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Re: Wisp Quill's Character List


*Slight Update, 7/27/08 : Added a Rp.
*Slight Update, 9/9/08 : Added 3 theme songs.
*Slight Update, 9/25/08 : Added a picture.
*Slight Update, 11/01/08 : Added Mahalia's location.

Name: Mahalia (Mah-all-e-yah)

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Race: Human / Zombie Wolf

Eye color: Gray with two red triangles, which makes her eyes form a horizontal cat’s eye appearance. / Black in her wolf form, looks like she is blind, but is not.

Hair color: Dark gray, with a blood red edge at the tips. / Fur color: Light gray with darker and near white patches.

Height: 4’ 9” / Wolf Form: 34 inches tall.

Weight: 95 lbs. / Wolf Form : 46 lbs

Birthday: October, 31st (Halloween)

Weapons: Human: None, unless you count her ‘pet’ Worm. Wolf form: Teeth, claws, and Worm. (Mahalia’s ‘pet’ is explained in the Appearances section below.)

Theme Songs: Normal: Shadow Hearts Convenant - The Fate
In a fight/ her wolf form: Shadow Hearts Covenant - Hardcore to the Brain
Using her Hybrid skill: Shadow Hearts Covenant - Vicious 1915
(Thanks to insaney for helping me on this.)

Appearances: Human; Mahalia wears her hair down to her shoulders and straight on the sides, then has the rest bound into two ponytails in the back. Her head is medium in size and is slightly oval in shape. Mahalia’s ponytails are tied back with a light gray cloth, which is tightly bound around them. Her nose is angled downwards, but small. Mahalia’s lips are small as well and a pale pink in color. Her skin is pale but still holds a slight pink color, enough to stand out from her white long sleeved shirt. The shirt hangs loosely off her thin frame, Mahalia is flat-chested, but has a gray fabric bound around her chest anyway. The gray fabric is underneath her shirt. The sleeves actually drape an inch past her hands, and has a scalloped appearance on the ends. Her hands have a dark gray leather wrapped around them in an X fashion, which are tied on Mahalia’s tops of her hands and also on her feet. There is a horizontal, slash type of wound on the underside of her wrists which is a half an inch away from the leather X. These wounds are from her first shapeshift. Her pants are a dark red fabric, with gray leather straps bound around her legs in the same X style, the X does not touch her knees. Mahalia is barefoot.

Wolf; It appears to be a gray furred timber wolf, with what looks like no eyes, her left ear has a small chunk missing. The snout has a gash on the left side, while skin is missing from her right and shows the bone. The skin on the underside of the wolf’s jaw is gone, which forms a hole into her mouth. All of the teeth are still there, and her fangs are sharp, but the tongue is missing. There is a hole on the wolf’s chest, its about five inches in diameter, and you can see into the creature’s ribcage. The fur around the wound has turned a dark color, and is somewhat matted down. Two deep gashes on both forelegs have left lines carved in her bone, a bit of muscle hangs out of the upper wound on the wolf’s left. Going to the wolf’s paws, two of the four toes are gone, exposing the bones underneath. Along her back, her spine is visible from two holes, one strangely has three veins still stretched across it. Both wounds are about eight inches in diameter. On the right side is a large, crescent shaped gash, which ends on the underside of ribcage which the tip points to her tail. Three, two inch long scratches are on the left side, the third is past the ribcage, two inches from it. Going to the hind legs, there is an unknown bite wound and torn flesh and muscle are hanging about two inches on the lower right leg, which almost touches the ankle. Only one toe is missing on the right foot, the bone and claw is still attached. The left hind leg has a large gash in it, which spans 5 inches from the hip, to the knee, and the foot has all of its toes. The tail has torn flesh and muscle hanging down about two inches from the tip, the rest of the tip is bone held on by tendons. The whole tail is about ten inches long.

