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Khaz Serwen

“Death is the road to awe.” ~ the Fountain

Name: Khaz Ira Serwen (kh-az s-AIR-win)
Alias/Title: Takai (tah-k-eye), Sir Serwen
Occupation: Knight of Queen Zelda Nohansen's Royal Guard

Date of Birth: Month of Shadow, 31st day, 2030 HC (October 31st)
Age: 20
Apparent Age: 22-23ish
Zodiac Sign(s):
Sun: Scorpio
Moon: Scorpio
Rising: Scorpio

Species: Hylian
Sex: Male

Hair: Black
Eyes: Midnight-Blue (Example)

Height: 6 ft (183 cm)
Weight: 180 lbs (81.6 kg)

Head – His friends often like to tease him and call him the “Pretty Boy.” Khaz has an attractive heart-shaped face which he has often exploited. Khaz has a boyish charm about his looks, yet not precisely childish. He doesn’t look as a teen anymore, yet his features aren’t strong in “manliness.” Yet neither is it strongly androgynous. This does not mean he doesn’t look his age.

Takai's pic. Drawn by me, colored by Lio ^^
Khaz's pic. Drawn and colored (crappily) by me.

Though Khaz tends to have more exposed spirited eyes that are often curious in nature. The first example seems to fit an expression of Takai, Khaz’s other, often dormant, personality, more. In which, his eyes gain a more narrow and piercing quality that tends to frighten others to their core (more details in Strengths). It lacks the more innocent and naïve nature of Khaz’s expressive eyes. The intense darkness of his blue eyes always makes it easy for others to feel drawn into them. They’re like that mysterious dark place of the deep, deep ocean depths. They are so dark they seem black unless proper light strikes them.

His hair is coal black, smooth, and nearly flawless. It’s odd in the way it’s always messy even when Khaz used to attempt to brush it and make it lie flat. It grows out like that, up and all over the place in clumps sticking out at odd angles. There’s one section of his bangs that always falls just over his eye. He no longer bothers attempting to tame it.

Some Hylians are known to have facial hair and others simply never gain any. Khaz is the latter. He will never have a beard even if he wanted one.

The darkness of his hair and eye color stands out beautifully against the paleness of his skin. It’s odd that it is so pale, for Khaz had spent seven years living in a desert yet never gained a tan during any of it. Yet it is not a deathly pale. His skin is beautiful and smooth, always tempting those attracted to have an excuse to touch it. There are no scars or blemishes of any kind on his face.

He is a Hylian, thus his ears are pointed and strangely longer than a normal elf’s are known to be.
Body – Khaz’s body is just like his face with no scars or discolorations, despite his active life in war and battles. This is because he was often surrounded by gifted healers such as his sister, who could heal any wounds without leaving a trace of them left. He lacks chest hair, due to being the type of Hylian that is less hairy than the usual human male is. His dark hair can be found in his arm pits, pubic hair, and an unusually small amount on his legs.

He has a lean athletic body, toned and hardened for he is a warrior that has been training since he was eleven by the Gerudo. He’s not lanky or too thin, yet not bulky and big in muscle. He is stuck somewhere between muscular and lean, lacking body fat thus his muscles are attractively defined. His body is obviously that of a younger twenty-year-old’s. More developed than a teen’s, but he’s young still; males are often not completely finished developing until around the age 25.
Clothing – Khaz’s outfits can vary just like anyone’s, but he left Hyrule and has been stranded in one. He wears a dark blue tunic that matches his midnight eyes. The neck of it is a v-shape and has black strings weaved back and forth between the gape of the collar. It has short sleeves that stop about five inches below his shoulders, partly covering his biceps. The long shirt drapes down pass his waist and reaches about 9 or 10 in (23-25 cm) down. A black leather belt is used to secure his tunic around his waist. The buckle of this thick belt is a silver metal.

Under his blue tunic is a white undershirt. Its sleeves stretch out of his tunic and stop at his elbows. It is also visible between the gape of the neck of his shirt. On his toned forearms he used to have two black leather gauntlets. Now he has two black talon gloves (see Weapons for description).

His pelvis and legs are clothed in black cloth pants. These are somewhat loose and baggy for comfort in battle. The black leather boots on his feet reach up 4 or 5 in (10-13 cm) above his ankles. Khaz's pants are tucked neatly into them. On a second dark brown belt around his waist are two black sheathes for his short katanas.

Talon Gloves - A pair of black gauntlets, made from a wrought metal that seemed stylized in the way it had been crafted. They are large enough for Khaz's hands, and slightly adjustable, but did not cover them as thoroughly as true gauntlets. These are talon gloves, metal frames designed to lock over the hands and wrists, protecting the back of the hand with metal bones while leaving the pad of the hands exposed to the air. Each of the fingers and thumbs was covered in more complete armor, and also ended in a sharp claw, about half an inch (3 cm) long. Although these talon gloves seem to be crafted of iron, they are too light for that, being just more than half as heavy as iron should be.

