ad this was probably a way to test his skills. Also, wasn’t Monroe the same guy who he had fought in the coliseum? Yes, it was him! It was the same guy. “Oh, well, we’re partners now no point in picking a fight.”

Having nothing better to do, he began to read the book the old man in the infirmary gave him. As he read the book, he was realizing more and more the usefulness of that knowledge. However, he couldn’t read for long. A few minutes after he started, the rest of the team was ready.

“We’re set kid,” Monroe said.

“Very well, where do we start?”

“Not far from here,” Replied Side-Winder. Leon turned and saw him completely changed. He was wearing a camouflaged uniform along with a small orange scarf on his neck. He also had lost of bags that were kept together by several belts. It was obvious he was carrying many things. “We just need to keep some robots busy as we evacuate some folks. It’s just a couple of blocks away, but we’re still going to use some transport.”

“Enough chat,” Monroe shouted, “Let’s move.” With that said, everyone ran and got on a black truck that was loaded with weapons.

It didn’t take them long to get to their destination. When they arrived, the doors of the truck opened automatically and everyone went outside. The young man only stared in awe as he saw many robots shooting everywhere like crazy. He just stood there, when suddenly a flash of light passed in front of him. He turned and saw how Side-Winder destroyed one of those robots with one shot. Side-Winder then turned and yelled at the young warrior: “COME ON! MOVE OR YOU’LL GET KILLED!”

That brought him back to his senses. This wasn’t the first battleground he was in. It was just different. He unsheathed his sword and rushed towards a robot ahead of him, who was facing the opposite direction. When he was close enough, he jumped directly above; he took off his sword and placed it under his right foot with the blade facing down. The impact upon landing was strong enough to let the blade cut through the metal and go in to the head of the robot. Leonidas somersaulted forward, took his blade out of the robot’s head, and went on to the next one. He knew he needed to get some strenght in his attacks to pierce that armor.

The fight went on for a while. After about an hour or so, the area was completely cleaned of robots. Not a single one was in sight.

Leon sighed out of joy. He was happy he had finally stood up to those things. Besides, He was teaming up with a special forces unit. Leonidas had always been trained to be an elite soldier and an army commander. Even though he hated using deadly force, he felt comfortable helping out like he was doing in that instant. Everyone was cheering up when Side-Winder suddenly wondered why they hadn’t seen any signs of Yvan in the area.

Suddenly a huge explosion ocurred in a nearby building. A female figure was sent flying, followed by a group of robots that jumped after her. One of them managed to catch her before she hit the floor and began to run away, followed by 7 companions.
Everyone knew who that was and wwhat was going on. They began the chace withouth wasting a single second.
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