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Re: Character List

Name: Donik Aiden Carak (A.K.A. Man in the Black Cloak, or BCM)

Age: 24

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Hair: Bald

Eyes: Emerald Green

Weight: 190

Height: 6 feet 10 inches

Overarching Theme: "These Mistakes are Mine Alone"

For the Fighting Times: "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face" (Remix) -- Original song by Coldplay, Rush of Blood to the Head

The Cargo Cloak: Donik’s trademark amongst his Merc brethren--his enormous hooded black woollen cloak. Donik’s cloak reaches to just below his knees and wraps around his entire body. It also has sleeves. There are several large pockets of various designs, but only three pockets are shown on the outside--two large pockets in the front for easy access with his hands and a large zippered pouch on his back left--the rest are hidden within the cloak itself. Those are: a sown-in short sword sheath and two dagger sheaths on either side (2 short swords and 4 daggers total), and a small zippered pouch on his left side. There are also two pairs of quick release straps on the back.

Primary Short Range Weapon: The “M.C. Staff” -- Appears to be a rather plain looking wooden staff, about five feet long. However, there are several unique properties to this staff. First, 4 1/2 foot blades can be swiftly released out of either end. (Two total, one assigned for each end) These long, thin, swords are released with the use of powerful magnets. Secondly, the staff can repel or attract elemental attacks, according to the user’s will. The staff is of a moderate weight, about 12 pounds. The balance of the staff changes depending on whether the swords are deployed. When traveling, the MC Staff is usually strapped onto the back of Donik’s cloak.

Certain innate properties within its design enable the Staff to take incredible punishment without damage. Not that Donik can't drop it, but the Staff itself is virtually indestructible.

Secondary Short Range Weapons: 2 short swords and 4 daggers.

Primary Long Range Weapon: The “MAG Rifle” -- Essentially, a sniper rifle. However, the bullets are propelled by an incredibly strong magnetic repulsion between a magnet within the “chamber” and another on the butt end of the bullet, instead of your typical “Click. Boom. Pow.” Thus, the weapon is virtually silent. However, as with all weapons of this type, they are not meant for medium or close range use. Additionally, as magnets powerful enough to effectively fire a sniper bullet are quite difficult to produce, lack of ammunition is always an issue. As the Mercenary organization Donik works for regulates and distributes these bullets among their employees based off of rank, Donik is only authorized to carry five bullets at a time.

The MAG Rifle is stored within a hardshell case, which is strapped onto the back of Donik’s cloak. It takes about a minute to set everything up.

The “Magnet Butt” bullets are held within one of his cloak’s zipped pockets.

The M.C. Scroll: Not particularly a weapon, but it is quite useful. Created by his mentor over thirty years prior, this little scroll of paper seems to defy every law of physics. Donik can “seal” any object desired within the scroll, while the weight of the scroll itself remains the same.

To withdraw or deposit an object, the user must open the scroll and place their hand on the paper. Then, a pseudo-telepathic category map will "appear" in their mind (think of tags and the folder system on your computer) and the user will proceed from there. If they are withdrawing, one must select an individual item and take their hand off the paper, which will trigger the item to appear where their hand just was. To deposit an object, the user must make their way through the "folders" until they reach the designated placement. Then, they must take the item they wish to deposit and place it on the paper, where it will "sink" into the scroll.

Serious damage to the Scroll (burns, gouges, etc...) will cause it to temporarily lose function. However, the paper is self-repairing, like human skin. So, after a few hours, all damage will be healed and all functionality will be restored.

Within this scroll are replacement swords (5) and daggers (10), but not bullets. Within, he also has steel and hemp rope (5 sets of hemp rope, each 20 feet, and 1 set of steel rope, also 20 feet), time released electric trigger bombs (Set off by an internal electric charge -- 5), electric-trigger bombs (triggered by an external electric charge -- 5), metallic wire (100 feet), a small and large pair of pliers, a comprehensive first aid kit, a small tent, sleeping bag, electric lamp, extension cords, small electric generator (it is, however, a virtual perpetual motion machine, so it can produce a lot of power), weapon maintenance supplies, copper wiring (10 feet), a sewing kit, toiletries, a compass, spyglass, a fountain pen, ink, blank paper, an unabridged series of encyclopedias, a pocket calendar, industrial rubber gloves, a fishing pole along with bait, hook, and line, a month’s worth of dried food and water, changes of clothes, and replacement Cargo Cloaks (2).