Around the wrist of the left glove is a sheet of black, metallic liquid that covers half of Khaz's forearm. On the right glove is a long rectangular slot, in the middle of the back of the hand, which was fused to the metal bones of the glove. This slot continues between the middle and ring fingers of the hand. Both talon gloves ware padded on the inside with black silk, to keep them from chafing against skin or another glove.
Spoiler: Info and Abilities  
The talon gloves are made entirely of different types of shadowstuff. The gloves are shadow, in the form of metal. The blade is shadow, in the form of amalgamated anger, pain and chaos. The shield is shadow, in the form of a liquid metal, and the silk is shadow, in the form of silk. The shadowstuff that the gloves are made doesn't make noise. Even if struck with a metal object. The other object might make a sound, but not the gloves. It's a creepy metal.

The pool of metallic liquid on the left wrist moves and reshapes itself. It can take on a variety of shapes, but simple shapes like shields are the most effective. When the liquid is not in use, it goes back to being a wrist guard. The material looks liquid, but does not behave like a liquid. It resists impacts like a metal would. If it cracks or breaks, that doesn't last long, because it melts back together. Removing a piece from it doesn't happen, because removed pieces will crawl, slither and surge across any distance or surface to rejoin the liquid. So, it behaves more like an intelligent liquid-solid polymer. He could also make blades with it, or many other shapes, but it is supposed to be a shield.

The claws on the gloves are for scratching and slashing peoples, and they can be retracted back into the metal of the talon gloves. The weird slot-like thing on the right glove creates a long, scythe-like blade of silent, crackling black energy. It seems to be constantly moving. The lines of the energy are static, fuzzy, as if were unstable. The blade is flat and distorts light around it like you would expect heat to. The blade that the glove makes is 32 in (81 cm) long. The blade does not hurt its wielder at all, even if Khaz were to try hurting himself with it.

When the blade cuts into things, it distorts them. It is very sharp, but causes the flesh (and other materials) around the cut to melt, flow, writhe and boil. (The black energy can melt through inferior metals, such as average weapon steel. But it cannot melt through more superior forms of metals.) The materials caught in the energy will even flow together and then re-assume their nature solidities in the form of eddied mixtures of one another. This is hideously painful. The chaotic wound effect can be resisted, but it takes incredible personal fortitude to do it. Like forcing yourself to stay sober after drinking a pint of old whiskey. Pending, of course, that you’re a normal adult human, and not some kind of fantastic being. Due to the nature of this energy and its effects, wounds caused by it are extremely difficult to heal, even with magic. He can also warp the blade's shape to form other kinds of blades, but it will always be a blade of 32 inches long.

If Khaz grips another weapon, then the glove changes the hurty part of that weapon into this same sort of energy. Bladed weapons will continue to slice through things, but whips and bludgeoning weapons will cause rippling shock-waves where they strike, which have the same effect as bladed weapons, without pushing the energy into the victim.

When worn, the talon gloves confer knowledge of how to use them onto their wearer. This includes knowledge of how to effectively wield the scythe-like blade in combat. This knowledge is conferred through intuitive knowing.
Wakizashis - Two short katanas in other words, with normal black hilts. The steel blades can't be more than 1’ 4” (41 cm) in length. The hilts are 6 ½ inches (17 cm) long. There is a slight curve in the blades.
Armor: Nothing except his black talon gloves.
Carried Possessions: Khaz is known to be seen with a pack containing money, food, a bed roll and more, a black traveling cloak around his shoulders.

  • Khaz possesses very little magic ability if any, except when Takai is awake.
  • Often can see the spirits of the dead, as well as communicate with them, act as a medium, and is especially sensitive to energy concerning death, darkness, and decay. However, this is an area Takai has the least experience in using. Takai is capable of sensing nearby dead spirits and also intuitively knows the exact details of such spirits' deaths. Takai will also know if people died in the immediate area he is in, or if someone came very close to death in that area, or if someone he is deeply connected to emotionally is dead or almost died and the details of these deaths. This is all that he is aware he can do when it comes to death and the dead so far. There is probably more that he has yet to discover.
  • Takai can sense auras. He is very sensitive to the flow of energies and magic. He can analyze them with almost other worldly accuracy.
  • Skilled in dual wielding his two blades, ambidextrous, and has some experience in hand-to-hand in the Gerudo’s style.
Shadow Master - Takai can summon shadows of great negativities that haunt the world. He can wield them in five different ways.
  • Darkness Intellectus – Takai is always in tune with the shadows of the area he is in. His awareness can extend for miles, upon miles. He hasn’t really tested how far he could travel with his mind. If there aren’t enough shadows connecting the places he can be limited to that particular area. He will know everything that is cast in shadows and darkness. Everything that the darkness touches, he will know the past and present of. “For beings with intellectus, all reality exists in one piece, one place, one moment, and they can look at the whole thing. They don’t seek or acquire knowledge. They just know things. They see the entire picture” (278 Turncoat, Butcher). Unless he is standing in the shadows themselves, he will only have a 100 yard radius, the shadows in that area he will be able to garner information from.

