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Monroe Vossler


Name: Monroe Vossler
Title: The Technological Quincy
Age: 24
Height: 5’11’’ (five feet eleven inches)
Weight: 145 pounds.
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Black, about two inches long and flat on his head.
Race: Enhanced Human.
Race Explanation: This is a human that was nearly killed that was deemed too important to simply let die during his time. Frozen Cryogenically and then rebuilt when technology deemed it possible. During the process of rebuilding, his body was enhanced in order to make him a kind of super weapon for assassinations and other jobs of the like using the skills he had before he was frozen. After he was repaired, before he was awoken, they isolated all memories deemed unnecessary and destroyed them, only keeping useful things like fighting styles and such. Also, the person’s body is physically enhanced, making him or her stronger, faster, and have better senses.

Sub race: Quincy
Race Description: A group of spiritually enhanced humans that are skilled bow users. A remnant of the Aura Masters, (Although closer in how their powers work to the Ki Masters) these warriors draw upon spirit particles from around them to form weapons.

Monroe, however, has powers inverse of a normal Quincy. Instead of spiritual energy, he draws on photon energy that has merged with his body instead. Also, instead of drawing energy from around him, Monroe releases energy from within his body through his hands to form the weapons that the Quincy wield.* Also, in this way, Monroe doesn’t rely on the need of strong magical or spirit forces nearby to use his powers, and can use either his powers or weapons anywhere so long as he still has energy left.

Weapons: Sanrei Glove (Spiritual Scattering Gauntlet): A glove that is specially designed to make it harder for a Quincy to use their power. In Monroe’s case, this glove makes it so he has a harder time focusing photon energy and then turning it into a now solid matter bow. After materializing the bow and shooting arrows for seven days straight, Monroe has forced the glove to accept him as its owner and has increased his powers beyond the power limit of a normal Quincy. It is said if the gauntlet is ever broken, the person wearing it gains immeasurable power for a short period of time, but then loses all of the wielder’s Quincy powers afterwards, although Monroe knows not if this is only a rumor or is, in fact, real. The glove can be broken by breaking off one of the silver spikes.

The glove itself covers all of Monroe’s left hand from his fingertips to the middle of his forearm. The glove is dark green in color with four black lines at the top, bottom, and on the sides towards the wrist, where the lines merge and form a circle around the wrist before running lines between the fingers. There are four small metal bulbs on the top, bottom and sides of the wrist that, when the bow materializes four spikes form from the sides. Also, two thin bars from the top and move up eight inches before the bars move at a forty five degree angle until they attach to the bow. This glove has the power to make the spiritual bow a physical object of extremely highly condensed energy.

The bow that this glove forms is dark green in color and nearly half an inch thick at the top, then expanding slightly to about an inch before widening to about half an inch just above the handle for about half an inch in a diamond shape and then tapering down back to about an inch where the bow is held. There are two black lines that run down from the top of the bow, both about a quarter of an inch thick and running about a quarter of an inch between them, but that distance expands slightly as the bow becomes slightly wider. All in all, the bow is five and a half feet in height, and made of highly condensed photon energy, making it harder then most mortal metals.

The bow string of this bow is also made of extremely highly condensed photon energy, making it stronger then the bow. The arrows this bow shoots are very heavily condensed energy, making them a bit more damaging then Monroe’s arrows before, but not much more. This bow also makes using Monroe’s other special arrows slightly less draining, although the difference is very, very slight, it does help in long battles. Monroe found this glove in the armory of the Dome, along with the other tools he uses.

Seele Schneider: (Soul Slasher) The Quincy’s only edged weapon. This is a blade of highly condensed spiritual particles that are meant to weaken the bond of spiritual particles and make the particles easier to separate from their user and absorbed into the blade of this weapon. However, since Monroe doesn’t leach energies from others, he channels his photon energy into this weapon. In this way, the edge is turned into more of a sword, and can cut with extreme skill, leaving mild burns on whatever it cuts. Because the energy is condensed and vibrating at such a high frequency, the blade of this sword can cut through almost anything less dense then titanium with ease.