Worm; This is actually a maggot, but it doesn’t look exactly like one. Worm’s appearance is basically a white, puffy worm, which is about two feet long and eight inches wide. It’s eyes are three inches in diameter, and placed on the side of it’s head, it has a cloudy-milk white covering over it’s eyes at first. Worm can form two, three clawed arms at any time it is outside of Mahalia. It communicates with her by gurgles and clicks, which she cannot understand yet. Worm is actually a part of Mahalia’s blood, but she doesn’t know it.
Accessories: A gray leather collar is around her thin neck. It is decorated with a blood red ribbon sewn into it, which is in the center of the collar. There is a silver rectangle in front, with a small ring attached to it. The ring is supposed to have a gem attached to it, which marks the person as a shapeshifter and they are able to control their other form. There is a chain hooked onto a clasp, which holds the collar on her neck. Mahalia does not have a gem on her collar, since the incident that followed her first shapeshift.

(Drawn by Altamira ^.^)

Personality: Mahalia is on the quiet side, and tends to mutter to herself. When in a fight, she would try and scare an opponent off, but if need be, she tends to rely on Worm and use her wolf form for last. Among friends, she barely talks, and tends to focus on other things. If Mahalia is around people she trusts, she becomes a little more open and talks more. Around family, she is less nervous and talks a little, but still stays to herself most of the time.

Strengths: Mahalia’s wolf form is strong. She can swim well. She’s observant of attacks and can read body language, even if its just the basics. Her caution keeps her away from suspicious areas. Knows how to survive in the wilderness.

Weaknesses: Mahalia does not have a lot of stamina. She can become weakened and tired at times, due to her what her wolf form is, also happens after she runs for a while. She has no control over her wolf form. Has little fighting experience and relies on Worm and her wolf form to fight for her. If Worm is captured or forcefully separated from her, Mahalia could faint. If Worm is injured, Mahalia receives a wound in a similar area to where Worm was attacked at.

  • These skills use Worm.

Growth: Even though Worm has a defined length, it can actually stretch itself to about ten feet in order to assist Mahalia.

Engorge: This skill tends to follow Growth, but can be used on its own. Worm is a maggot, but it’s also somewhat of a vampire. It can feed off of blood if it chooses to, which can aid Mahalia in recovering some of her energy. Worm does not drink a lot of blood when using this skill.

Hybrid: Worm can mess with Mahalia’s body in a way. Before using this skill, Mahalia’s body goes limp for a moment. The white part of her eyes turn black while like this. It usually changes her mouth into its own, by fusing into her skin, basically Mahalia‘s mouth is lined with Worm‘s fangs. Worm also lets its claws come out of her fingers. Mahalia tends to become a little berserk when using this, and can be somewhat vampiric, meaning she only feeds on blood. By feeding on blood, she can make this skill last a couple of seconds longer. Hybrid wears off in ten minutes or until Mahalia is knocked unconscious or even loses most of her blood from enemy attacks.
  • She is bleeding slightly from her wrists when she uses this skill.
  • Worm can also activate this on its own as a last resort, if need be.
  • Mahalia is unable to use this while in her wolf form

Putrid Spit: Worm can spit out a gray liquid that is like a weak acid. If it comes into contact with skin, it causes a mild burn. Mahalia can use this too, if Worm decides to help her with it or she is using Hybrid.

Automatic Response Skills

Wound Jump: Worm can come out from any slash type of wound inflicted on Mahalia, even the ones Silk Blood has caused to scab over.

Silk Blood: After a couple of minutes a wound is formed on Mahalia, her blood turns a light gray, and starts to seal the wound. This is due to Worm trying to help her from bleeding out too much. This skill can not completely heal wounds, only helps them form a scar faster. This skill also cannot treat large and open wounds.

Transformation Skill
  • Requires Worm to be within Mahalia in order for her to use this.
  • Mahalia’s wolf form can use all of the skills above, except for Hybrid.

Wolf Form: Mahalia’s veins turn black for a couple of seconds, then a red glow completely obscures her shifting body from view. After the glow fades, her wolf form stands in her place. Worm is actually within the wolf form’s body, and can pop out of the wounds around her ribcage, it can even be seen within the ribcage by the same openings.

Worm’s Transformation Skills
  • Worm’s transformation skills are dependent on where it is after it leaves Mahalia.
  • Each form has one unique skill.

