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Re: Manhunt 2 for Wii

Originally Posted by Pyrodan55 View Post
Why would you want to buy a game like that, it sounds so stupid.
A bunch of people driving go-karts and whacking each other with shells sounds stupid too but that doesn't mean it's not an entertaining experience.

Originally Posted by xxRaxx View Post
That game really sucked. It's a fact by many. May be my personal opinion but these guys hated it:
Wii Cast
X-play was the only one to give it a really low mark, Gametrailers gave it a fair, so did Gamespot and IGN, I'm not sure about Wiicast though. If you like a game, then really, just go ahead and get it.

So far, I'm pretty sure that it is not released in Australia yet. It just recently got a ban lifted in the UK so I'm guessing Australia will be seeing it in the couple of years >_< As some people mentioned, you can try and getting a freeloader that lets you play imported games.
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