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Re: Vengance

Originally Posted by 8bit View Post
Perhaps someday we will stop focusing on revenge, and decide that rehabilitation is more important then hurting people more. However, there are quite a few people who are opposed to that concept, as you have already pointed out.
That is all well and good. However say something happened to someone that you cared about? If you, somehow, knew that it would never happen again would you not still fight for them to maintain a sentence in prison depending on the crime.

However I'm not really talking about drug trafficking but an actual assault on another human being. Drugs may ruin lives and they are punishable by law.

So the question is, if you knew that the offender understood what was wrong and would never commit the crime again would you be happy to see them released? Not only in drug trafficking but in the murder or rape of someone you loved?

That is what I mean by vengeance.

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