Air: If Worm is still in the air, by falling down or being thrown, it’s body will be covered in a red type of sheet and glows. After the red glow fades, Worm appears to be an five foot long wasp, with a six foot wing span with all four, cloudy white wings. It’s legs are three feet long and end in two claws, the club-like abdomen is three feet long and a foot wide and is covered in two inch long spikes. It is still able to spit acid from its mouth, which is just three inches long, and has the same look as Worm’s original mouth. The black eyes are oval in shape and are faceted. The antennae span eight inches long. Worm’s air form is very aggressive and is one of the common forms it takes on.

Air Form’s unique skill: Spike; Worm swipes its abdomen at the opponent, which sends four to six spikes towards the target. This skill forces Worm to stay still, and it takes two minutes for the lost spikes to grow back.

Land: After Worm hits the ground, a red glow surrounds it. When it fades away, Worm retains its maggot body, minus four new limbs that are on it now. Its tail spans one and a half feet and has two pairs of spikes on the sides of its tail. The first pair is four inches long and is two inches wide and tapers to a point, while the second pair is five inches long and three inches wide and tapers at the tip. Worm is now four feet long and ten inches wide. Each leg ends in three claws. It tends to keep its body low to the ground, and uses its claws to swipe and can bite. Very protective of Mahalia, tends to stay near her, but will chase after opponents. The other common form Worm takes on.

Land Form’s unique skill: Inject; If Worm manages to bite an opponent, it can choose to inject a small amount of Putrid Spit into the wound. It causes irritation in the wound and burns slightly. Worm is wide open to attack while using the skill.

Water: When it lands in the water, its body glows red. Worm keeps its entire maggot form, but lengthens to eight feet long and widens to two feet. It now has six flippers, the middle pair being the longest at six feet, while the other two pairs are four feet in length. All six flippers are six inches wide, and look like boat oars, but more oval in shape. Worm moves through the water in a wave type of motion and is very fast, but turns around widely due to its size. Worm can fight like this, but mainly uses this form to help Mahalia in the water. Stays near her, or has her ride on top of itself. This form is not commonly used.

Water Form’s unique skill: Breath; If Mahalia is under the water and is sinking, by a weight or her exhaustion, Worm can come up beside her and absorb her into itself until it reaches the surface, where it allows Mahalia to come out onto its back. If attacked after Worm uses this skill, Mahalia is forced out of Worm’s body.


Location: (Order as followed; forest, state, country, world.) Vadleaan Forest, Girand, Cykritan, Rytralga. (Rytralga is just like Earth, just named different.)

Pronunciations: Vad-lee-ann, Gear-ahnd, At-ray-go, Sigh-cry-tan, Rye-trall-gah.

Location info: Vadleaan Forest is half the length of California, and nearly as wide as Texas. It spans two states; Girand and Atrigo. Girand is mainly mountainous, except for some flat areas, one is where Mahalia's clan is in. Besides her clan, Girand is sparsely populated, with only three towns, two lie on the outer edge of the many mountains. Atrigo is mostly a flat plain, with more than a dozen towns and two cities in it. The two states, Girand and Atrigo make up the country of Cykritan. This country is one of many in Rytralga.


Shapeshifters and a link to the elements
A shapeshifter’s animal form can have an element attached to itself when the shapeshifter is born. The animal’s element remains hidden as well as its form until the ceremony is complete for the young shapeshifter.

The elements can range from the simple, to a rare version, but they come from the same element source. For example; a simple version of an element is earth, while a rare form is crystal. Another would be from the simple fire, to the rare form of lava. There are hybrid elements that are extremely rare, like molten rock, which is the hybrid of earth and fire elements. Other rarities include an animal form along with an unusual element, for example; an elephant form with the wind element.

This element is shown in the shapeshifter’s animal form, but cannot be used in the animal form until the shapeshifter begins to train with it. The animal form can then slowly leak it’s element over to the human side over time, thus letting the shapeshifter use the element without transforming first. This requires practice and a fellow element teacher to assist the younger shapeshifter.

