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Sore Winners (Another Little Rant)

"I challenge YOU to a game of Smash Bros.!"

The guy who issued the challenge to you may be a putz, even notorious for poor sportsmanship, but you know with every fiber of your being that you can beat him, so it's on!

Later that evening, the guy who challenged you proves to be tougher than you thought, which is great since you're having a blast and it's been so long since you've had a tough match. Who cares what people have been saying about this guy? He's great! You've might even have made a new friend!

The match continues as you build up a sweat and your controller starts to become slippery. Intense concentration is needed as you tap into higher levels of skill than you're used too, which makes it all the more fun. Now, it's down to the wire! You have one stock a piece, and both at high percentages of damage. One false move and it's all over for you. Suddenly, your opponent finds a small hole in your defenses and pulls a quick move which sends you plummeting to your doom!

You have lost!

You enjoyed the match so much that you didn't really care if you won or not. You've met your match, which makes your day since you now know someone around your skill level that you can play Smash with. Grinning, you congratulate the victor, offer to shake his hand, and ask if he'd like to play you again sometime.

"What?!" he replies. "Why on earth would I ever play you again? You suck! I beat you, which makes you a loser! You were so easy to beat too!"

You know that wasn't true. With the way he was acting during the intense match, you knew that he was on his toes and ready to kick the bucket himself.

"I won! You lost! I rule! You suck! Nyah-nyah! Get out of here, loser!" His gloating continues even when he kicks you out of his house. Ticked off at his unsportsmanlike conduct, you leave without even looking back. You should have listened to your friends when they warned you about this guy.

As you head home, a quote pops into your head:

"If there's anything worse than a sore loser, it's a sore winner."


That's so true, isn't it?

But you're probably asking...what is a sore winner?

To quote Urban Dictionary, a sore winner is "someone who wins and spends far too much time gloating over it, to the point that the rest of the people feel poorly about even participating. "

The person who beats you and continuously rubs your nose in it. The person who thinks he/she is better than you from just a single match of whatever it is you were playing. The person who won't stop gloating as if this single loss labels you a loser forever.

And here's an amusing YouTube video that I found.

The ways described so far are just a few ways to be a sore loser. Ever see those street raids that happen after a Super Bowl game? Some of those are caused by mobs of fans of the winning team. Heck, after the an important high school football game in my town that the team won, people took our pumpkins and smashed them on main street. Well, we may have been giving them away, but still, you get the point. That wasn't cool.

Some people may argue that since someone beat you, they earned the right to gloat about it. I argue... So what? Gain an ounce of humility and be a good sport about your victory.


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