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Re: Masturbation-Good or Bad?

Originally Posted by Forte View Post
It probably has something to do with the fact that a teacher only has to be well-versed in his/her subject. Don't call somebody an ingrate because they're not fully aware of every sexual fact. He could be a math teacher, and most likely, one who could math circles around you.
There's a difference between being "aware of every sexual fact" and being aware of something so hilariously basic that not knowing it warrants the use of the word "ingrate". Like "men have penises, girls have vaginas".

And I doubt a maths teacher would be that stupid. I'm willing to bet it was an R.E. teacher or something, who in this country at least would still be incredibly poor at their job since R.E. teachers are supposed to be teaching you what religious people believe, not trying to tell you what they believe or condemn your behaviour because it's in violation thereof.

...Headmaster?? I like the brits? Hope that's what you are. Or else I'll sound like an idiot.
Yeah, we don't use "Principal", they like to think they have authority here.

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