The MAG Generator -- This small electric generator, stored within a 6 inch x 6 inch hard-plastic case, acts as a virtual perpetual motion machine, through a fairly simple process of self-generated power with the use of magnets. Thus, creating an unlimited source of electric power.

With Donik's generators, he has exposed one of the device's corners, where you can quickly access an electric charge by tying a metallic rope or thread around a sturdy metallic rod. This rod is only "live," of course, when the generator is turned on.

There is also a standard electrical outlet for the generator's more mundane uses.

MAG Bombs -- As described in the Scroll section, there are two kinds of bombs Donik wields: one that is set to explode in a set time, or time-released, or one that explodes once an electric charge goes through it.

Both bombs look nearly exactly the same, a nearly perfectly proportioned gray cube about the size of our Rubik's Cube, but they operate in slightly different ways.

The Time-Released bombs have to be armed in order to detonate. To arm the bomb, the user must set the "time till explosion" on a dial mounted on one of the bomb's six faces and press down. At that moment, the internal clock starts counting down from the set time.

The External-Charge bombs require an energy source and some way for an electric charge to reach it. The most common method is for the user to attach a long, thin, metallic wire to the bomb, then to a device that produces electricity, causing the bomb to explode at that moment, as long as the device providing the charge is "live."

The Time-Release bombs have an explosion radius of about fifty feet, while the External bombs have a radius of about seventy-five.

Armor: Donik’s woolen cloak has a thick inner lining of leather, to repel light attacks and keep melee attacks from causing fatal damage.

Strengths: Due to Donik’s incredibly lanky frame, his long reach is a major defensive asset. This, combined with his staff, makes it an even greater challenge to land a decisive hit. He knows this, so he trains his overall stationary position speed so that he can keep up with the majority of direct melee attacks that come his way. Because of this training, his overall strength is quite impressive, as he is able to swing around his staff and effectively use it while wearing his cloak.

Donik is fairly accomplished in knife throwing also, as he was trained in this by his mentor. Additionally, thrown projectiles go at a pretty good clip, due to Donik's lanky arms.

His cloak is meant to conceal the that he has two swords and four daggers a mere hand-fwip away. Keep that in mind.

Donik makes light footfalls, due to his training and that he wears moccasins.

On the mental side of things, Donik is, frankly, a scholar. He is very accomplished in engineering, science, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics and the vast majority of "hard" sciences. Due to this, he is able to calculate distances on the fly and deduce inferences about his opponent and the environment from his vast array of knowledge.

Weakness: Even though Donik is quite swift and agile, he tends to heavily rely on his weaponry. If you can neutralize this threat, the battle will probably tip in your favor, as Donik doesn't have much training in traditional hand-to-hand combat. His background in that area is fast'n-loose street fighting, which will barely have any effect against one with either formal training or proper armor.

If you get past his defenses, you’ll find that Donik’s cloak is relatively yielding. The only thing separating your weapon from his skin would be cloth, leather, whatever weapons are on that side (If you are attacking his side at all), and his clothing. Compared to standard armor, this isn’t such a bad deal for an attacker.

Donik’s a very tall guy. Therefore, he has a lot of body to defend. Even though his reflexes are top notch, a guy can only take so much.

As you can tell from former sections, Donik has many offensive capabilities if he's able to access his Scroll. If you, however, keep him busy the entire fight, then he won't have time to open the Scroll and unseal whatever supplies he needs.

Stealth isn't one of Donik's strengths, considering there's a lot of him to hide and that he wears two large objects on his back that knock against each other with every step he takes.

Skills/Magic: None.

Appearance: Donik has olive skin, a long angular face, and a large, slightly skewed, nose. As stated before, Donik’s build is of an, almost freakish, lanky nature. Underneath his already described cloak, which he wears nearly all the time, save for sleep, he wears a simple white cotton tunic and a similarly colored and constructed pair of pants. For shoes, he wears a pair of tan moccasins.