The handle of this sword is made of a hard, silver alloy in the form of a long, rectangular prism design*(nine inches long). The wider side of the handle (About an inch and a half wide by half and inch thick) is mostly flat, except for an indent in the center of the face that runs down to the hole in the handle about eight inches down the weapon. The indent is on both wider faces of the hilt. Also, at half an inch and an inch down from the top of the hilt, another indent runs around the handle on both widths and the length sides. These indents are about one eighth of an inch each, as is the one running up and down the handle. At the last inch of the hilt, there is a hook-like design that leaves an opening with about a a quarter of an inch piece of metal that curves into a rectangle around at the very bottom of the weapon. This hook is for when this blade is turned into an arrow, and the handle widens about two tenths of an inch around just above the hook.

Lastly, the blade is about three feet in length, and bright green in color. The blade is double edged and only about an inch and a half wide. This weapon’s blade vibrates at a very high speed, making it capable of easily cutting through almost anything that isn’t as dense as titanium. Also, because this weapon is actually a sword, it can cut through anything that isn’t magically based, since magic disrupts the photon particles slightly, or too dense. Also, when needed, this sword can become an arrow. Also, the handle of this sword absorbs and stores photon energy, so even if Monroe uses up all of his power, he can still use this weapon for a limited period of time.

Silver Tubes: Small, silver cylinders that are filled with photon energy. Monroe can channel his energy into the tubes for later use, instead of having to do it on the battlefield. Normal Quincy use these tubes, filled with spiritual energy, to create spells to assist them, however, Monroe fills them with Photon energy with one purpose. For all practical purposes, these tubes are completely useless for their normal purpose, but become very useful as a kind of grenade for Monroe. When using these, Monroe will throw them at a foe, and, by holding out his hand and saying the word, “Ignite,” he can manipulate the particles in the tube, causing it to explode and create a small blast. This can also be done with multiple silver tubes, but Monroe normally only uses one at a time. Monroe normally carries eight of these on himself at all times.

Strengths: Before gaining Quincy powers, Monroe’s main strengths still remain. He’s about one and a half times stronger and faster then a normal human capacity, giving him super human qualities. Aside from that, his senses are extremely attuned, allowing him to hear things, even light sounds, with a great deal of ease. All of his senses, but his sense of touch (for good reason), have been amped up to make him extremely perceptive. Combined with his new Quincy power of sensing energy levels, Monroe can now judge how well he matches with someone with some level of ease.

Monroe’s also gained several new advantages from gaining his Quincy powers, not the least of which being the fact he now no longer needs to rely on technologies drawbacks to help him fight. Monroe can now create his weapons out of the photon energy in his body and use it to fight his foe into submission. Also, with this new energy bow, Monroe has become a more adept at aiming and firing off arrows towards his target. Also, during his training, Monroe became more agile, making it easier for him to be able to move around and evade attacks, along with performing aerial offensives.

Also, Monroe’s other new edges come from his new weapons. Aside from the bow, which Monroe has great accuracy with and several inventive and self designed special arrows (based off of the logic of his old bullets), Monroe is incredibly skilled at sword play, and his best weapon is the Seele Schneider (since he’s been using a sword longer then a bow). With the Schneider, Monroe has the power to easily cut through most metals (anything less dense then titanium) and his attacks are quick with the blade. Monroe’s being a swordsman makes him strong at long and close range, and he always has his silver tubes, which are more of a grenade for Monroe then normal Quincy, which settle very well in midrange.

Weaknesses: Monroe’s major drawback is the fact he’s extremely weak to magic. Any kind of magic has the potential to cause a good amount of damage to Monroe because of his scientific roots. Because Monroe’s body has man-made energy as a kind of core, his body is sensitive to magical attacks, and they do a great deal more damage to him then a normal human. Also, if he uses his weapons to block magic, the magic disrupts the weapons form for a few seconds, making it impossible for him to use whichever weapon he was for a second.

