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Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Didja see it? Dijda-didja-didja?

I saw it just yesterday.

I loved oh so much! It had action, it had humor, it had excitement. Above all: it was Star Wars.

I very much love the Clone Wars era. Probably my favorite alongside the New Jedi Order.

Anyways, this movie centered on a single conflict, which was good since most Star Wars movies touch down on a thousand different things at once (like Episode III showing some areas of the war). I felt like I was immersed in Star Wars Battlefront II, but watching the Clone Wars cartoon at the same time.

It was great. I also loved how Anakin and his new padawan gets along throughout the movie. The battle droids were hilarious!

Anyone else see it? If I get a chance to do so again, I will! ^_^

Oh, and please don't bother trolling up this thread with "Too bad it's a fact that Star Wars sucks" and the like. I'd very much appreciate it.


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