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Re: If you had a kid how yould you raise it or Meditations on my future child

God help your poor future child.
Um, excuse me? Doesn't every parent believe that one of their priorities as a parent should be to impart the same wisdom and teach them to be proper and virtuous adults? I am fighting a losing battle against the very notion that worth is determined by what car one drives, or how big one's house is.

Nobody cares about the content of an individual's character these days, but my child will learn that it is an important and distinguishing factor.

Can Tott be your child?
As much as I would love to say yes, I'm going to have to go with a no. I have to start from nothing in order to properly build something, I think. There are far too many things barring us older people from becoming the best that we can.

For example, I was born into conditions not of my choosing, and most certainly not favorable towards intellectual pursuits. This child will be born in controlled environments, and in conditions I think are the best, which is a decisive factor in developing one's abilities.

Y'see, the trick is to continuously beat it until it submits to your will.
I do not believe in physical intimidation when it comes to rearing children.

Before considering how you would raise your own child, you should really focus on raising yourself. Develop into the type of person that should have kids. Take on tasks that build character. Honestly, until you've got your own life in order, there isn't much sense in this exercise.
Of course. I, of all people, should know and understand that, but I see life as a constant process and fulfillment of various short-term and long-term goals...I'm never going to be perfect, but I hope to at least surpass the bar by the time I introduce a new generation into the world.

I think Aeffles will make a great dad someday.
I don't think he will because he spent no time in criticizing me, when he probably knows that my methods are in fact superior to his own, whatever they may be.