Since Monroe’s arrows are made of photon, they don’t pierce and simply impact (causing blunt force damage) and combust (creating minor burns), they aren’t very effective against well armored foes. Also, having lost technological defenses, Monroe no longer has the same ease he once had in defending himself from metallic projectiles, which, although isn’t an overwhelming thing, is something Monroe needs to keep in mind.

Lastly, when the handle of the Seele Schneider is destroyed (as rare as it is given the very strong metal the weapon’s handle is made of), the sword becomes completely useless. Also, Monroe only carries eight silver tubes, so when they’re used up, he’s left without any kind of explosive weapon for midrange. If both of these things happen and Monroe is left with only his bow, it is feasible that he’ll be forced to retreat and rethink his strategy. Also, with no weapons but his bow, Monroe is very vulnerable, since he can only fight at long range at that point.

Skill: Although Monroe lost all of his skills when he gained his new powers, Monroe has adapted his old bullet types into his bow and arrows. Even so, Monroe has yet to find a way to replace his step skills.

Quincy Eyes: A skill that gives enhances Monroe’s sight to the level of a Quincy. With this level of sight, he can see for nearly a mile with enough focus. Aside from that, by simply looking at an object, Monroe can detect its molecular movement, namely how fast the particles in whatever he is looking at are vibrating. Also, due to the nature of his Quincy eyes, they can detect the amount of Spiritual Pressure a foe has, allowing Monroe to get an idea of how strong his foe is. The last thing it grants is a form of limited Clairvoyance, allowing him to slow down high speed movements to allow him to respond to them appropriately. This skill is the mark of both a high level swordsman and archer.

Special Arrows:

Vorzessionsschuss: A special arrow made of extremely highly condensed photon energy. This arrow is in the shape of a cylinder with a sharp, cone like point. When this arrow strikes something, it pierces, though only slightly, before detonating. This causes a bit more damage then one of Monroe’s normal arrows, but takes a little more time to make. It normally takes about three seconds to create one of these arrows, and takes about 1.5 times the energy to create it.

Widerspiegeln Sie Schuss: An arrow that has the power to be bounced off of one solid object at the angle of refraction towards a target. This arrow takes a much more loosely bound together bundle of Photon energy that condense as soon as it strikes something and then impacts and combusts when striking something. This skill takes as much energy as a normal arrow, but takes about five seconds to form.

Streuungsschuss: A skill that’s actually very common to the Quincy. This is, more or less, simply the release of multiple arrows at once. Monroe has, after trying this skill out several times, learned he can only muster up the energy to shoot six arrows at once to date. This skill takes the amount of energy used per arrow times that number, and can be done without any wait. Monroe generally saves this skill for fighting multiple foes, or foes with shields. This skill is also exceptionally good for shooting down projectiles in small groups.

Kraft-Schuss: This skill is, essentially, an arrow that has twice as much explosive force then a normal arrow. By increasing the energy of a normal arrow by two, the blast from this arrow causes a much larger burn area and makes the burns a little bit worse then a normal arrows. The impact from this arrow can move something weighing about three hundred pounds back about ten meters. This skill takes about seven seconds to produce.

Riss-Schuss: This skill creates an arrow that is four times the power of a normal arrow. This skill is only used by Monroe when he’s in great danger. It takes almost ten seconds to form, and the power from this arrow actually causes Monroe’s right hand to quiver as he holds it. When released, the shock from releasing the arrow causes the spirit bow to scatter and blasts Monroe back normally about twenty feet. The shear force of the arrow striking something and exploding is enough to destroy a massive boulder with ease. This skill is extremely draining, so Monroe does everything in his power to avoid using it. This skill can only be used four times a day, at max.

Schneider-Schuss: A skill that combines the Schneider and the bow. The Schneider Shot takes no energy but the small amount it takes to create the blade of the arrow/sword, and takes no time to form. Monroe simply pulls the Schneider back as the bowstring attacks to specially made attachments in the handle just above the hook that appear only when the Schneider is being used for this purpose. When released, the arrow is five times stronger then Monroe’s normal arrow, and can pierce through almost any mortal metal, including titanium. However, despite how strong this attack is, Monroe normally won’t use it, mostly because the Schneider’s blade vanishes after five seconds of being fired, and if the foe isn’t killed by the blade piercing right though them, then the handle falls to the ground, and Monroe needs to reclaim it. Monroe will only use this skill when he is dangerously low on energy and has no other way of defeating his foe.

