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Re: Ugh, I'm beginning to hate my mother!

Discussion, this is part of life.

My dad made a mess in the kitchen making breakfast for himself only, and because I'm his daughter it was my job to clean up after him. Sexist, yes. Aggravating, yes. Did I do it? Yes. Why? Because I was the child, and he was the father. I disagreed but I had to obey and respect him as such. I was not a bad child, I was not a bad person, yet I headed his orders.

I understand why you wouldn't want to touch the meat products, but understand that not touching them doesn't make the difference. Use the dishwasher. Your mother worked hard making a breakfast for people, and you HATE her because she didn't cater to your different circumstance?

Since you're such a noble hero as you've pointed out:
Excuse me, do you even know who I am? I'm a living hero...
Then you need to act like such and learn to accept inconveniences. A true hero would not complain, but would do as their told, not causing any problems, drama, or fights.

Goodness, child, you have a lot of growing to do. A hero also cooks his or her own breakfast and doesn't put anybody (not even their brother) at risk for the sake of animals already tortured. I disagree with animal testing whole-heartedly, truly, but the medicine is an absolute must. As someone already pointed out, make a petition. Far more effective.