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Re: The Skulltula Curse

Originally Posted by Daphnes View Post
Okay, they may be like that. However, most things regarding the Godesses are speculation. The only thing we know is about the creation of Hyrule and the Triforce, as well as their names and elements. Also their chosen peoples.

We don't know anything about their personalities or teachings, besides that Hyrule is a peaceful, flourishing kingdom.
Agreed. I know I'm only speculating and I have absolutely nothing to back my theory up but it is quite possible.

I wish we knew more about the Goddesses. They are very important characters yet we know very little about them. Where are they from? Is there a whole race of them? Do they live in an afterlife which all deceased Hylians have access to? What other lands did they create? What are their personalities like? I wonder...
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