Quincy Skills:

Ransoutengai (Heaven Wild Puppet Suit): A special, high level Quincy skill of the Quincy that requires the release of mass amounts of energy. This skill creates threads of energy that give the Quincy full power over a limb to move it like a puppet’s limb. This allows a Quincy to fight, even if their arms or legs are damaged as if nothing is wrong. This skill takes a good amount of energy, and needs to be applied to different limbs individually. This power also only lasts for a little while, lasting no longer then thirty minutes at most after being used. Even so, it gives a warrior to fight on, through old age or heavy wounds. This skill was learned after mastery of the Sanrei glove thanks to the increase in energy gained from mastering the glove.

Hirenkyaku (Flying God Step): A high level Quincy skill that creates quick bursts of speed for short periods of time over distances. This skill creates a stream of photon particles beneath the Monroe’s feet which he can move upon at a very high speed. Movement like this creates the image of an almost short distance (about five to ten meters) teleportation. This skill can be used on the ground or in the air to evade attacks and is extremely good for dealing with other ranged foes. Still, this skill takes a moderate amount of energy, and used in the long run can be draining. This skill was learned and mastered during Monroe’s training with the Sanrei Glove.
Trap Techniques: Techniques developed by Monroe using a variety of tools and skills. For the most part, these skills involve Ransoutengai and another skill. These skills are best used in small areas where the trap can easily be set up, but this varies from skill to skill.

Das Starten der Zone: As skill that uses a number of silver tubes with Ransoutengai strings attached to them. In this, Monroe uses the silver tubes likes mines and places them in the ground or in a wall. The strings attached are then mounted onto the bow and have arrows fired along their path, causing the silver tubes to explode. This attack is relatively quick to set up but power varies based on how close together the tubes are.

Ripcord: An attack that Monroe particularly likes. In this move, the Quincy moves Ransoutengai around the foe and a nearby solid fixture, such as a tree or rock or house, and then pulls the very spread out wires together to bind the target to the object. Next, Monroe, mounts the strings on his bow and gathers up a large amount of energy into one arrow and fires off a powerful blast that normally blasts the target into or potentially through the thing they are bound to. This attack can take time to set up, but mostly its all about location and placement that makes this attack hard to use.

Sprenger: The strongest skill Monroe knows at the moment. This skill requires five Seele Schneider handles and a silver tube to be used as the ignition to ignite this attack. In this attack, Monroe sets up the Schneider handles in the ground in the form of a pentagram. When the last handle is stuck into the ground, energy erupts from the other four causing the foe to be trapped by five streams of energy that also effectively bind the foe. Next, the attack is set off by a single drop of a silver tube being dropped onto one of the handles. When this happens, everything within the pentagram is consumed in a massive blast.

The major drawback to this attack is that it takes a long while to set up. Getting all of the handles into position and binding your foe is a very difficult task, making this skill almost impossible in one on one battles. To complete this attack, a distraction or some such needs to buy time for the person setting the attack up so it can be properly prepared.

Appearance: Beautiful picture from the amazing Super Aiko. ^_^ Worship her. ^_^

Monroe's hair is short and barely moves down to the center of his forehead, and in the back reaches the center of his neck. The sides moves down past the ears at the sideburns, but is relatively balanced before that. HIs face is very stern, and his eyes ill show anything more then absolute seriousness. His face is still very young, despite his age, giving him the appearance of being somewhere between eighteen and twenty.

His upper body is very toned, and strong. His muscles don’t ripple, but are still defined, making appear strong, even though he is slender and thin. His arms are very strong, even though they don’t appear it. His legs are strong, giving him a strong run and the power to jump fairly long distances.