    He must also know to ask the right questions. Takai will not always be able to consider everything. This is not an omniscient ability. “The being with intellectus has to be focused on something via consideration in order to know it, whereas an omniscient being knows all things at all times” (278 Turncoat, Butcher). Intellectus wouldn’t save you from an assassin’s bullet if you didn’t know someone wanted to kill you in the first place. To know it was coming, you’d first need to consider the question of whether or not an assassin might be lurking in a dark doorway or on top of a bell tower (279 Turncoat, Butcher). “And since beings of intellectus so rarely understand the broader ideas of cause and effect, they can be unlikely to realize that a given event might be an indicator of an upcoming assassination attempt” (279 Turncoat, Butcher). This is often how Takai can walk through darkness without any kind of special sight. He simply knows where everything is and where to place his feet.

    The intensity of darkness and shadows can affect the amount of details he can gather when he asks the shadows questions. That is to say, if there is enough light, it can obscure the shadows, and thus their ability to "see" and give Takai answers. It is like having blurry vision. They can detect the general shape of an object but not the finer edges of details of it. The shade of a tree from the burning sun of a hot summer's day would be enough shadow to at least tell Takai the general picture of what could be under the tree in that shadow, but they would not be able to give any finer details. However, these patches of faint shadows can still act as bridges to deeper shadows, which can still carry information from these deeper pools to shadows to Takai. This is how Takai's reach can extend miles if the network of shadows remain uninterrupted.

    It is also important to note that the kind of information the shadows can gather are on a very physical level. They cannot read the minds of the people who are in the shadows. They cannot discern their intent or feelings. However, the shadows can gather whether that person is crying physical tears down their face or if they are screaming or if their bodies were hurt and exactly what way they were hurt and exactly what was physically done or has been done to their body while they are covered in shadows. Shadows can discern whether or not blood was spilled on the ground or even on hands in the places where shadow covers. However, if a person's body is outside of the shadows, the shadow cannot gather anything about the person's body and its physical history. Only when that body is within shadows. However, one could say that clothes on a person's body make shadows underneath the clothes, which is true, but light can still obscure the amount of details they can get. It depends on how permeable the clothes are and how much light is able to penetrate the clothing to obscure the shadow underneath.
  • Intimidate – The surrounding area will darken unnaturally. The shadows attempt to overwhelm his enemies and make them tremble uncontrollably. The shadows often suck the warmth and energy out of the air. It either stuns his prey or frightens them away. It all depends on the individual’s reaction to intense and overwhelming fear. It tends to summon up the hopeless and doubt filled feelings of his victim. The effectiveness of this ability depends on their level of resistance to shadow magic and the strength of their will and courage.

    As a note, this ability appears to be a natural part of Takai’s own aura which can bubble up when he is feeling dangerous.
  • Shadow Gauntlets – Takai can take the shadows and often wraps them around his hands and forearms to create demonic looking shadowy black hands with claws. These can rip through flesh, bone, steel—almost anything and also provide his hands and forearms protection from being damaged. These shadows seem to reach deeply into an object's particles on what would be considered an atomic level and cut them apart. This is why he can rip through nearly everything. They tend to rip through weak magic and enchantments, dispelling, even absorbing magical and energy attacks. However, they are weak against things such as light magic which it cannot absorb.
  • Shadow Rip and Grip – This is the overwhelming assault of the shadows leaping up and ravaging Takai’s victim. Imbued with his energy, they tear, bite, and claw into the person, ripping them as his Shadow Gauntlets can. Shadows that Takai possess become darker and almost like a black tangible plasma but almost as ephemeral as smoke or ghosts. It is unaffected by blades or arrows that attempt to cut them. Such physical things go through them or bounce of the force of Takai's energy that gives them life. Also like Shadow Gauntlet, these shadows are able to absorb and dispel all magic and energy except ones that are of a light nature and create light. A very powerful attack of which if to be survived one may be needing light energy or magic to repel them or have a companion who does close by. One may attempt to dodge and out run them, but they leap out of every shadow, thus one would have to find a place of no darkness to escape. It happens so fast it may be too late.

    Sometimes, when the shadows are able to latch onto it, they rip into the body in very tiny little holes all over the intended limb, appendage, or the entire body. These are so small they are like bug bites. Through these holes, they will cut through, almost tunneling through the body. This process is extremely painful, for the victim can feel everything that is being tunneled and ripped through. Takai can control how fast this is done and for how long. If he wants them to feel more pain, he will draw it out longer. Eventually, shadows will have invaded it and on his command can come bursting out in all directions, exploding and tearing through the limbs and/or body. There are plenty of other creative ways Takai has used these shadows.