However, some animal forms can actually hide their element from view, until a reason is made where the element must come into play. The reasons can vary from a extreme anger, or the shapeshifter’s near death. This element is easily given to the human side immediately, but it is extremely difficult to control. Another experienced shapeshifter should be nearby, hopefully one who has the same element, to assist the new elemental shapeshifter.

Cursed Forms
The cursed form is easily understood as an oddity among animal forms. This can be in many guises, like a hybrid of two animal forms, like a dragon and a wolf hybrid. The hybrids are not common, but they are not looked down upon here, especially if the young shifter has control over it, or the hybrid is deemed no threat to the clan.

There are exceptions to the cursed forms however. A walking shadow or corpse of an animal form is an example of this. These ones tend to be the most violent as well as difficult to control, any young shapeshifter that has it is an extreme threat to the clan.

There has never been anything recorded in any writings I’ve read, but it is a rumor they exist. I hope I do not see one among this new group.

Cursed Form sub-section: Passengers
Another addition to the cursed forms is the Passenger. These tend to take on an animal form as well, and assist the ‘cursed’ shapeshifter in many ways. These assistances can vary from teaching, to helping the shapeshifter to survive, and can also help defend the shapeshifter they are attached to. The shapeshifters tend to be called ‘hosts’, if the cursed one is deemed no threat to the Mirror Yggdrasil clan.

Many Passengers tend to be small animals, like a bird, mouse, or even a butterfly. There could be others, but I’m uncertain to that. There have been only two Passengers recorded, unfortunately both shapeshifters have long died.

Icon of a shapeshifter: A marked collar.
The stone/gem/crystal attached to a shapeshifter’s collar indicates that the person is a shapeshifter in this clan. Every stone/crystal/gem is unique to every shapeshifter. It also aids the shapeshifter in controlling their animal form and element, if the animal has any.

It assists the shapeshifter by absorbing their element and a part of the animal and human’s spirit inside of it. The spirit absorption happens over time while the shapeshifter learns to control the animal form.

Animal form and Control
The shapeshifter mostly is able to control the animal form from his/her first transformation. Sometimes, that is a little harder, since the animal could naturally be a skittish one; like a mouse or another prey animal, or the young shapeshifter’s personality.

Their rate of control improves overtime with repeated transforming, under the assistance of a teacher, or one the leaders; like myself. The ones that get taught by us are generally accepted ‘cursed’ forms, or other odd animal forms/elements.

Written by: Crystal Dragon, chief leader of the Mirror Yggdrasil clan


Noon, the time of the ceremony, was approaching the Mirror Yggdrasil clan. The Mirror Yggdrasil clan was made up exclusively of shapeshifters, which were lead by five leaders, each having a rare other form, according to the clan. Each shapeshifter had a unique animal form, but there could be multiple animal forms which include elements, like fire or water.

Mahalia was one of the ten ‘children’ that had reached the age of fourteen, the age where they would finally find out what animal form they had. The term ‘children’ is used by the leaders and older shapeshifters in the clan, as to notify who has yet to find their animal form. The ‘children’ do not mind this title, since it will not last long.

She was one of the ‘children’ that the other ones thought would become a mouse or something, based off of her personality. Mahalia was like a ghost, never really noticed by the other shapeshifters. This day just seemed to make her more secluded, because the ‘children’ were not allowed to see their peers’ first transformation, they were separated in the first floor rooms in the tented lodge.

The area where they would transform would be underground in the large basement of the lodge. It was a large, dark brown dirt packed, rectangle that spanned eight feet long by six feet wide and had a height of ten feet. The ceiling and to the walls were supported by wooden beams and poles. A circle in the center of the room was made out of pale gray stones. There were twelve torches spaced about two feet apart and were seven feet off of the ground.

It was about two hours before one of the leaders came to Mahalia’s room, “It is your time, ‘child’. Follow me.” The room Mahalia was in was an exact copy of the other rooms, minus the door positions. It had four torches in the center of the four six foot long walls. The ceiling was supported by wooden beams, which was eight feet off of the ground. The room was bare otherwise, designed so items can be brought in to change the room into whatever is needed to be.