Monroe now adorns himself in the Quincy’s uniform that appeared on him when he first became a Quincy. The uniform is extremely intricate and beautiful in design. The design starts at the mantle upon Monroe’s shoulders. The mantle covers from Monroe’s shoulders down to just above his elbows and wraps around until about where the center of Monroe’s sternum, where the mantle is apart by a few inches and moves towards the top, where it is buttoned loosely around Monroe’s neck by a golden button. Also, a golden chain is attached to two links that are linked to the mantle just below the button with buttons attaching it.

Below the mantle, Monroe wears a jacket that reaches down to just above his thighs. The jacket’s sleeves are relatively perfectly fit, and his sleeves have golden cuffs at the wrist, keeping the shirt close around the wrists, but the sleeves allow for easy movement. The jacket is lined with golden buttons that click together, rather then are buttoned, like all of the buttons on his shirt and mantle, and allow for easy opening, since the jacket has several small openings in it where Monroe keep his silver tubes.

On the back of the jacket, a half Pentacle (Quincy Cross) is sewn in in dark green. The half Quincy Cross is a horizontal line with a vertical line meeting it at a ninety degree angle, with two other diagonal lines at forty five degrees, halfway between the horizontal and vertical lines. Also, the half Quincy Cross has a semicircular part that passes from the halfway mark of the horizontal bar on both sides and up through the center points of the two diagonal lines and meets at the center point of the vertical line. This is the symbol Monroe is known by.

Also, Monroe wears a dark green belt that has five loops where Monroe can store Seele Schneider hilts. The loops start at Monroe’s left hip and move around to his spine. Beneath the jacket is a simple black tank top that’s very airy that Monroe wears when he’s relaxing. Aside from that, Monroe wears black pants. At the moment, Monroe only carries one Schneider on his belt.

Personality: Monroe has changed greatly since he first came back to life and became a bounty hunter. After the Set experience, Monroe’s learned a deeper lesson about death and suffering, and no longer wishes to be the cause of destruction and death, but to stop them. In that fact, Monroe’s become a devil hunter for hire that seeks out battles with creatures that are dangerous ot mankind. Also, Monroe is willing to help anyone who asks, so long as they really need help.

After finding a mutual kind of love with Tracey de Carlo, Monroe has gained an infinitely better view of himself. She gives him someone to protect and hope for when he returns from missions or when he leaves for them. His desire to make sure that no harm comes to her, although she’s capable of handling herself from most dangers, gives him what he feels is a reason to live. Also, Monroe will help Tracey with anything she asks, since he feels she is the only one that will ever feel the way he feels about her.

With other friends, the few that Monroe has, he’s very loyal and will do his best to assist them whenever they need it. His willingness to aid those who need it, although sometimes for a fee, comes from his newly gained sense of right. Although his isn’t as absolute as Zorlo’s, Monroe does take the fact that good and evil, in one form or another, exist, and he seeks to fight the evil that only seeks to cause harm.

In that way, Monroe also no longer seeks out pointless battles simply for the fact he desires to fight. With the exception of a few people, Monroe won’t start fights with warriors pointlessly now, unless it is for a spar. Also, Monroe’s stoic nature means he takes the good with the bad, so unless something is endangering Tracey, Monroe will normally take bad things and good things involving himself with a grain of salt. Aside from that, Monroe’s become a happier person.

Finally, in battle, Monroe is very strategic, focusing mostly on planning out his battle as he goes along, but having some faint idea of what action he’s going to take first. Also, because Monroe has several kinds of weapons now, he can easily vary them up to keep his foe guessing.

Biography: What good is it to discuss a man’s history, or at least the part that he doesn’t recall happening? That was Monroe’s question just after he awoke and realized where he was. All that he was told when they revived him was there was a terrible accident and that he had, fourteen years ago, been a world class fencer. He could recall the fencing part, and he retained the language they spoke, but he didn’t recall anything else.

You see, when they found his frozen body in the catacombs, he was dated as being from 2007. Had they just left him, he would have remained in Cryostasis until the day someone else awoke him, but finding his records, they deemed him useful. After fourteen long years, they would revive the fencer Monroe Vossler as an assassin for them. All they had to do was modify his memories and remove everything he couldn’t use. Basically, any memories that were of things that weren’t his ability to speak, his ability to write, his understanding of things he knew before he died, and lastly, his fencing skills.

