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Re: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Originally Posted by PSYKOBILY
I saw this movie and I thought it was great!
Oh good, I'm not alone in the universe! ^_^

Originally Posted by PSYKOBILY
Anakin and his new padawan were a fun and it made the movie more interesting in that Anakin was more a hero instead of a jedi on the brink of turning to the Dark Side.
Yes. What I love about this is that it centered more on the fighting and such.

Originally Posted by PSYKOBILY
But what im wondering is what happens to Asoka Tano during the Great Jedi Purge it was said that she was not killed but it also stated that it was not yet written what happened to her.
I've been wondering the same thing.

Originally Posted by Dark Link
And from the horrible reception it has gotten from critics and fans alike, it seems I'm not too far off the mark.
Let's not have the lemming discussion again, please. I could care less whether critics and some fans don't like it. I do, and that's what matters (to me).


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