    Aside from being destructive, these shadows can also act as extra hands, sometimes wrapping around and holding his victims for him, binding them in place. They can also catch him from a fall, carry him, and pick up objects for him.
  • Shadow Jump - His new companion, Lynn, has taught him a new shadow art. The travel from shadow to shadow. As long as there is darkness and shadow, Takai can materialize from it after he is dematerialized into another shadow. He can leap from one shadow to another without going through any of the space between the two, as long as the edges of those shadows are no further than 10 ft (3 m) away from each other. This is the most efficient when in heavily shadowed areas, like dense forests. It's also helpful in ambushing enemies. As long as a person is in physical contact with him, he can also take them into the jump.
Void - Takai is also gifted in the use of absorbing all kinds of energy in mostly only one way:
  • Death Grip - Thanks to the new talon gloves, which leave his palms exposed, he may touch the uncovered flesh of his victims to perform his Death Grip. When he has hold of his enemy he sucks the life and magical energy (generally, energy of all kinds) out of their bodies, adding to his own and healing his injuries, and if he is allowed to do so long enough it will leave his foe very much dead. This can be done to objects containing energy as well as spells and other magics. It sucks energy from everything. This most often occurs by his hands, but it can also be known to suck energy from touching any exposed part of his skin. This sucking void can spread all over his being. This ability is often shown in his Intimidate aura; it's partly why the air grows cold around him. It's because he's sucking all the energy and heat from it into himself. This is also seen in his other shadow abilities as they all have the ability to absorb and dispel magic and energy, because it is part of this very same power from within Takai. However, it is concentrated mostly in his hands. Weaker magic can be easily absorbed and dispelled when in contact with any other place on his body. However, to absorb more powerful magic, he must prepare his hands to "catch" it in some way to fully absorb all of its affects.

    Takai can control the intensity of the void within him and his magic. This controls how much energy he is sucking in at once. Takai can increase or decrease the amount he absorbs. When off guard, it merely makes him and the air around him cold and chilling. It can take the heat away from others who get close enough to touch him, and they can feel the cold even before that. If Takai is on guard and using Death Grip more intensely, others should be more careful not to come into contact with him even accidentally. It will not be as intense and dangerous as it would be around his hands, but enough to take a few sips out of their life energy and any other types of energy they may possess.

    Takai does not have to be in full possession of their body to perform this ability, unlike his shadow magics (as this drains all kinds and forms of energy, it is not dispelled by light energy or any energy at all unlike his shadow abilities which can be dispelled by light). It seems to almost be a mutual ability for Khaz and Takai. Only Takai can consciously use it. Khaz is only able to do this ability in life-threatening situations. It's an automatic defense that triggers if he is being threatened by another energy or if he is dying and needs energy to heal and recover. Khaz cannot activate it on command.
Split Mind - It should be obvious that there are two minds, two personalities possessing this one body. Takai being the magical, intensely powerful, intelligent, and skillful one. Khaz is the social, clumsy, but clever one. The extent to which Takai can use all his magical abilities depends on the extent to which he is in possession. There are times when he is in "partial" possession of Khaz. Takai can be awake in the back of Khaz's mind, and Khaz can also be awake in the back of Takai's mind when he is in full possession. This is often how they communicate to each other. They work as a team, though there can be disagreements between the two.

When Takai is awake in the back of Khaz's mind, he can still always use Darkness Intellectus to gather information that he may need or that Khaz may ask him for. However, any other more aggressive and physical magic like Void or Shadow Jump/Rip and Grip/Gauntlets, Takai must be in full possession to use. Takai can take a partial possession of Khaz. In this mode, Takai can move Khaz's body. Usually they are both in agreement with this, and Khaz will allow Takai to move his body, often when in combat to utilize Takai superior skill in a fight. But that is all. Khaz will not get any faster or stronger than he normally is. However, his skill with his swords will suddenly shoot through the roof. Khaz is also only graceful when he is in places of darkness or intense shadow or near elements that align with the unknown/void. Otherwise, Khaz is extremely clumsy in normal lighting and normal places. This shows how Khaz is still always subconsciously connected to Takai. It shows how they are still part of the same person.

Khaz can resist a partial possession of Takai, but it becomes a battle of wills between the two of it comes to that. Takai can also resist Khaz when he is trying to take possession. A partial possession can be the first step to a full possession of one of the personalities. Takai's aura will be completely masked for as long as Khaz is mostly in possession. Takai's aura will not show in any partial possessions until he decides to take full possession and start using his other magics.

