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Re: Fire Emblem - Coming of the FISH DOCTOR!

Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
It has the potential to be at least recognized though given that it's a Nintendo franchise. Their name bears a ton of meaning with how popular this series could one day be.
It'll always be a Nintendo series, regardless of difficulty. Non sequitur.

You're an unusual character, then.
No, I'm just a character who has played Thracia 776 with the AI set to Hard Mode.

I can't say anything for 8, still haven't played it and I've always heard a lot of criticism about it.

I don't know how much you let them become such an attraction, but I've played FE putting emphasis on Skills, and other times paying very little attention to them. Not much difference in my experiences with gameplay, difficulty, success etc. I think you make a bigger deal out of them than they actually are.
Nope. I really did not like them at all, and they constantly annoyed me. I used to hate it when Ike Aether'd someone. It always felt like cheating instead of winning on account of my tactics.

This is laughably nitpicky, now. The sheer discrimination and wiping out of an entire civilized, intelligent race should be plenty impactful. They don't need to be humans to have such heinous acts like that be disturbing.
Oh, yes, it was effecting. I just felt real humans would have done so much better than copping out with Laguz.

And really, if it were normal humans, there wouldn't have been any of the themes like the unity between the different races,
Yes there would. Jeff, people of different ethnic backgrounds and countries don't even get along in the real world, never mind the Fire Emblem world.

the different ways of life between the various Laguz,
People all over the world live in entirely different ways.

the barriers they had to break down while working with a completely different species (the humans).
No greater than the barriers of having to work with black people for many white Americans in the 1960s.

Having the Laguz offered motifs that wouldn't have been the same with normal humans.
Not true, as evidenced above.

Yeah, and Ike went from being an impatient, immature, reckless, kid in PoR to being a leader by example in RD. He didn't need to be an Alvis to show such notable change, now you just sound like an elitist.
Every single Fire Emblem Lord ever goes through that change. An elitist? Not really, I just appreciate quality character development in my games, not kid to man cardboardism.

No, but his overall character premise, his slow, gradual ascent to being a leader, his blunt and fiery diplomacy, and just the difficulty he had being a leader was realistic.
All of the Fire Emblem lords have difficulties being leaders. Again, this is no new thing. Also, all of them have gradual ascents to being a leader. Ike didn't do anything any other Lord hadn't done before.

Plus, for once we didn't a royal priss that no regular gamer wouldn't have a chance to relate to. Ike's far more like the average human than any Sigurd or Marth or Roy.
Sigurd was the lord I have empathised the most with throughout the series. A royal priss? Better than a common prick.

For the most part, JRPGs have get teenaged emo characters.
As I said, too many ****ty RPGs. I like to play good RPGs.

A few gems like Dragon Quest and Rogue Galaxy didn't have it, but they're in a minority for Eastern RPGs, as that's just a character trait that isn't minded as much across the Pacific. Western RPGs luckily avoid this far more often, if not, always.
Also, none of the Fire Emblem lords have ever been emo, so this doesn't really make Ike special.
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