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Re: So... how 'bout that Bush?

Originally Posted by Daveigus View Post
IMO Bush is one of the biggest criminals out there, first of all he didn't win the elections fair he cheated.
Source? You have no idea how the Electoral College works, do you? The procedure was followed for a disputed return, there hasn't been any solid evidence of ACTUAL tampering with votes. When a disputed return due to problems with how the polling center conducted itself arises, the courts get jurisdiction over it and ultimately the Florida Supreme Court awarded Bush the electoral votes based on the evidence they had. Its not like votes came out of nowhere.

he invaded the middle-east not because he wanted to destroy terrorists, he wanted to create chaos on those countries so he could get his hands on their oil.
Afghanistan isn't exactly...teeming with oil. Iraq's petrol infrastructure is pretty much been destroyed since the FIRST gulf war when Saddam went and blew the **** up.

and yes, iraq was better of under the reign of Houssein, sure Houssein killed a lot of people, that is just wrong but Bush killed more inocents with his useless war.
he lied about the chemical weapons being produced there..(btw why the f * ck is america the only country that may have nukes?! that does'nt make any f *cking sense!)
We're the only country that "may have nukes"?
Nuclear proliferation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Did you miss the whole "Cold War" unit in your remedial history class? There's plenty of countries that have nuclear capabilities. You're absolutely, undeniably flat wrong. Check your facts before you post next time. And Saddam DID have Chemical weapons. Was he making MORE as was the stated purpose for going to war? Probably not, but the convoys to Syria have never been explained sufficiently so they may have been smuggled out. We KNOW he had them and didn't get rid of them all.
Again, see Iraq and weapons of mass destruction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for more info on his use of chemical weapons.

i think a lot of americans get lied to about lots of afairs in your country.
sometimes in my country we see things about america wich an american would never believe if i told them (i can't remember any examples now but believe me it's true)
No, I'm not going to believe a god damn thing ANYONE says if they can't produce sources that I can verify myself. I never take any information based on "faith", either make with the links to reputable websites or don't say it.
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