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Re: Abortion: Good or Bad?

Originally Posted by Beh View Post
Explain how believeing in the removal of a parasite from the body makes someone a sick bastard.
please tell me you're joking.

I believe that abortion, while not "wrong" in all cases, is a terrible thing. even if the woman KNOWS she doesn't want the baby and is sure that she needs/wants an abortion, it's not like
"Yippe skippy, I'm off to the clinic to kill my baby!!!"

you know what I mean? It's not something to go "oh yay abortion is great!"
I believe it is necessary to be legal.

At the same time, I wich I could punch the women who have unprotected sex simply cuz they're too lazy or stupid to use protection, and then go get an abortion (an ex co-worker of mine. gag.)
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