  • The majority of Khaz’s strengths lie in Takai. When this other personality is in control, he gains supernatural speed that simply awes. To others, he is often there and then not. Then he is right in front of them. His image tends to be a blur to most. He can keep up with most supernatural beings with abnormal levels of speed very easily. They may be able to see him more clearly, but for the majority he is superior in reflex, agility, and speed. Yet, he can be bested. It’s just very rare. He is not the fastest in the realm of the supernatural beings, but he is startling high up in their levels.
  • Khaz himself, back to the normal levels of speed, is nothing to sneeze at either. He’s lean and quick. It’s probably the strongest of his advantages in battle. Swiftness, reflex, and agility are what he is best at.
  • The same can be said of Takai’s strength. It’s supernatural as well, his lean and average appearance being very misleading in this. He can be bested, but again, just rare. Normal persons are very fragile to his hands, but he has perfect and absolute control over it. They do not die unless he wants them to. He can twist iron and other metals like twisting a copper wire.
  • Because of Khaz’s very harmless and clumsy appearance, people are often misled into thinking he is weak and unthreatening. Takai is in the back, waiting to be called upon. So he has a very great element of surprising enemies.
  • Takai’s aura is of a high “density” one could say. He is almost overflowing with energy. Takai has never really reached a limit of how much energy he has. It’s like an ocean inside him. Yet it is neatly bundled up and most often does not leak unless he wants it to. It seems to grace him with a natural ability to wield shadows in unnatural ways, unnatural speed, unnatural strength, and unnatural durability. He can be cut just the same, but blunt hits and magical strikes seem to have a much less affect on him than normal (magic more often being mostly absorbed by his natural void-sucking aura). Not that they are rendered useless. He seems to heal faster than average as well. Not instantly. Perhaps just twice as fast as the average human. This unusually powerful aura seems to be the source of this as well.

    The aura changes immediately when Takai “leaves” and Khaz “wakes up”. It becomes modest, weak—nothing special about this aura at all.
  • Takai’s strength of will is stunning and overwhelming. Often when he wants a person dead, they will die. Thus, he seems almost immune to physical pain. Unnaturally so without any kind of training for it. It’s nearly a mind over body experience. He does not fear death. Physical pain is nothing to him, so he can push his body beyond the average limit to achieve whatever he has set his will upon.
  • Khaz is fairly skilled with his swords, enough to use them effectively when he must and needs them. Also having two swords and being ambidextrous is a definite plus to his style of fighting. This often gives him an advantage over others with only one weapon and one dominant hand. It is even more so when using his skills in hand-to-hand. Takai is even more proficient at these things and definitely more dexterous than Khaz. Khaz pales considerably compared to him. He looks like a master of it without trying, and Khaz a stumbling student still.
  • Due to his long elf-like ears, he has sharp hearing. His hearing is very advanced compared to normal beings, such as humans. He can focus on certain sounds, pick up strange and usually unnoticeable noises, and then fade out of focus as to not damage his ears should there be a sudden din. This makes it more difficult for others to sneak up on him. Takai makes very good use of this as well.
  • Takai does not need his eyes to fight. He does not have any special sight or enhanced vision to aid him in the dark. He uses his ears and sense and see the aura of a person in his mind’s eye. He is very accurate with this, though it may be difficult to sense weapons. If the person has used the weapon for a long time, has it near them often, or have an attachment to it for some reason, weapons often take on the energy and aura of their owners. He can sense magical attacks, since they take a type of energy to power them; they often come right from the person’s aura/chakras. Darkness Intellectus also enables him to walk and move around without sight of any kind.
  • Takai is very sensitive to auras. This is also what makes it difficult to sneak up on him. Only those who know how to suppress or blend their auras into the existing environment may have a chance of sneaking around or upon Takai. His hearing is still in effect to make up for any undetectable by their aura. He is sharp and observant by nature anyway. It is hard to get by him unnoticed. These things aside, Takai is very vigilant. He is often using his Darkness Intellectus, which gives him an almost bottomless well of information.
  • Takai is very good at detecting deception. This can mean illusions, lies, and expressions of others. He is often much too sharp and cautious to be deceived. He’s very intelligent and clever. His magic is limited but he may be able to come up with creative ways to expand their usefulness.
  • To go along with Intimidate, Takai’s eyes also often have a fear inducing affect on others. When he is in control his eyes turn a different way. They become terrifyingly beautiful and deep. There’s a magic to them almost since they seem capable of temporarily freezing those who look upon them with fear. Most react this way, but it varies depending on the individual. When they gaze into his eyes death stares back at them and all that they believe death means and is. They could see nonexistence, the void, or they could see peace, tranquility, and freedom. It all depends on how the individual views and feels about death. Beware that one can hold certain views about death, but it is very different than staring their own death in the face, which is what happens when a person comes into eye contact with Takai (this description also seen in Personality). Often people get conflicting feelings of being repelled by fear but also pulled in by the alluring beauty of it as well. Takai's voice has much the same feeling of being beautiful, smooth, like velvet, but also unsettling and eerie. It sends a chill down the spine that one is not often able to tell is from fear or from pleasure.
  • Takai dislikes being “out” at all. He avoids until it is absolutely necessary or if he is enraged by something happening outside of him. In truth, he is not as good at magic as he could be because he does not like experiencing life or really practicing his amazing talents. So he cannot hone them or really reach his true height and potential. This already seems to be barely the tip. He lacks the will and motivation due to being a very antisocial individual.
  • Though Takai seems to have an unlimited well of energy at his disposal, there’s only so much he can use at one time. So it's not that Takai has any limit to the amount of energy that he has, but a limit to the amount that he can use all at once. His body cannot channel too much at once that it is not accustomed to channeling. If Takai practiced more and constantly tested his limits he would be able to expand the amount he can use at once. However, since he does not often test or use his powers very much it has been neglected. Right now, Takai can suck an average person, humanoid, dry of all their life energy in one or two seconds flat without hurting himself at all. However, if he were trying to drain a being of greater energy, it can become a very different matter all together to try to suck them dry of all energy at once. Of course, if he takes the time to slow down, he can avoid hurting himself, but it pays a price with time that can limit him in moving fast enough in combat. In theory he could learn to use much more at once without destroying his body. His Void energy draining ability is really the only ability that takes the greatest strain when it comes to this limitation. Takai can command and bring life to shadows with very little cost to his body in channeling the energy required for it.
  • Both Khaz and Takai have an extreme phobia of unusual beings with blank white eyes (no pupil or iris). Khaz, alone, also greatly fears the sight of blood. A small cut or two is no problem, but a small head wound that bleeds a little too profusely will agitate him. The sight of these things sends them into anxiety attacks, in which the hearts races, cold sweat, phantom screams in their mind, and the great possibility of hyperventilating. They often will not be able to move out of the paralyzing terror. They will have to be dragged by someone. It leaves them both quite helpless. Takai will often go inert for hours at a time. Perhaps even a whole day or two could pay before he'll wake again.