On his back, you can find a very faded burn scar that reads, “DONIK.”

Speech Patterns: In terms of tone, Donik's voice is a nasal baritone, seeming to come out of his forehead.

Under normal circumstances, Donik uses casual wording with an intellectual twist. (The wording is causal, but the meaning isn't.) He is, however, able to change his pattern at will in order to conform to the situation, like when he speaks to dignitaries, gods, and other people or things who could easily kill him.

Personality: He is generally virtuous and has a very strong sense of duty and purpose, but he can be disturbingly ruthless to achieve his virtuous aims. He has a very cynical, and often acidic, sense of humor, but likes to keep to himself at most times. He is a very cunning individual and will generally not take a risk unless it outweighs the troubles of staying as he is.

Donik tries to avoid fights, not because he is morally opposed to them, but, rather, as an attempt to be as efficient and as committed to his overall goals as possible. Spending his energy on useless scuffles doesn't further his aims, so he discards these "opporunities" and seeks ways to avoid unwanted physical confrontation. That is, unless they serve a direct purpose, revolving around his perpetual mantra: "Is this worth the risk?"

During battle, he can become angered, but he never enters into a state of rage. Rather, he becomes cold and devilishly cunning--utilizing all of his mental faculties toward either severely wounding his opponent, or, often, killing them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Biography: So, you want to know about me, eh? Well, I suppose that it wouldn’t do any harm.

I was, presumably, born in the mining city of Altin and found by my ‘brother,’ Erkek while some men were attempting to kill me, according to him. I was raised by Erkek, who is a gang leader by the way, and was taught the basics of street fighting and was, for the most part, kept safe. That is until I was eight, when the rival gangs of the city joined forces in order to kill Erkek and I was stuck in the middle of it. When it looked like the two of us were going to die, a group of Wielders, a special sub-group of humans and bears, yes, bears, in my world, saved us.

One of the Wielders, a man named Marcus Carak, offered to adopt me and I accepted. So, he and his wife, Angela, took me in as their son, and as Marcus’s apprentice in both fighting and politics. Marcus was, as he described, ‘the union of Diplomat, Lawyer, Lobbyist, and Soldier known as a ‘Wielder Advocate.’’ What he did, essentially, was travel the world and solve disputes concerning the welfare of Wielders. You see, people fear them for various reasons, as they are, essentially, Super Human.

So, I traveled around with Marcus, Angela, and my little brother, David, until I was nineteen, when Marcus and Angela were assassinated, and framed, post-mortem, for the manslaughter of a few hundred pedestrians.

The Anti-Wielder groups used this as an excuse to round up Wielders and “test” them, to see if they would unhinge in the same way my parents purportedly did. In actuality, they were being killed by the hundreds.

Also, as I was Marcus’s apprentice, the authorities were, and still are, looking for me. But I evaded them and moved other Wielders and their families, with some help, to asylum in South Canada.

Myself and a friend of mine, Harold Churchill, a Wielder, planned to join the premiere Merc association in the world, and rise in the ranks until we could do anything we liked--without any authorization--so we could save as many Wielder’s as possible. For Harry, who chose the road of politics, that meant becoming the Merc Commissioner. For me, that meant becoming a Commander.

Currently, I’m a higher level peon--praised for my fighting skill, but, apparently, not up to snuff for promotion. Thing is, I can wipe the floor with everyone in this chacking organization, but... I tend to rely too heavily on items my father, Marcus, made for me, which have distinct Wielder characteristics. So, I don’t use them in promotion tests.

In the field, this isn't as much of a problem, as the lower level peons aren't smart enough to connect the dots, and I just tell everyone that I found my weapons or bought them on the black market.

But that won't last long.

So, I'm here at The Dome, and the places connected to it, to improve myself enough by fighting those stronger than I, so that I can pass the test by either learning enough new skills so that I don’t have to rely on my father’s creations, or hide my skills enough so that they won’t be detected.

For now, that is all.


App'ed by Shrub.

Sig by Veritas

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[Donik Carak]
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