All of his personal memories were erased, deemed as being hazardous to the nature they needed him to be. He would do their bidding and kill anyone that they ordered, and all they did was repair his body with nanotechnology, and also enhance it. The nano machines weren’t left in him, for they would serve no purpose. When they finally awoke him, all he could remember were basic things. The one thing they couldn’t change, as much as they would have liked to, was his personality.

After several weeks of debriefing and training him in the art of stalking and assassination, they gave him his sword, his most prized possession, along with his other standard arms that he carries. It didn’t take long for them to know that they had made an ideal warrior, who only didn’t question why. His methods were his own, his job his life, but something in his heart yearned for more. He couldn’t help but feel this wasn’t the job for him, and a few months after being awoken in the year 2021, he escaped from the FBI’s headquarters and became a rogue agents.

Since his escape, Monroe has been searching for his place in this world. Of everything he’s lost, he misses his purpose the most, and searches for it desperately, in hopes that one day, he’ll have a reason to live beyond just being a tool.

In search of finding a purpose, Monroe entered into the world as a bounty hunter and took up his weapons to win any fight he encountered. After several fights and a good number of near defeats, and several defeats, Monroe decided he needed new arms. It was then he met Mark Vandibrough, whom aided him in creating new tools to fight on with. It was then that Monroe first met someone who could mass produce photon energy, and the first touches of it were used by Monroe.

Also, around that time, the bounty hunter began to experience a series of strange events. In the end, he learned that the Egyptian God of Chaos, Set, lived within his body and was taking over his body. Occasionally when Monroe slept after the two made a pact, the demonic god would take over and destroy entire towns without a care. These events began to take their toll on Monroe’s heart, weighing him with guilt as he continued on.

Despite these things, Monroe found something redeeming to his life. Monroe met the detective, Tracey de Carlo, who helped him find the more human part to his nature. The loving, caring person he, at times, wished to be. During a battle with Arietta and Zachary, Monroe risked his life to save Tracey and, ultimately, admitted his love for her. Zachary, despite himself, left after this to go about his own business. As for Monroe, he found himself continuing on.

Not long after, Monroe and Zorlo had a conversation where Zorlo offered to help Monroe in exchange for a bit of assistance. Monroe agreed and began his work as an assistant to Zorlo in the Dome. Despite having a common job with Zachary, and doing a few jobs along side Zachary, Monroe had no interest, as did Zachary, in being friends with the red haired warrior. From time to time, the two found themselves in conflict, and intent on killing one another.

After a time, at Zorlo’s wedding, Zorlo gave Monroe a stone that had the power to seal Set’s soul in when it separated from Monroe’s. Zorlo also told Monroe where to go. After that, Monroe found Tracey and set out to get her better weapons so they could deal with Set when he escaped. Thus Monroe and Tracey set off towards the Temple of Light in Rubato.

After a long trip, the two found the temple and completed the ritual. After which, Monroe was stabbed nineteen centimeters to the right of his heart and absorbed the power of Photon energy and gained new powers similar to a Quincy. After fighting Set off, but failing to seal him away after he broke out of the containment crystal Monroe had been given by Zorlo. For the next month, Monroe spent time in the Dome learning and mastering his powers and, finally, taking up his new mantle as a Quincy. He now works as a demon hunter and co-owns a shop with Tracey. De Carlo and Vossler Detective and Hunting it is called.

A Friendly Duel (Complete)
Unseen Beauty (Complete)
Chinatown Rush (Complete)
Leaving the Sandbox: Black Cats, Black Clothes, and Black Business (Completed)
What was Coming to Them (In Progress)
Perfect War, Perfect Deception (In Progress)
Training Day at Midnight Meadow (Complete)
Predicted Futures (Completed)
Meetings of Chance (Completed)
Alliances of Chance (In Progress)

An Unexpected Partnership (Complete)
Unloading a Chamber or Two Before a Job (Complete)
Industrial Espionage (In Progress)
Winter Comes to the Desert (Complete)
Temple of the Sun (Complete)
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