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Re: Why the XBox 360 is the worst console

I'll do this two ways. The long way, and the short way. One will be eloquent and detailed, the otherill be sharp and explicit.


Originally Posted by Vomitman View Post
How many times have you been on the internet and saw someone ranting on and on about how the Xbox is superior to the Wii or the Playstation 3?
Many times. Great, isn't it?

And how many times have you disagreed?

If you disagree, welcome to my world.

If you agree, open your eyes for a second.

Let’s think about this.

This console is one of the most overrated INVENTIONS in existence.
Opinionated, requires source and or factual evidence.

For one, every “good game” for it is either on other consoles too or is a shooter!
What if I happen to like shooters? Also, if we assume a good game to be anything scoring above 90% on Gamerankings, this applies to kost of the other consoles as well. The Wii has two exclusive 90%+ titles (Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros Brawl, as Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition, Okami Wii, and Twilight Princess Wii are all ports), and the PlayStation also has two (LittleBigPlanet and Metal Gear Solid). Compared to both of the other consoles with two exclusives, the XBox 360 has four (Gears of War, Gears of War 2, Halo 3, and Mass Effect), double that of the other consoles, and equal to both of them put together. You cannot say the XBox360 is lacking in exclusives without bring hugely hypocritical.

And, although three of those four are shooters, Mass Effect is an action RPG, proving that not every game that is exclusive to the Xbox is a first-person shooter.

“Bioshock!” On the PC and PS3.
Of course it is on the PC, after all, Microsoft makes both. The PC, however, isn't primarily a gaming console, and shouldn't really be compared to the consoles.

"Okami"! On the PS2.

“GTA IV!” On the PS3 as well.
"Resident Evil 4"! On the PS2.

“Fallout 3!” A revival of a franchise that should be past its prime and should’ve died 10 years ago, and it’s also on the PS3 and PC.
Stating that Fallout is a dead franchise is largely pointless, when it is obviously not dead. It is critically well reviewed (93.202% on GameRankings, making it objectively the 58th best game of all time), and still sells incredibly well. I find it difficult to imagine anything less dead.

"Twilight Princess"! A revival of a franchise that should be past its prime and should've died 10 years ago, and it's also on the Gamecube.

See how annoying it is? Very easy to make amazing games sound ****ty, isn't it?

“Halo 3!” It’s an overrated shooter that’s incredibly repetitious, boring, and has too little maps on multiplayer.
Over-rated is opinionated. While I can't fault you for saying that, I can state that not everyone has to take it as fact. Has too little maps? Again, opinionated. In my opinion, there are a suitable number of maps for my needs. Find an objectively bad point about this game that over 50% of people will agree was bad, and you may have a point. Too few maps? Get off the stage.

For whatever game you could bring up that’s supposedly “good” for the Xbox, there’s plenty of counterarguments.
For whatever game you could bring up that's supposedly "good" for the Wii, there's plenty of counterarguments.

For example, Halo. It’s a sci-fi shooter that has this alien race taking over Earth and planning to unleash some kind of “flood” that will wipe out humanity. Boring.
For example, Super Mario Galaxy. It's a psychadelic platformer that has this plumber eating magic mushrooms before fighting a magic dragon turtle. Boring.

Don't you just love opinions?

Everyone says the multiplayer is great, but I don’t know. There are too little maps, and they all aren’t expansive enough. The expansion maps don’t help at all.
This is opinion AGAIN, rather than fact. Please learn how to debate.

Now, let’s talk about hardware problems, because I have a lot to say.

One of the things that always makes me not want a console is when I have the fear of it crashing out on me every few minutes! I’m serious, my brother’s Xbox is always cooled down enough, and all I ever play is either Duke Nukem 3D or Contra, yet it still crashes on me. When the thing red ringed us maybe in August of last year, we had to wait about 2 months until we got it back. The first time, we sent in our hard drive because the tech representative said it was a problem with the hard drive. Then, we sent in the console, and when it came back, it didn’t red ring us, but I still get the crashes whenever I play a high tech game, so I usually stick to Xbox Live Arcade games, usually Duke Nukem 3D or Contra, as I stated. There are also a large number of problems with updates “bricking” consoles, the disc trays not functioning, overheating, and constant freeze ups. The Red Ring of Death also is reported to have happened on approximately 30-50% of all Xbox 360s purchased worldwide (that’s 8.3 million-11 million consoles, people.) But, hey, what do you expect from a console that was first produced about nearly 2 months before launch day?
Bull****. Only 3-5% of all XBox 360 consoles have been reported to have experienced these problems. Source: Microsoft responds to Watchdog // News

That's 660000 to 110000 consoles, which is hardly that much at all. You just got unlucky.

Speaking of hardware problems, the Xbox 360 is also the least sturdy, in physical terms, compared to the Wii or the PlayStation 3. When G4TV’s X-Play ran a test on which console was the sturdiest, they kept one of each running for about 48 hours, and the Xbox 360 cut out about 2 hours into it, the Wii cut out about 24 hours into it, and the PS3 still worked after the 48 hours.
If you play for fourty-eight hours solid, you have problems. Also, I require a source. Please link to the article.

Contrary to popular belief, the Wii and PS3 are underrated and undersold compared to the Xbox 360,
Because obviously, outselling something by 12.55 million units is considred underselling.

Because obviously but the problem is so many fanboys keep labeling the thing as the “best console EVER!”
This is opinion. They are free to their preferences.

whereas I find this is one of the worst INVENTIONS ever, only second to the Nintendo Virtual Boy.
Good for you.

Combine a number of “good games” that are also on other consoles, a very unstable console, about 10 million fanboys, and what do you get?
The Wii.

The over-dominance of the Xbox 360.
Over dominance? It sold 22 million units, compared to the Wii's 34.55 million.

Please, support me and millions of others. Don’t be fooled into thinking the Xbox is good.
Please, support me and millions of other. Don't be fooled into thinking Barack Obama is good. Vote McCain.

Vote John McCain.

I'd just like to say, thank you, Vomitman, for once again decreasing my faith in the state of humanity, and for spouting more **** than bulls on laxatives.



Have a nice day.

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