She got up from the corner she was sitting in earlier and followed the cloaked leader down eleven wooden steps into the basement. The other four leaders were standing outside the circle, the one that she had followed stepped to her left, “Please enter the circle, ‘child’.” Mahalia nodded then slowly walked into the circle, the white sleeves of her shirt gently moved with her gait.

The fifth leader of the clan walked to the circle as well, before another leader spoke in a feminine tone, “Allow yourself to relax, and try to shift then, when you feel you are able to. I can tell you are frightened by this, like the others were. There is no need for that, the shift is painless.” Mahalia nodded again, and let her head tilt downwards. Her vision blurred for a moment, then felt a slight burning pain all over. Her body fell to the floor, and landed in a kneeling position. A moment later, her veins turned black, then Mahalia saw nothing.

A decaying wolf stood were Mahalia once was, one of the leaders cried out, “The ‘child’ has a….cursed….form?!” The wolf managed to get past the shocked leaders of the group and headed up the stairs. Only two of the leaders had animal forms that were small enough to follow the decayed wolf, which were a water elemental leopard and an earth elemental fox. One of the other three leaders turned into a crystalline dragon.

Her vision came back a moment later, but it was blurry. Mahalia could hear something akin to screaming, though she couldn’t place the direction of the sound. Her vision held only red, and a tan-ish almost white line near her head. The screams continued, which followed a voice, “That thing…killed him!” The undead wolf looked around, which to Mahalia seemed strange, as if she was a onlooker through the lupine’s eyes.

I…I killed…someone? She watched as the forest turned up in her sight, but it was blurred. A roar sounded behind her, as the wolf bounded out of the glade that her clan stood in. She had left her home, the decaying lupine turned back and saw a crystal dragon glaring back at Mahalia, the wolf headed deeper into the woods.

A voice rose up over the constant drone of screams and cries. “You are a ‘child’ forever to us, Mahalia! Never return, you are cursed!” The trees blurred again for a long time, then she saw black. The young teen came to on the bank of a river, she crawled over to the calm water and looked down. Her eyes were different now, two red triangles in her gray eyes gave her a cat’s eye look, but it was a horizontal version. A strand of hair came into view next, the tips of which held a blood red color.

The ‘child’ looked up and saw the setting sun, the sky ablaze with orange, which was fading into a dull purple-gray. A slight pain came from her left wrist, and a horizontal slash wound looked up at her when she turned her arm over. “H-How did that…happen?” Mahalia checked her other arm, there was the wound’s twin on the underside. Her left hand twitched, then a slight bulge appeared next to the wound. What the…?

The scabbed-over wound opened up and a white, bumpy tube emerged from it. A tube wasn’t the best term however, since Mahalia noticed thin fangs sticking out of a slightly flattened top. A cloudy, white sheet fell to the bottom of two black, three inch diameter, eyes. What ever the thing was blinked, then gurgled at her. The ‘child’ couldn’t move out of sheer terror of this thing, she looked down to the wound, this creature was actually sticking out of it.

It’s body rose up and extended itself, and moved its head closer to hers. Why is this thing here? It’s actually coming…out of my arm… She wanted to run from this thing, but she knew it wouldn’t work. Mahalia looked directly at the white creature, and slowly rose her right arm to touch it. The creature shuddered for a second, before giving off a long gurgle, almost like it purred.

It felt squishy under her hand, it was hard to get a hold of. The tube-like thing continued to purr, “Y-you like that?” It nodded in response, “I guess I’m stuck with you, huh? I should call you something then… How about Worm?” It opened its eyes at the name and gurgled again, and slightly opened its mouth, in a sort of grin. The creature retracted back into her arm, and the wound sealed again, leaving Mahalia in the increasing darkness as night began to fall. “That was…strange. Do all 'cursed’ forms have what I do?”

Mahalia's Training (Stopped)


Myth on the Moors (Wisp Quill) (Complete)
Distant Entrapment (nikuvillain) (Dead)
Eastbound (Quark) (In-Progress)
Mistaken Chaos (Ruki) (In-Progress)

Chronological Order
Myth on the Moors
Mahalia's Training
Distant Entrapment
Mistaken Chaos
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