    Khaz also has a fear of bindings and shackles, being caught and trapped, and perhaps seeing torture devices. These will quickly cause the same results.
  • Khaz is incredibly clumsy. His dexterity suffers greatly, and thus does his skills with his dual-wielding. He often can trip on his own feet. Lose balance without much help from enemies.
  • While pain does nothing to Takai, Khaz does not handle it very well. When Takai “leaves” and Khaz comes back, any injuries Takai gained Khaz will react very strongly to.
  • Khaz has no magic to counter magic users with. He must rely on his other skills to hopefully out run them. Depending on the type of magic it may not even matter. Even Takai has a limited source, for he has not explored it very deeply not matter how much talent he has. His attacks are very aggressive and rather intense, but most tend to lean toward the more offense than defense. Light also tends to make most of his attacks useless, if there is enough light or light creating magic around.
  • Takai is not able to mask his aura when he is in full possession of their body. He will only be masked if Khaz is in full possession. This can often make them both very limited when around others and trying to keep Takai's existence unknown.
Other: Lynn Odakata is now Khaz’s companion and protector.

Personality: Khaz Serwen suffers from multiple personality disorder (also known as dissociative identity disorder). He has only two personalities in his mind. The one that is conscious most of the time is Khaz. He is the one others are most often greeted by. He’s fairly normal and outgoing. Shyness tends to not be a large part of him. It’s easy for him to start up conversations. He’s very social. At the same time that he is kind and friendly he does not really speak very deeply about himself or his past. He prefers to stay on the shallow surface level. Others are easily comfortable around him. There’s nothing really about him that is threatening to others.

Khaz does not like confrontations. He doesn’t even seem to like violence very much despite being a trained fighter. It was never really that he wanted to be a warrior but that his kingdom was under the cruel rule of the Drow Empire and as a part of the rebellion against it he was required to learn. He’s not a very strong warrior because of this. He’s clumsy and awkward even, having goofed around more during his lessons. Khaz doesn’t know anything about magic. He’s not very brave either. He avoids fights and dangerous places the best he can. However, he has a different courage that shows only when others are in danger. He is braver than he believes himself to be. He lacks confidence in his abilities.

Khaz has a phobia of blood (and the rare beings who possess no iris or pupils in their eyes), which plays even more into him being unfit for battle. The sight of too much will give him the shakes. The more blood the more likely it may send him into a panic attack, often paralyzing his movement. He’d have to be dragged by someone. Often phantom screams in his head from others in the past haunt and derange his mind. The more gore and carnage involved the more he experiences his past memories. Not only will the screams come back but images and smells. The more he experiences the more likely he will faint.

Khaz has a subtle but strong charm, especially when around women. He knows how to make them feel good about themselves, feel loved and attractive. He takes much comfort in the company of women and in love making. He has a boyish smile that can make hearts flutter. Sweet and kind ways, he likes to make women feel beautiful. However, it never goes much deeper. He avoids long term relationships and never allows them to know too much about himself. Since age fifteen, Khaz never had a serious relationship until he was eighteen. However, after two failed relationships (the failure being his fault both times) Khaz has gone back to drifting from one sexual partner to the next, convinced he can never have a real and intimate relationship with someone.

