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Re: Should I trade in my Wii and games for a Xbox 360 and games?

Don't decide based on online play. That's one of the most overrated aspects of gaming in general.

I mean, yeah, I have an X360 and I enjoy the XBL interface for the little things it offers, but if you focus just on the online for a system, then you're taking focus away from the games themselves. As most can agree, the X360 does have the best online, even though you have to pay to actually do online playing but that online won't matter when Sony offers the same basic thing, minus some features and may also offer the exclusive content that the customer wants. If a person has no care for online at all, the Wii certainly isn't a bad option since it offers some of the worst WiFi play you'll ever experience, even though games like Kart and Smash are still fun online.

However, the downloadable aspect of the consoles' online components really is up for consideration. XBLA, PSN, and WiiWare all have compelling software for download. And the Wii even has the Virtual Console if you don't mind paying a small fee to play older games. I've played the services and they do offer different experiences, so one shouldn't consider them all the same. You won't find Braid anywhere else than XBLA. You'll only find World of Goo on PC and Wii. If you look for Wipeout HD anywhere else other than PSN, you'll be disappointed. Etc.
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