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Re: Prison Tower Theory

Originally Posted by FinalRound View Post
Alright! Well...

...I believe that the 'Fierce Deity' was once one of the commanding soldiers in King Igos du Ikana's army. He looked like Link from Hyrule, and they shared the same name, but his personality was different, but in some ways similar. This Link loved battle and war, and while the Hyrulian Link may like to fight, it's mainly to protect something. The Terminian Link just loved fighting, no matter the cause.

It was through this lust for battle that the Terminian Link got his nickname, the 'Fierce Deity'. One of the finest warriors in all of Termina, his aggressive attitude made him 'Fierce' and his skill in fighting made him like a 'Deity'...none could best him in combat. Until...
Seems possible. I hadn't thought of him being an Ikana, but it could explain his height and why he was in the area.

Originally Posted by FinalRound View Post
One day, Majora's Mask was released from its prison (As you put it) in the Stone Tower Temple. It immediately proceeded to wreck havoc on Ikana, and so King Igos du Ikana ordered his finest soldier, Link, to command the King's army and destroy it before all of Termina was wiped out.

Against Majora's overwhelming power, most of the regular soldiers were destroyed. The Terminian Link may have been arrogant and a little selfish, but like any good Deity, he cared about his own. He ordered the soldiers to retreat, and challenged Majora's Mask to a one-on-one duel, during which he was beaten and almost killed.
But Majora was never really released, because the Mask Salesman somehow knew how to contain its power, until Skull Kid got it. So it was never really free until right before Link got involved. I don't think this battle could have happened unless it was before Majora's imprisonment, that's why I suggested that the Fierce Deity could have been the one to subdue it for its imprisonment long ago.
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