Yet, his preference for women is not a weakness; females do not hold any priority over more important matters. He can fight them though prefers not to. Being a Hylian, he has much respect for the opposite sex. The Golden Goddesses of Hyrule often have their males view their females as holy and sacred beings that they should protect. Yet, he never underestimates them either.

He is playful, though can often act rather immature when he gets annoyed or angry. Khaz loves horses, star gazing, laughing, joking, talking, and smiling.

He is also rather gifted at lying and acting, when he wishes to. It begs the question of whether Khaz is as slow mentally as he sometimes appears to be. It’s second nature for him to pull on some façade whenever faced intentionally or unintentionally with uncomfortable situations. Only if the discomfort he may show would somehow give something deeper of himself away to others. For as stable as Khaz makes himself appear to others, there is quite a bit of chaos and turmoil turning inside of him. It is rare that he would ever let that show in front of others. He is actually an extremely secretive individual. Others can tend to over look this due to his outgoing and talkative mask he puts on socially. It would take more than average perception to really notice. Khaz is good at distracting others from taking too much notice of him. He is subtly evasive.

Anyone who spends an extended amount of time around Khaz can realize his evasion. The more one experiences Khaz Serwen, the more they sense his introverted qualities. They will come to realize that there is not much they actually know about him personally. And the more time spent with him the more likely it is that they will be exposed to certain situations which would stir the deeper workings of his mind and soul.

For when Khaz is truly and deeply angered it is there that one has a chance at seeing a glimpse of his other personality: Takai. The connection between the two, the place at which their personalities seems to merge the most is rage. But they are also connected by emotional pain and fear. Khaz’s main function is to function for the outside world, to socialize normally but carefully keep others at a safe distance. His other function is to bear all the emotional and mental anguish.

Takai cares nothing for women or friends. He does not like having any more attachments than he already does. It takes only Leita, his little sister, to keep him from ending himself. He does not like living nor does he particularly like himself or Khaz. It seems there is not much he likes at all. He prefers to isolate himself. Yet is completely unaware of how truly lonely of a spirit he is. Takai is alone. Alienated from everyone else.

When he is in control his eyes turn a different way. They become terrifyingly beautiful and deep. There’s a magic to them almost since they seem capable of temporarily freezing those who look upon them with fear. Most react this way, but it varies depending on the individual. When they gaze into his eyes death stares back at them and all that they believe death means and is.

He is very observant and intelligent, being the opposite of Khaz. He is always very aware and easily analyzes people, watching them from behind Khaz's innocent gaze. Because of his intelligence and pessimism, he tends to be easily bored and critical of others. There's very little people who actually catch his interest. Sometimes, to amuse himself, he make act more malevolent than he really is. This is because he enjoys frightening others away. It pleases him that it's so easy to do to most people. He won't be entirely disappointed if he can't intimidate them, though.

He also tends to be rather arrogant and prideful in some senses. He doesn't over estimate himself. He knows all that he is capable of and he knows when he is limited. It's more of his critical pessimism that makes him prideful. In his intelligence, he tends to see others of less capacity than himself. He feels he knows more of the truth than others are willing to know. So he often doesn't care when others judge him for his vigilante actions. To him, they simply lack understanding and experience.

Takai’s function is to kill. He has shoved all the emotion into Khaz so that it will not distract him and also because he is afraid of it. Takai feels nothing most of the time. The only thrill he gets out of life is when he is killing and punishing others he has deemed unforgivable. He has given the blood phobia to Khaz so that it will not keep him back in his duties. Takai actually rather likes blood most of the time. He likes to make sure his victims die slowly, experience their death to the fullest, until the very last moment. If given more time, he likes to find more creative ways to end them. He likes to think of himself as the bringer of karma, so he tends to like ironic deaths for his victims. This is a part of his arrogance as well. He sees himself as a savior.

After the years have passed, he has even grown addicted to this. Khaz may unconsciously seek out dangerous areas he does not normally roam because Takai is feeling the need for blood again. However, he never ever harms those he views as innocent. They are careful when picking out their prey. They always make sure that they meet all of their requirements for death and pain. Khaz helps in the hunt, being social and nonthreatening to others; he coaxes information out of them. This how they stalk their prey.

Neither Khaz nor Takai, of course, feel their vigilante behaviors are wrong. Both believe Takai is perfectly justified in killing and making these unforgivable people suffer (try not to get on their list). Of course, most of the time Khaz keeps this inner belief to himself. Khaz has a lot more anger in him than others would realize. The rage is there, simply tamed under a mask of friendly social behavior and harmlessness.

He's become addicted to murder because the chaotic feelings attached to his past start to build up inside him, causing a great restlessness in his being. He and Khaz will then start having trouble sleeping. As it continues eventually they can't sleep at all for days. And then memories and screams from the past of dead or damaged family and friends haunt him relentlessly. Takai and Khaz have learned to go "hunting" before this occurs. If he were to resist for whatever the reason, eventually he would simply lose control and leave to hunt anyway. It’s a release from the strong stream of chaotic emotions that whirl around inside him. For they are intense and deep.

Khaz's ability to keep on a social mask will begin to deteriorate the longer Takai goes without killing. The more unstable he will become. Past traumas and memories will be more easily triggered than normal. Khaz will have more difficulty blocking out painful emotions, thoughts, and memories. He becomes less social, talkative, and friendly. He becomes more awkward, and his outer appearance will start to show his strain as well, perhaps in dark shadows under his eyes due to lack of sleep, gauntness from lack of appetite, and nails bitten down so low they start to bleed. His posture will become more guarded with hunched shoulders and little eye contact. He's more easily lost in thought and confused. Others may be talking to him and he'll suddenly zone out, his mind going blank.

Takai is Khaz’s frustration at all he has seen. A person who has seen horror too many times. Sometimes being done to himself, but mostly to the people he has lost. These are the people that scream in his head when he sees white and blank eyes or blood. He does still fear white eyes. Takai is there to keep it from happening again, yet due to his unwillingness to be around others and have the chance to improve and learn he may often fail. Khaz is there to smile for others and keep Takai hidden.

Khaz also has a tendency to be extremely overprotective of those he loves, especially when it comes to Leita. He can become unbearably controlling and aggressive towards those he deems as threats. Takai tends to shine through his eyes a little more during these times; rage is what connects the two the most.

His body is perfect and beautiful. No scars upon his flesh at all. Yet because of this, his body never matches the truth of how he really feels inside himself. It makes it all that much easier to hide and deny. Others are more able to look him over and see nothing amiss with Khaz’s boyish charming grin, full of life, seeming so sincere. There are no scars for them to ask him of their cause. Nothing to clue them in physically of all the abuse he has endured in the past. Outside he is perfect, beautiful, and unmarked. Inside he feels torn, ugly, and bleeding like an open wound. But he prefers to pretend like it isn’t there. As if simply believing nothing had happened, or ceasing to think about those memories, that he could live like they didn’t. They don’t really think anyone would care or believe him anyway. No one likes hearing about these things. And if they do, it’s because of a sick and insensitive, morbid fascination and those kinds of people he cares little for. He is not some freak show for their amusement. So why bother telling anyone?

Khaz - Milk (both warm or cold), horses, star gazing, rough housing with kids, music, women, and socializing.
Takai - Darkness, the stars, silence, aloneness, killing/torturing the guilty (hunting), blood, water, scaring/intimidating people, and sleeping.
Khaz - Fish, criminals (specific kinds), deserts, training/studying, and politics.
Takai - Living, criminals, people (except for Leita), loud chaotic noises, being interrupted, and being known.
Khaz - Blood (hemophobic), white eyes, tightly enclosed spaces (clastrophobic), being trapped or captured (along with bindings), rejection, and disasters befalling his loved ones and innocent people.
Takai - White eyes, emotions, disasters befalling his loved ones, being powerless, and rejection.
Khaz - Brave (in certain ways), kind/sweet, protective, caring, cheerful, sensitive, and attentive.
Takai - Intelligent, graceful, fearless (most of the time), observant, aware, protective, and intuitive.
Khaz - Ditsy, clumsy, over-protective, vengeful, evasive/deceitful/dishonest, two-faced, emotionally/mentally unstable, and cowardly (in certain ways).
Takai - Cowardly, over-protective, vengeful, insensitive, unmotivated, cruel (both physically and verbally), uncaring, emotionless (dissociative), arrogant, pesstimistic, and critical/judgmental of others.

Theme Songs:

Nine Inch Nails -Mad World, by Gary Jules (lyrics and youtube)
Unwell, by Matchbox Twenty (lyrics and youtube)
Dream On, by Depeche Mode (lyrics and youtube)
Did My Time, by Korn (lyrics and youtube)
Heart Cooks Brain, by Modest Mouse (lyrics and youtube)
How to Disappear Completely, by Radiohead (lyrics and youtube)
Brain Stew, by Green Day (lyrics and youtube)
The Night, by Disturbed (lyrics and youtube)
Nothing in My Way, by Keane (lyrics and youtube)
Haunted, by Disturbed (lyrics and youtube)
Sad but True, by Metallica (lyrics and youtube)
Shattered, by O.A.R. (lyrics and youtube)
Cry Little Sister, by G Tom Mac (lyrics and youtube)
Boulevard of Broken Dreams, by Greenday (lyrics and youtube)
So Cold, by Breaking Benjamin (lyrics and youtube)
Fade Away, by Breaking Benjamin (lyrics and youtube)
Machinehead, by Bush (lyrics and youtube)
Wandering Star, by Kid Beyond (lyrics and youtube)
Demons, by Imagine Dragons (lyrics and youtube)
Bad Apple, by Christina Vee (youtube)
Lacrimosa, by Media Music Factory & from the Freak Inside (youtube)
Shadows, by Aviators and Glaze (youtube)


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